Sidequest: Warframe

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  1. When I first saw this sidequest I dismissed the game as “not my thing”. Oh how wrong I was. I saw one of my friends on Steam playing it so I thought I’d join him. After 30+ hours of play I threw down some money for the Founder program. I rarely ever put money into a free to play title.

    Do you still play Warframe?

  2. Thank you. This game sates my PSO-thirst before the PSO2 gets released.
    …In case you wonder, it’s mainly because of the map-randomization system. And the progress is almost identically as steady.

    Now next thing this game needs to some discouragement on speedrunning…and maybe make the “heavy”-mobs meleeable. Those are the only drawbacks in my opinion at the moment.

  3. The big question here is, does it have bot support for when other players aren’t available?

    • As of now, no. It doesn’t even balance the combat for solo play. You’ll realize this the minute an elevator door opens and reveals a dozen heavily armored soldiers, opening fire on you alone.

      • To be fair, every mission is possible solo, just a bit harder if it’s one like Defense. Especially once you have lots of mod’s on your warframe and weapons.

        Boss ones are even doable/easier depending on the boss. Mercury’s boss is a melee one that is to stupid to even attack you if you stand on top of something/crouch under stairs and shoot him in the face for example.

        Even ones like Jackal just require you to be more careful then you would with others.

        Missions are about the same. With others you will probably just rush through everything and not pay attention just looking for goals in between killing enemies in your way. Solo you will need to actually take cover and let your shields recharge if you’re against a ton of enemies.

        But anyways, you quickly find yourself not relying on teammates/handling solo easily.

  4. for those really interested u can pay to become founder which gets u some cash shop currency and some other perks i think the pay amts are 20 50 100 250.. and all 4 i believe get u into all future beta tests

  5. Hey Man Glad you’re covering this, I’ve been playing it for a bit and added you as a contact, if you ever want to play with a more focused and steady squad give me a message over skype (zeruel104). I look forward to playing with ya!

  6. I just can’t stand metallic environments. There’s something claustrophobic & stifling about environs with no trees. It’s a weird priority, like having an aversion to white kitchens when looking for a new home.

  7. Unless you’re willing to pay it’ll get grindy fast. Its a fun grind for me though because the gameplay is fun. Trying to get new frames or level up your current frame/weapon load out will require you to run the same missions on the same planets over and over again for materials and exp (rubedo and alloy plates are the worst offenders for mats). Id say still give it a try they have tons of keys floating about and the game really is fun. People are quiet but you’re able add people to a contact list when you do find the ones that chat and are helpful.

  8. I had never heard of the game, but saw a stream of it on Destructoid one night. After a few hours, I actually dl’ed it and gave it a try.

    Graphics are pretty nice for the kind of game it is and how “unknown” it is for sure.

    But even as a guy who can’t stand FPS games outside of L4D really, it’s fun enough. You get a lot of variety once you move onto different planets and there’s a lot of skill/weapon advancement to give some purpose to doing the stages.

    Although to be fair, playing it solo gets old pretty fast, along with the “beta pains” causing some frustrations at times with bugs and a lack of variety with some things.

    But it’s worth a try for sure. Seemed like they where giving out closed beta keys like crazy on every site you could think of for a while also.

    Just remember 1 thing though, laser doors are assholes, and ARE out to get you every time you think you can just walk through a door without waiting or checking for it, lol..

  9. this game maybe my long awaited replacement for S4 league, been looking for a new shooter that didn’t bore me for ages

  10. ClipOnSunglasses

    I get that the change might be distracting to some viewers at first, but you could please get a different soundtrack for the sidequests? The song that loops every time is started to get pretty annoying by this point.
    Oh, and kudos on covering this, I heard about the game on Massively and it was nice to see some new gameplay and hear more about it, the game looks pretty good in action and I’m glad you thought it was challenging, this could possibly become one regular of the games in my rotation.

    • You know that joke on the DDO review about Skitch supposed to be writing me one, wasn’t entirely a joke, right? Trust me, I don’t like Five Armies all that much either (the horns reach levels of blaring obnoxiousness) but the sad part is, its the least offensive Royalty free track I can find that still fits the theme. I’m also absolutely positive that the minute I do change the theme, people are going to throw a fit anyway.

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