Tribes: Ascend (Episode 31)

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  1. I played the heck out of this for a few months , but finally realized it wasn’t for me.
    There are certain things that are over powered and at least one thing (the final straw for me)
    that made the game completely unfair and biased towards just one class in any and all games related to obtaining flags.
    The pathfinder’s Nitron grenade does too much , but forced flag drops is the unfair part.
    In a CTF game there are really only 4 things to concern yourself with.
    1: grabbing and returning their flag to yours
    2: chasing and retrieving your flag back from that guy
    3: Flag defense (yours and theirs)
    4: protecting or destroying the generator and base turrets (which is almost universally regarded as a waste of time to anyone who isn’t a complete noob.)

    of those 4 , pathfinders do capping and chasing so well that the possible tactics of flag capping with the other 8 classes is near impossible. I usually played a medium armor class .
    I became quite adept at grabbing the flag and getting it back to my base, but as soon as a pathfinder switched to chasing , it became a situation where I became useless at it because I didn’t have the pathfinders permission to do so. Now , if I was actually KILLED on my way back , thats fine , but them force flag dropping me and totally negating any skill I had at dodging, swirving , mis direction, and skiing was completely unfair.

    Another thing that made me leave were the people who constantly whined about automatic weapons. Sure it might be a bit easier to spray bullets at someone in the air and get a hit or two , but it takes like 20 hits to equal the splash damage of a spinfusor , which all you have to do is wait till they get near the ground and then shoot ahead just a bit .

    The game seems pretty dead now anyways. No where near the amount of a few months ago.

  2. I miss Starsiege: Tribes, now. Good times.
    Ascend just doesn’t fill that void, not without Starwolf and Children of the Phoenix.

  3. Yay! you reviewed this game!
    First I would like to say: I know where you are getting at with TF2. There is no real progression other than trading items for metal and stuff. I still do not have every weapon possible but then again I am happy with my Pyro attendant set.

    Graphic review: I have run the game on the high setting and it is very nice to see, especially the blur effect when you are speeding down the lane with the flag in hand and hearing everyone spamming shazbot cause they did not see you nab their flag and did not have time to stop or slow you :3

    I do love the voices in the game besides the inevitable Shazbot spam. And I indeed smiled with the Blood Eagle Announcer as well. It made me play that faction more often than the diamond sword just to hear Vegeta get angry at us for loosing.

    Now a thing to note about the Health Regen. It seems it takes a lot longer to kick in without mods and when you regen, it’s not instant like some games. It takes actual time. That is what I like, regardless if it’s one of THOSE games.

    Still, i love the review and if you ever play again and so happen to meet my name in the game, don’t be afraid to shoot a Hi or Spinfusion at me (Parth Makeo)

  4. to be honest im surprised you havnt taken a look at APB.

  5. Damn..Watching your reviews the day they come out leave me very empty as I have to wait a whole damn week for the next release. Lol

  6. you guys have never played S4 league, that game may be third person but from the look of that game footage, tribes is slow as hell by comparison. I read the blurb about it in the suggested mmo list and yeah the game trailers are more for the long time players than new people; but still has a decent back story and gets somewhat weird as expansions(seasons) came out. But back to the point of it being the fastest moving mmo i have ever played or seen, because unless its a CG trailer the game moves as fast as they do in the trailers.

    • Well I’ve played S4 League, a lot in fact.
      I’d like to point out, you are wrong. Oh so wrong. Sure S4 is fast, but Tribes is faster.
      Maybe watching the video is not enough but I’ve played both for many many hours.

      • damn a response like that you make me feel like a troll or something, and if i thought my crap computer could handle tribes i would give it a shot for the hell of it and see if your right or not

  7. Do we need his input on TF2? I mean everyone and their dog already has an opinion. I don’t see it as something in desperate need of another full review

  8. When you say it’s fast do you mean something like Shogo fast?

    Earthsiege: that brings back some memories.
    “You sure brought back a whole lotta’ scrap.”

