Backtrack: Brick-Force (October 2012)

This is the first episode of something simple I wanted to do called “Backtrack” where I take a very quick look at the updated made to games that I previously reviewed. As for the show itself, I tend to look at things that affect the newbie experience, so changes to endgame or expansions for high-level players wouldn’t necessarily be looked at, unless there’s an unlikely chance I’ve reached it.

Let me know what you think, if there should be any changes made, or suggestions. I’ll admit this is pretty phoned in right now.

Original review: Episode 22


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  1. Hey there,

    I like the Backtrack idea, keeping the people updated who either tried and stoped or didn’t try it in the first place. I also like the length of the video, with ~5 minutes it is short and nice and should not exceed the FPS-crazed’s attention span.

    Now as ideas maybe an overview (simmilar in form to the Play, Pay, Pass) outlining the major changes/additions at the end.
    Maybe even just as simple text while the credits roll below/beside it or something. Also maybe if the changes actually invalidate any Play/Pay/Pass parts somehow visualize that?

    Also I noticed that the change topics were “User interface”, “Cash shop”, “Mission system”, “Pick and Win”, “Two new game modes”.
    This I would roughly translate to “Graphics and Art design”, “Cash shop”, “Gameplay , which is different from the normal episodes. Maybe its worth to also stick to the same categories and sequence in the Backtrack episodes (and skip the ones where nothing changed). Or maybe even to reverse the sequence so its from back to beginning like … “Backtrack”.

    Give it a thought and I am looking forward to more episodes.

    • I plan on keeping the length as short as it can be. Kind of an in-out and to the point sort of video. Granted, I said the same about Sidequest, and Guild Wars 2 hit nearly 8 minutes

      There’s really no “categories” in Backtrack, I just highlighted what was new. Obviously those changes wouldn’t be relevant to every game I did. (Doctor Who: WiT’s interface remains mostly unchanged, for example.) If I did follow categories, it’d just be mini-grinder, and come across sounding more like Sidequest.

      Formula wise, I’m thinking of keeping the intro as is, introduce show, introduce title, and reference when I looked at it originally. One thing I didn’t add was addressing a common complaint or issue that came about when the review was new and I don’t recall a major one from Brick-Force. (Although retrospectively I could have mentioned the VIP code is no longer needed, but I’m hoping people figured out that one on their own.) I also plan on keeping the end joke where I mention something during the credits suffixing it with “some things never change.” (Although I can see that having dangerous implications later on down the line if something I mentioned actually DOES.)

      I like the correction on the Play Pay Pass idea, but as I mentioned ages ago I try to keep Play/Pay/Pass covering the basic mechanics that wouldn’t change, although PAY would be the most affected. Hell, even the Brick-Force review said “everything is a rental” and that’s no longer true. I’ll be sure to mention something like that in future episodes.

      The problem is I’d have to watch these video of mine…*shudder* I don’t know how you guys do it!

  2. Ooo I like this idea since you can show games that has had major updates or revamps. You should do a backtrack for LaTale when it finally goes season 2 since it heavily changes the game

  3. Dude, you sound odd, like you’re using some voice-changing software. The tone fo your voice was a little deep.

    But, anyway. I liked this. It’s a nice idea and it’ll keep you from running out of MMO’s lol

  4. i like it keep doing it

  5. I kinda want to see a Minecraft-style Assassin’s Creed or Elder Scrolls-like game. Maybe Yogventures, Gameglobe, or Linden Lab’s Patterns will allow for that.

    Can you do a backtrack for LotRO around November? They’ve had 2 expansions since I last played & I ant to know if any of their old turbine points-costing mini areas have reduced in price or gone free. Please please please. (^o^)/

    I hope around Halloween, maybe you’ll do a little special to show us some Holiday Event highlights. o(^^o)(o^^)o

  6. I like it, you should keep it up, its a nice little tidbit of information that tides us over until your next big grinder episode. It’s also good to check back in with a game every so often to find out if they have fixed any of the issues that have been brought up previously.

    I’d like to see more.

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