Brick-Force (Episode 22)

Updated in Backtrack: Brick-Force 10/2012

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  1. Epic Cowboy Bebop reference, JO would be proud.

  2. things have changed a bit with this game no more codes premium accounts new modes somewhat need an update vid

  3. Damn. I was all for playing it until you said everything is a bloody rental.

  4. For some reason, the audio doesn’t want to play on this video. I think it was working earlier for me, but now it’s gone. Any ideas or suggestions?

  5. Great episode!

    so you’re doing Aion next time?

  6. Can’t say that either of this, or the Sidequest, inspired in me much desire to play this game. Seems to unpolished for me to have a great time in, and lack the funds to sink to much into rentals. Plus, I can handle idiotic people for the entirety of about 23 seconds. Other then that, loved both this, and the sidequest, so keep up the excellent work.

    Also, as a post script, the ‘Green Bird’ scene at the end caused me to laugh for a good minute, which after a long a aggravating day, I very much needed, so a personal thank you for that.

  7. I Was Part Of The Closed Beta For This Game, It Was Fun

  8. The Community in this reminds me of why I only play Team Fortress 2 on certain servers devoted to more casual gameplay. It’s also why I never got into APB:Reloaded and why usually play FPS with either close friends or solo (i.e. Borderlands). Building your own maps looks great, though. Reminds me of City of Heroes where you can use the Architect Studios area to create your own story arc and missions for other people to play in.

  9. I really don’t like this game, the gameplay feels extremely cheap even for a first person shooter, the community is terrible, and it runs like Crysis 2 would run on a calculator.

  10. I didn’t get an ad before the community part.

  11. I’ve been playing in the closed beta for over a month now, and I have to say that I agree with everything you said, although I myself have been guilty of being impatient while having to wait for everyone to get ready for a match(seriously, they should just have a countdown system instead of an “everyone get ready system”). Overall I would say it is a fun, if simple game, although some parts of the cash shop and OP’d weapons really do aggravate me.


    Must be trying to get on JO’s good side.

  13. So…the community is basically X-Box Live?

    I was interested in this game for a while, but only for the building aspect. But if you have to buy in the cash shop to streamline building, I’m out. A sound business decision it may be, but for me, it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

    As to the ending, well. Never seen Cowboy Bebop outside a few episodes, so that went right over my head. Still, classy idea.

    As always, a good informative episode. Love the increase in jokes while still maintaining your usual dry delivery. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Pretty much XBL… just in text form.

      Well to be honest, the streamliner was a recent addition that wasn’t originally there. Both G and I admitted we probably wouldn’t have noticed the decreased range in the gun if we didn’t play in closed beta. The only issue I have is the lack of map tester and the high price of registration.

      Fun fact: the VIP code I included has a bunch of bonuses, including 20,000 free brick points. Now only if they’d fix the Brick point bug.

  14. Dude. Cowboy Bebop ending. AWESOME.

    I think I’ll stay away from this game, though. I have a low tolerance for idiots and assholes.

  15. “Infiniminor style” would be a more accurate term, though that game is not well-known at all. It’s credited at the “pioneer of (3D) block worlds” & Minecraft is more or less built upon it’s source code.

    A shooter that isn’t all shades of grey, brown, & olive green…. Outside of Crisis & Serious Sam 2, I’ve seen so few. Though the bright contrasty colors look like pure headache-inducing eyestrain.

    If only the threat of permabanning prevented gamers from mouthing off as easily as it does on The Escapist forums. You post “first!” you’re suspended, you create a topic on a forbidden subject, you’re suspended, if you start trolling or arguing, you’re suspended. Not sure if it’s 2 or 3 strikes till you’re IP banned.

  16. Dude, this was an awesome episode. Also, you are awesome to infinnity for that ending. one of my favorite scenes from one of favorite shows ever :)

  17. its really sad that this game gets the luck of having a developer that actually listens to the playerbase and then have a playerbase that is mostly made of assholes,really really sad,hope that changes,both with time and maybe part of your fanbase playing as well.
    Also jsut wanted to say thanks for the VIP code^^

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