Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 25, 26, and 27)

Today we will be visiting a game that was suggested to me constantly, until I game way with a PC barely able to run it, and two revisits that had shockingly different results. Let’s see what’s in store and what I can remember…

Episode 25: Vindictus
Here’s a game that I wished ran better when I was first into it, and once again, something published by Nexon that isn’t completely… Nexon. Annoyances aside from the fanbase taking more stabs at my inability to run this poorly optimized game, the charm wore off fast for the sheer repetitiveness and the game unwillingness to let you see beyond the same area for HOURS at a time, The game is gorgeous and definitely the most intriguing and visceral combat out of any of the games I’ve played, and my revisit definitely was more intriguing than my first foray into the game, but I can’t bring myself to keep playing. Solid title, though.
Recommended?: YES.

Episode 26: Fiesta
Fiesta was one of those games that held my interest for a while when I first played it. This was another game played during the WoW slump, and something about the game held my attention. It hasn’t exactly aged well, and might be a little simple for most players. Dungeon access is so confusing that I wasn’t able to figure out how to get into one until I did my review. It looks ok and plays ok, but you’re better off looking at something by XLegend if you want a simple and cute beginner MMO. This was the only game Outspark hosted that was bothered to be picked up by others, so it’s still around.
Recommended?: NO.

Episode 27: Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE
And here we are with yet another game I played “pre-MMO Grinder” but unlike Fiesta I didn’t stick with it much. It’s sad, because I really wanted to enjoy this. I love the SMT universe, even if I’ve fallen out of favor with it since Persona 3. My revisit was…. not interesting. The game didn’t click with me, at all. There was too much to have to keep up with, too much to possibly screw it up, and I was NOT a fan of the soundtrack changes. It was confusing, and felt odd to do everything. I didn’t get that far simply because I was more concerned with collecting monsters than I was getting to the next area, because the world felt so uninteresting to me.That said, I get the appeal. I was honestly shocked this was went down, since there was a dedicated fanbase for it, and there was simply a LOT you could do. While I didn’t like it, I’d say it was worth a shot to those who had a remote interest in it… as long as they understood just what they were getting into.
Recommended?: If it ever comes back, YES.


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  1. Why is Fiesta “NOT RECOMMENDED”?

  2. I *did* like VIndictus.

    Too bad Nexon has horrible security and WORSE customer service. When they themselves got hacked, leaking tons of account info, my Vindictus account was ravaged. Even reporting to them the name of the account the thief mailed all my gold to using the in-game mailbox (should be the easiest thing for devs to track) and listing most of the items I had before he NPCed (why would a gold seller even do that? my lifetime inventory was barely worth 10% of my hard gold), Nexon responded with a big “too bad.”

    Never went back to that.

  3. If there was a new SMT MMO made with the same care and quality as a game like FF14 I’d jump ship to it instantly. IMAGINE wasn’t a very good game but I’m only partially sad to see it go since I’m a diehard SMT fanboy.

  4. I can’t actually agree with SMT titles being persona, since apparently, japan dropped that from its persona titles.

    I mean, there’s SMTIV for the 3DS and strange journey, both closer to what the originals were.

    About Imagine though, when I originally played it, it was hosted not by atlus, but by aeriagames? Some other publisher, that’s for sure. The lag wasn’t bad when I played it then. But when I played it when it switched, it was awful playing the game. The netcode was just too bad to give me enjoyment of the game anymore. Sad to see it go too, but I’m fine with it. Hopefully, they are more self contained instead of in between game titles.

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