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Backtrack: The Secret World (February 2013)

Original review: Halloween 2012

Off-Week Update (01-19-2013)

OWU three days before the next episode deadline? When have I ever made sense.

Major apologies for the lack of content, as despite many things being in the works, nothing’s been executed on account of me (expectedly) getting sick after MAGfest. Never fails. Blame winter, or something.

So the Year-In-Review got WAAAY more of a response than I thought it would. Subjective things will do that, hence why I try to avoid is as best I can.

I wanted to have a lot more things up before the next episode but instead…. I put up this stupid background… that’s something, I guess.

I have one, possibly two games I’d like to look at for Sidequest, and I’m REALLY debating on bothering with one of them. I can only see a shitstorm on the horizon for even thinking about the game, so perhaps I best sticking with my original plan of ignoring nearly all games of its type.. We shall see.

In the pipe and abandoned temporarily are two Backtracks, both scripts finished, one on World of Tanks (which JUST got another major update, so thankful I did procrastinate) and the other on (oh god Jon would you shut up about) The Secret World (already).

Since my parenthesis are not in agreement with this decision, no I will NOT shut up about the Secret World. In fact let me add some quick info and possibly a “super-post” of sorts later on if people feel I should.

If you wish to find me in The Secret World, find me on the following characters and cabals. Remember the server you play on DOES NOT MATTER. Just add me to your friends list and you can contact me when I log on.

Character: ChaosD1
Cabal: Novus Ordo Marganars

Character: Azure-Maiden
Cabal: In Marganars We Trust (I’m tempted to change this to “Trust in Marganars” before anyone joins it. Thoughts?)

Character: T-GIF
Cabal: The Marganars Effect

I do NOT mind people finding me or asking me questions in game, just as long as you understand it’s quite possible I might not be able to answer them right away, especially if I’m in a dungeon, or I just neglect to see the tell.

I’m also still running my very unscheduled streams over at so make sure to check there and on my twitter for when I decided to run games on there. It might be the next episode I’m working on, it might be The Secret World, and it might not be an MMO at all. Also if you wish to monetarily support me in such endeavors (I don’t demand this, but I do often have people ask me.) there is a “Chip-In” widget on my stream page if you feel so inclined/hate money. Otherwise, just stop by and ridicule me like everyone else seems to be doing.

Also the next episode is DDO. So there’s that.

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