Lord of the Rings Online (Episode 4)

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  1. Great review…if very outdated…

    My notes…as is my want :)

    Dwarves are cleverly both sexes…you just cant tell (as JRR Tolkien said, “Only a dwarf can tell!”)

    Minstrel horny death!

    Quest Bloat!

    13hrs to lv 17…ee only if really new to LOTRO…when you get the hang of it you can fly by this…

    agree about the store…even now!

    TP can be earnt very easily in game…called TP grinding! I have only ever spent money on expansions (on offer) so bags, auction house, currency limit, areas and skirmishes I have ground.

    You CAN grind it all the way!

  2. Just to make a small correction about Wardens: they aren’t actually ranged tanks. They’re melee tanks who wear leather armor and who stay alive via numerous self-heals and high evasion/block/parry.

    • So more like rogue-tanks?

      Yeah, the LOTRO wiki I looked at told me that Wardens were “javelin wielding ranged tanks” which I thought was a weird term, but since they were paid-content, I wasn’t able to play as them to verify. Same issue I had when I said Skirmishers weren’t available until level 30, despite me never passing 20. …in fact, I think it was the same LOTRO Wiki that initially listed it as 30.

      This is why I don’t fully relay info from Wikis anymore.

  3. Ah, I remember playing this game on and off in few occasions.
    All times I’ve had to give up because my system just isn’t up for it, except in lowest settings which looked so terrible I was better off playing wow… I miss this game, its atmosphere and slower phase.
    Despite having played wow for 3+ years I got those classic feels of noobity here and there and that’s well welcome.

  4. I liked the Bree-land Jig music. it reminded me of the band 3-Quarter Ale

  5. Dude, if you love LOTRO, you’ve GOT to read “Shamus Plays LORTO,” it is hilarious; satire with some Seanbaby style comics.


  6. I wish reviewers would stop assuming that every MMO Player has played WoW.

  7. If you really wanted to look at the community I would suggest looking at Landroval. There is more enforcement there on chat channels and more people around to group with. There is the Lonely Mountain Band – a kinship dedicated to music- they even sell their own CDs (irl). Then there is the Ales and Tales- a community event that has people telling stories, or sharing music they wrote. I’ve also seen plays put on, talent shows, costume contests etc all run by players on Landroval. While it is En-RP it’s not a requirement.. and while it seems that rp isn’t heavily enforced if someone is trying to mess around with Rpers and it gets reported things do get taken care of.

  8. In the free version you can buy the basic mount skill, but to do that you have to complete the deeds.

  9. Hey nice video on Lotro. If you ever need help with anything in game let me know, I have a level cap (well at least until Sep 27 when they raise the cap) minstrel on the Brandywine server named Esherdon.

  10. There’s also Kitsu Saga, and Aika Online (I do enjoy both of those games, as well as Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online. :)

  11. Shin Megami online


    RagnarokOnline: valhalla and valkire server

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