Off-Week Update (01-19-2013)

OWU three days before the next episode deadline? When have I ever made sense.

Major apologies for the lack of content, as despite many things being in the works, nothing’s been executed on account of me (expectedly) getting sick after MAGfest. Never fails. Blame winter, or something.

So the Year-In-Review got WAAAY more of a response than I thought it would. Subjective things will do that, hence why I try to avoid is as best I can.

I wanted to have a lot more things up before the next episode but instead…. I put up this stupid background… that’s something, I guess.

I have one, possibly two games I’d like to look at for Sidequest, and I’m REALLY debating on bothering with one of them. I can only see a shitstorm on the horizon for even thinking about the game, so perhaps I best sticking with my original plan of ignoring nearly all games of its type.. We shall see.

In the pipe and abandoned temporarily are two Backtracks, both scripts finished, one on World of Tanks (which JUST got another major update, so thankful I did procrastinate) and the other on (oh god Jon would you shut up about) The Secret World (already).

Since my parenthesis are not in agreement with this decision, no I will NOT shut up about the Secret World. In fact let me add some quick info and possibly a “super-post” of sorts later on if people feel I should.

If you wish to find me in The Secret World, find me on the following characters and cabals. Remember the server you play on DOES NOT MATTER. Just add me to your friends list and you can contact me when I log on.

Character: ChaosD1
Cabal: Novus Ordo Marganars

Character: Azure-Maiden
Cabal: In Marganars We Trust (I’m tempted to change this to “Trust in Marganars” before anyone joins it. Thoughts?)

Character: T-GIF
Cabal: The Marganars Effect

I do NOT mind people finding me or asking me questions in game, just as long as you understand it’s quite possible I might not be able to answer them right away, especially if I’m in a dungeon, or I just neglect to see the tell.

I’m also still running my very unscheduled streams over at so make sure to check there and on my twitter for when I decided to run games on there. It might be the next episode I’m working on, it might be The Secret World, and it might not be an MMO at all. Also if you wish to monetarily support me in such endeavors (I don’t demand this, but I do often have people ask me.) there is a “Chip-In” widget on my stream page if you feel so inclined/hate money. Otherwise, just stop by and ridicule me like everyone else seems to be doing.

Also the next episode is DDO. So there’s that.


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  1. When joining the Lumie cabal, I just kind of pestered you in game. I don’t remember if I asked then, and it’s probably safe to assume because of the whole ‘posting the info on the site’ thing, but are you cool with fans just sending you tells out of the blue? Requests to join your cabal, offers to team, stuff like that? I dunno, you’re internet famous to me, so it feels like just some annoying guy sending a more important guy annoying messages, heh. You’ve been much cooler than that sentence would imply the few times I have caught you in game, though, so thats something.

    • I think it’s safe to say if I put the info out there, I’m more than wlling to accept the random tells. Just as long as the people sending them might not get an answer right away. (Tanks don’t talk.)

      • Tanks don’t talk while tanking. Predungeon is a different story. You should see me recruiting some time.

        “Polaris team looking for a healer who like long walks on the beach, vivaldi, and reality altering beasts. Lets make this a night to remember.”

  2. I was thinking of getting back into DDO, haven’t played in 2 years, so please yes.

  3. DDO huh? It’s an ok game, but there is one thing it at least accomplished to it’s failure to be a WoW killer. It kind of became the WoW of p2p to f2p conversions, kind of. I have seen many people use DDO or Turbine in general as a comparison to other games that went p2p to f2p since it set the standard (I do not know if there was any other p2p to f2p conversions before DDO but DDO stood out very well) to the p2p to f2p conversions.

    • Lesse….The last time I played, I think DDO had just gone F2P, but the amount of areas you could go without unlocking with Turbine points was super limited around level 15 & so free players had to grind the same dungeons over & over & over. It did have awesome dungeons though.