    That reminds me: any plans on doing a Sidequest for MechWarrior: Online when that goes open beta? PGI is already passing out “closed” beta access like candy at Halloween; but all things considered if you play it you can see why they’re keeping it as a “closed” beta; still a fair bit a fun for a slower stompy mech sim that require more thought than it does twitch skills.

  9. Personally, I burned out on “fast FPS games” a long time ago, once I realised I could have just as much fun in non-competitive games without the grating annoyance of getting constantly curb-stomped. This was driven home for me once I returned to UT3 and realised it was simply no fun to play. The graphics were decent, the vehicles were imaginative, the gameplay was balanced… And I simply wasn’t having any fun.

    The review was quite good, but all it did was give me even more reason to not get into Tribes. Tribes 2 was fun, but that was slower and more methodical. This is… Ugh.

    • yeah, me too. ive always been a play for fun, not for sport kinda person… so these devs who want to pander to eSports by ramping up the difficulty of everything gets kina dissapointing.

  10. MMOGrider review a FPS. did you run out of mmos already?

    but seriously.

    i wanted to like this game alot… i just couldnt… ive had a problem with the whole eSpots thing for a while… all of the games keep coming out that are very hard to get into but thats okay because the devs put the word “eSport” into the description. but thats a long long discussion, that should be here. i did enjoy the review though.

    i find your definition of an mmo a little odd… becuase atm it sounds like CoD is an mmo…

    my line is having a world. comes off as FPS with level progressing (like CoD) where Firefall is an actual mmo-fps there an actual world to play in…

    also TF2 has progression. its just horizontal progression with weapon unlocks (or finding or crafting or what not) =3

    • Here’s a little fun fact for everyone… If Call of Duty had a fully multiplayer free to play game that encorporated the exact same mechanics of the current titles, I would still review that over TF2. See also Battlefield: Heroes.

      • yeah, tbh, thats kinda why i have problems with alot of mmo’s i personnaly consider most mmos to be lobby based small team games with a large lobby… you know sitting in org typing lfg to get into a 5 or 25 man instance… not so massive to me. an mmo (for me) needs to have something out side of quest that provide a larger world. like WoW’s king killing achievement, or Warhammers territory thing, or firefalls entire story direction. but i consider most mmos to be small team multiplayer rpgs, just with a big lobby. but to me most mmo’s today dont actually feel like I have any control in the world… like spiral knights isnt an mmo to me. its a 4 player puzzle game with a fancy lobby…

  11. One thing I learned about this game is that if you go by the minimum requirements, you HAVE to be using Win XP 64-bit. If you don’t have 64-bit, you will be able to play…till you get memory leaks. I started having that problem after every match, then during the matches themselves.

    So if you don’t have Win Xp 64 or a newer OS, then you will have to upgrade to play.

  12. Now that I’ve heard your explanation for what you consider an MMO I got a suggestion for you. A very interesting one. But I’ll send that over to the Suggested MMO place. Or the proper area. :3

    Nice stinger at the end too.

  13. Oh, I see your definition of MMO now. You must be able to grow your avatar or character in some way alongside other people. Otherwise Pokemon of all things could be considered an MMO these days. Since your character in TF2 cannot advance any further in any meaningful way it doesn’t count.

    It does sound like you’re splitting hairs a bit, but I guess you have to split somewhere or you’d be reviewing online poker games or something.

  14. I’m the only person on earth who thinks TF2 needs more comedy & less action. lol. Well I was introduced to the game through Garry’s Mod videos.

    I’ll always know Christopher Sabat as Daisuke Jigen. Hey…Piccolo was voiced by Scott McNiel; practically the whole english DBZ voice cast came from Galaxy Express 999.

    ::Looks at terrain:: In an era with ultrarealistic landscapes, developers still do not make the land near water look even remotely wet. Oh yes…I am annoyingly focused on game landscape design today.

    6:07 Now I know what Utah would look like if it was in the realm of Oblivion.

    The orange mist forest would make an awesome setting for part of a horror survival game.

    Not an FPS fan, but I’m sure someday you’ll find one I’d be willing to try.

    Lol, not a bad Christopher Walken impression.

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