Sidequest: Planetside 2

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  1. I am saddened to see the grinder has fallen for the lies of the anarcho-corportate terrorists and alien worshiping cultists of the NC and VS respectively. Its shocking to believe after the terrorist attacks on Explorer-5 and Discovery-7 and the Vanu destruction of Pluto that any sane man could follow these barbarians!

  2. This seems… Painful in the extreme, but then I’m probably not in the target demographic.

  3. Hey ChaosD1, want to give this a shot? If you win, I think you get paid.

    • We’re trying to adjust the rules so that some guy who has a huge fanbase can’t win just because he has the fanbase. I’m also hoping that if you win, your style will rub off on the others; they don’t really have a formula to their reviews.

  4. I’ve been playing both Firefall and PlanetSide 2, and I agree both are 100% different, each game has its ups and downs, as of right now both games may have glitches but beta is beta, I just can’t for these games to be done to get the full feel of them.

  5. Inb4 “FPS Grinder” comments

    • Heheh, he can’t do RPGs all the time. I learned the hard way that “you’ve tried one, you ‘ve tried them all” seems to be true, no matter how much I wish it was an exaggeration.

  6. Not into PvP, but I do like sneaking around in the pitch black dark & catching the enemy unawares. I can put this on my maybe list, snce there’s no real objective to the game.

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