  4. Oh lord… ddo. I played that game for a bit. Made it to level… 9. Had fun with it for a bit. Then i realized how annoying it is to try to play through the game free. The fact that it is entirely instanced based and that exp is only rewarded upon quest completion (with no exp from monsters) makes for seriously slow leveling. And don’t even get me started on how the dungeons would start offering diminishing exp after every completion. Well good luck with it man.

    • Got a little further than you, but not by much. I still enjoyed it. I figure after 2 years they’d have added a lot of new content. I remember when I stopped playing LotRO because of the lack of free area quests for levels 40 & up. I came back this month to find that problem resolved….Well the amount of quests anyway, I still don;t know if any of them are for free content areas.

  5. Only conventiony type things I’ve ever been to were a few trips out to Game Developers Conference but I have managed to avoid catching the Con Crud in all but one visit. Carry some of those sanitation hand wipes with you. Cacalips is entirely correct about keyboards, mice, controllers, and other peripherals being nastier than toilet seats.

  6. Fucking MagFest, man..I would be able to put up with the dozens of videos stroking in my face to the fact that I don’t have a U.S. passport if I could get some fun content in between. Shiiieeet.
    Also, I read your reply on my exhilarated post on the Path of Exile Sidequest video, and PRAISE THE PROVERBIAL GODS!

    PS: The new background is hurting my eyes. Could you have chosen a brighter color?
    PPS: Tis good to have you back.

    • Well, th old background was nonexistent, and showed up as black. This is just something G made for my stream page, and I can just s easily remove it. I’m not sure how I feel about it anyway. It doesn’t really match this page.

      • Much appreciated. :D

        A light-blue-ish tone that matches your name card would look pretty well, along with some art depicting you holding sword, wearing a shoulder pad and a black t-shirt with the show’s logo or something like that. Did Andrew-what’shisname, the guy who makes the titlecards for Phelous make yours too or..? In any case, if you’re looking to give the stream page a customized look, that could look cool. :)

  7. I get the feeling you’re hesitating about Dota 2 and would have to agree with you not to touch it half heartedly or through LoL fan goggles (cough LordKat’s stream cough cough) heh..

    Secret world is becoming like the early videos and WoW though, lol…

    There’s been a lot of updates on some games like you mentioned, and Path of Exile is also getting close to open beta after all this time. So I suppose there’s a lot of material all around for backtracks.

    • My issue is that DotA 2 would only qualify for a Sidequest which is ONLY a quick impression with very minimal information. (Otherwise full eps would be redundant. Something I learned pretty fast with Brick-Force.) Despite my repeated opening line of “…giving you a quick first impression”. I know how fans can be with certain games and considering my Sidequest on TERA’s trial was met with comments like “No one should be allowed to review this game unless they reach level 35” and the trial stops you at level 23, that was all of the “lol fuck you” to that concept. LSS: I don’t give much attention to games in Sidequest because they are filler, but people who don’t get that wil always complain.

      As for me going on about TSW is there’s a major difference between that and mentioning WoW. The first being TSW is nowhere near as popular or well known as WoW, and the second is I’m not using TSW as a comparison yardstick, mostly because it’s really bad as a comparison yardstick, seeing as much as it’s doing differently, and again, not many people know about the game. I’m not bringing it up in every episode of MMO Grinder (I did show it in the beginning of the DarkBlood review, but never mentioned what game it was.) And am only mentioning it in text form on this site. Considering I have yet to make a Backtrack on it, I’ve technically given more attention to Brick-Force and I don’t even really like that game.

      As for PoE, I’m seriously hoping I goes Open Beta so I can get a full episode done on it soon. At least before TERA converts.

      • Yeah, PoE is just about to wipe for the last time before open beta like 2 and a half hours from now.

        As far as the rest, yeah, I understand why completely, just random reactions from me. If you love TSW, why wouldn’t you praise it and talk about it, it’s understandable completely.

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