DarkBlood (Episode 32)

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  1. If anyone is looking for this game, searching leads me to a Steam interface as the main site for whatever reason I couldn’t get to load.

  2. I started playing this about three weeks ago and really was enjoying it. I also decided this would be the last Korean MMO and more importantly last F2P MMO I ever play, Now it’s shutting down on Jan. 15 for unspecified reasons. ARG!!


    • Oh damn it. The only meld of Beat-em-up games I actually enjoyed, and they JUST released that Thief Class, too. This totally sucks. Guess I should get back to installing Elsword…

      • I know, right? Rusty Hearts gets crapped on for about a year by PWE yet that’s still around while things seemed just fine with Dark Blood, no major bugs, events going on, new content and so forth yet that’s getting shut down. I thought it was someone’s idea of a bad joke till I saw the official statement, the cash shop was taken down and even then I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Still almost expecting to find out on Monday that someone hacked a GM account and monkeyed around since that did go up right around the end of the business day on Friday.

        Of course there’s people in the forums going on how “they saw this coming” but the same sort of reasons why they supposedly saw it coming are seen in really every other F2P game of that type.

        If I wasn’t just short of the system reqs and hard drive space (small particitioned Mac laptop) for The Secret World I’d have bugged you for a trial code of that a while a go. Or actually already tried it and playing it.

  3. Which game were you possessed by in the beginning of this video?

  4. No more off-week updates?

  5. The dark theme in that game catched my eyes. It reminds me of Berserk. You can make a warrior that literally look just like Gatsu.

  6. Thanks for giving us plenty of time to turn down the volume at the end. Best use of that catchphrase so far =)

  7. I love the stark contrast between your walls. While your friend & I have very different tastes, it seems we are united by an irrational hatred of empty wall space.

    The male archer…Not sure if breathing deeply or practicing his dance moves.

    Nice to see that the men are also in fetishwear.

    Hilariously awful dance. lolololol.

    I’ve got D cups & I can tell you from experience that they don’t bounce around like they’re filled with helium.

    • Camera proof or we won’t believe… >:) (jk)

      Boob-physics are pretty much obscure for some asians, it seems…

      • probably cuz asian women’s cupsizes are smaller on avg then the rest of the world.. so maybe they looked at videos from games like DoA beach volleyball for inspiration

      • Probably either done on purpose for humor or as most of the time the chars are so small you wouldn’t really notice the jiggle if they didn’t move in such an exaggerated manner, it just ends up looking bad when they the chars are up close.

        One thing I find rather common in Korean MMOs is the over sexulaization of women, so many of them have women with very large breasts and minimal clothing. Creepily enough little girls aren’t always spared from this treatment. For instance Rusty Hearts has a little girl as a playable character who runs around in a skirt that just loves to lift up so you can see here string panties. Atlantica Online is getting a new mercenary that looks like a young girl but is wearing little more than strips of well placed cloth and a hooded cape. Mind you that mercenary was developed by the Japanese team handling the game but still there are other Korean games like that as well.

  8. The character selection screen from this game reminds me of the character selection screen from DnD: Shadow Over Mystara.

    I wonder if ChaosD1 has ever seen the entire Popotan opening the CaramellDansen dance comes from?

    • I’ve got that song. I love the singer’s cute voice. I learned early on though that any anime she sings for is to be avoided for the sake of taste & sanity.

  9. They’re clearly not boobs. They just keep inflated water balloons in their chestpieces for extra protection!

  10. Anyone else thinks this looks a lot like C9

  11. PHANTOM BOOBS! Her arms just clip through them! They’re not reaaaaalllllly theeeeereeee!

    I guess that makes sense in the end though. I’m guessing most ladies in this game are really menfolk.

  12. No, tits indeed don’t work that way.

    I don’t know, this game really doesn’t seem to thrill me. That god damn pick of a knight in heavy armour and SPIKE STILETTOS is more offputting than water bed breasts, though. The whole aesthetic seems… Brown and a lot of the armour is just metal. I guess the fighting system might be fun, but the game just looks “blah.”

    That and the Stamina system. With all due respect to game designers everywhere, fuck the stamina system. I can manage my own gaming, thank you very much.

    • …you know how much I’m kicking myself for forgetting to add “Stamina system” to the list of “PASS” reasons? Not that it’s TOO late for me to update it, but I’m not even sure it’s worth adding something so… obvious.

    • Teh stamina system: The worst thing ever to come out of South Korea, aside from a few vapid pop divas.

  13. Triangulation Technician

    Hell, it looks like fun. But those boobs are seriously wierd, true.

  14. Great review.

    Since you mentioned it: What is the deal with MMO – Underground right now?
    Is the show coming back any time soon? I need it for my weekly podcast fix.

  15. I’m defiantly calling SWTOR! Can’t wait!

  16. Triangulation Technician

    I knew about Dark Blood from preachings of the savior of video game journalism.

    I guess I’ll watch your review now.

  17. I’m gonna guess Scarlet Blade next.

  18. “I hate everyone
    Please…..” – What else does your shirt say?

    Also, my genuine reactio to the dance was:

    “Facepalm” Fucking Asians, man.. u.u’

    • the shirt says
      I hate everyone
      Please make a note of it.

    • What Reven said.

      As for the dance, I’d argue that the Mage’s is WORSE. It starts with CaramellDansen, it’s completely hyper and out of sync with the music (I didn’t add that. It actually plays when you do the dance emote.. and other people who come near you hear it as well.)

      I’ll admit the Warrior one cracked me up. He does this thing where he falls to his knees, hits his heart a few times and then pulls himself back up like he’s climbing a rope. Of course there’s a few pelvic thrusts in there because why the hell not.

    • That’s nothing; try watching an episode of Eikan.

  19. Hehe, great review. Made me laugh several times. Now I just have to wash of all the blood that splattered through the screen.

  20. that’s just… uhhhh wow.. those jiggle physics if u can call it that are.. bad and omg at that dance

  21. I’m callin’ SWTOR. :P

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