Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 4, 5, and 6)

New day, new list. Well not really “new day.” I’ve been typing these up during my downtime and scheduling them accordingly so they go up once a day, but it’s technically a “new day” for you, so there’s that.

This time my show had time to get its feet wet with the next three episodes, and I started setting into a formula. Of course, that didn’t really affect my opinion while PLAYING the games, did it?

Episode 4: Lord of the Rings Online
This game NEARLY overtook WoW for me when I first played it. I WANTED to keep playing, and when my friends all decided to leave to get back into WoW, I didn’t want to follow. It was only when the game started screwing with my graphics card, and rendered an annoying bug I couldn’t overlook that I left, but I always wanted to go back. When I finally did go back… it was pretty much the same feeling. LOTRO, despite its age, has one of the best presentations out there in an MMO and KNOW how to keep a really good atmosphere. The F2P transition was… questionable, but it worked well enough, and it was shocking to see my wife having an interest in the game as well. Unfortunately tech reared it ugly head again, and I’ve been unable to play this game when the urge strikes. It’s odd. I don’t know what kind of brain damage the coders at Turbine are suffering but not being able to connect to a near decade old game seems a bit… unfocused. I still say you should give it a shot if you’re into classic style MMO games.
Recommended? YES.

Episode 5: Dungeon Fighter Online
I don’t think I was having as much fun with this game as it’s absolutely psychotic fanbase, but I did really enjoy the title. It did start to wear thin though, but beat-em-ups are legit my favorite genre. I know a lot of people are asking me to Backtrack the game but I don’t find it as interesting enough to deal with fueling their fanatism. There’s something really weird about the insane dedication of beat-em-up MMO players. I don’t understand it at all.
Recommended?: YES.

Episode 6: Myst Online Uru
Ah, my first request, because let’s be honest, if this were to have come up nowadays, I would have said a hearty “nope.” The game is classically different, and nothing like anything I played, but there’s literally no reason to play it if you’re not into the idea of searching a quiet, empty world to solve puzzles. It’s great to explore and take in, but it’s not really a “game” to the modern sense of the word. I’m surprised I got as much out of the episode as I did. I still was very “meh” on the title while I played it. I can’t go about in good consciousness saying I enjoyed this game, but that’s why I let the viewer decide.
Recommended?: NO.


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  1. Is it just me, or when DFO was under Nexon, did they gimp the in-dungeon mp recovery in an attempt to drive people to use NX potions? About the time I hit the ice dungeons I seriously hit a wall there, to the point where the permanent potions dropped and all the money earned could not offset what I used within. Really turned me off of the game, which is a shame because I was enjoying it before that.

  2. LOTRO (sorry to hear about the tech issues, I have been there twice so far, both times upgrades to my wife’s compu were required to fix, yes strange in such an old but still being messed about with game!)

    I just left a comment on TAGN about TURBINE and LOTRO which I think is also relevant to most MMOs and GAMING in gerneral:

    I hope in the future some code miracle happens and LOTRO becomes playable again as sometimes its the quality that outshines the flashy modernity!

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