Onigiri (Episode 62)

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  1. Loved the jab you took at 4Kids. I don’t believe anyone is so uncultured that they’d mistake a riceball for a jelly doughnut.

    Those landscapes do look pretty interesting. If the aesthetics are right, the polygon count & resolution don’t seem all that polarizing.

    This doesn’t sound bad at all. Got to keep a couple of fresh anime MMOs in between to keep my old favorites from getting stale. When I hear the high pitched “kawaii desu” voice acting, I might regret it though, but it doesn’t sound as uber basic as as a lot of cartoonesque MMOs tend to be.

    Already forgot the cat NPC’s name. I’m tempted to just call her Strawberry Tits because of that bra. & the guy with the flower on his shoulder has a pretty awesome costume.

    I’m suggesting LotRO for Sidequest. I hear that they’ve made many expansions & big changes to 3 areas below level 40 since your review.

    ArcheAge already, huh? Speaking of Trion/Glyph games, when Trove goes open beta. I recommend keeping an eye out for items with the +Jump stat. It’s stackable, so having +9 jump near anything hard to climb, easy to fall off of, hard to crawl out of, hard to jump over, or lava is awesome, & it’s almost like flying.

  2. So, I saw the adds, and I was wondering “What anime did they steal those screencaps from.” I unfairly prejudged this game. Gonna try it out now.

  3. I have seen their ads everywhere for some time and I thought to myself “So when is Chaos going to review this?” and sure enough months later (like 5 or so i think?) you reviewed it!

    The promotion videos came off to me as more of a Monster Hunter style combat but it does sound very interesting. Judging from the samples of music it does sound freaking catchy that I wish I could get all the musical tracks (If there is a way to hack the files to do this I will surely do it just for that)

    However, despite your review and as much as I REALLY want to try this game for myself…I just really can’t get past the look of that one character and…well…how should I say it?

    I am a fan of Touhou Project. I think ZUN making the cast all females is interesting but he doesn’t really oversexualize them (No that’s what his fans do :P) and looking at this with the folklore I really want to like it as well since it actually uses real Youkai looks for some monsters….

    Then you showed me the cast of legendary characters and felt a bit violated. Then again I was never the whole super kawaii crowd and too much of the tropes and memes of said community can put me off at times.

    I guess I can still dream of my Touhou MMO or at the least an anime styled MMO that is decent.

    Second reason is like your pass says: The grind. If what you said is true then screw that. I already have enough issues with leveling other character classes on FF14:ARR due to the repeated nature of Levequests (Their version of “daily” Quests but only as far as the amount you are given or saved up)

    Thanks for reviewing this game before I finally cracked under pressure. I know now to avoid it.

  4. The game look like fun but is sadly another one of those games with minimal options. I couldn’t find a way to change key binds, no invert mouse and forced double tapping to dodge. The way you have to select your skill before using is retarded, why make me press a key and then another key to use it?

  5. Seemed like it could be fun or interesting to play, but screw power leveling and ideal skill/stat builds…

    On a side note….OH DEAR GOD, THE CAT GIRLS DILDO PULSES…..!!!!

    • Yea… I hate it when games tell you that min-maxing is THE way to go. Especially in onigiri for one reason… every 10 stat points in one stat gives you a huge boosts for those weapons that stat empowers. It really discourages people to go customizable and just pump everything into 1 stat…

      Also, a 5th of the experience points in comparison with the japanese version? Why do foreign(or asian, Iunno) countries do that?

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