Maple Story (Episode 3)

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  1. Have you ever thought about doing a backtrack episode for this game, since 2011 there has been added alot more classes, more storylines added for each character, even the original explorers became much stronger, and also leveling has become alot easier with less grinding if you do quest which grant a large sum of exp, plus all the events added grant more exp, gaining meso is alot easier as you really don’t have to buy your equipment with every 10 levels past 2o up to level 60 you get a full equipment set, and drop rates have greatly improved over the years. Oh and also with the server I play on I have barely run into anyone while playing, and even when I have seen someone they pretty much keep quiet.

    • Yeah, if you don’t like the community, you can avoid them by playing in the lower channels.

      I like that we can form solo parties, so you don’t get locked out of party quests if you don’t play well with others.

      Not fond of the crafting system though, as you need an alt to make essential components.

      Love the familiar cards, I just with all areas dropped them.

      The addition of Friend Story, Black Heaven, & Monster Farm break up the grinding.

      I wouldn’t recommend a re-review until all the areas of the map are unlocked. I read that after Black Heaven, many areas have been locked away & the developers are giving the areas complete overhauls & new quest-lines.

  2. omg i remember those commercials

  3. They recently added an option to rent a plane as a mount and fly it to your destination instead of waiting for the boat. It’s relatively cheap around mid-game, and it cuts the flight time down to 4 minutes.

  4. Ahhh Maple Story. My first MMO. Omg I nearly forgot about the horrible community. I remembered how shell shocked I was when I played a different MMO and people weren’t assholes.

  5. I made the mistake of bringing my DnD group into the game. I’d hoped that it would make a wonderful setting for some light play when an integral member to the plot of our usual game couldn’t show. I still think that it would make an interesting place to RP, but unfortunately the way the game is set up it doesn’t really foster the immersive feeling. We spent more time poking fun at it than actually playing it, which is fun in its own right.

  6. i stared maplestory global (MS) just after their first year anniversary, i play for my own reasons and know alot about the game. your review is great and covers all the bases. i personally still view MS as a cheap game pasted onto MSN messenger so you have something to do while your friend is doing chores for 10 minutes. alot of what you say is true but not enough emphasis is put on MS being a continuously evolving game that actually plays like a game more everyday moving further away from just grinding mobs until your chat buddy comes back/logs in.
    you can launch the game from the gamelauncher.exe in the MS folder but this method means you have to add the user name and password along with the PIN number each time you log in, why?, because you can move items to other characters on that server through the storage system. these mule characters allow you to store stuff untill you can use or sell them.
    even though the game gets new content and editions and upgrades making the characters and game easier and more accessible as time goes on, nexon spends alot of their effort with the endless stream of events. current event is thanksgiving which ends in 11 hours from time writing and after the server maintenance the new cannon shooter character and it’s events will be released along with new cash shop (CS) items. CS items can now be purchased as perminant items sometimes and serious MS players have perminant pets picking up our drops.
    the community now consists of long term players like myself (who plays because this game to me is like playing secret of mana SNES) who do what they do solo usually if possible and can either be a greedy jerk or not. there is the mesos ploxers and mesos selling companies who work with and are themselves the games hackers. anyone who asks for mesos stands their all day doing it to collect charity to sell those mesos for real life money. maplestory global is also available in countries where your dollar is worth alot and i myself have bought mesos. the new players being few and far in between are largly ignored by vertran players and have to learn on their own and if you like MS and play through then around lvl 120 you gain a little MS street cred. those players coming in for the MSN blanket to make friends will find that the game is now a game populated by gamers and not friendly. although it is possible to gain and lose friendships in MS.
    the economy of MS is fucked up. this game works on fads and limited time only gimmicks. the more valuable items are rare items that were only available during an event or when something was released or an anniversary or other milestone was achieved and will never return, these items are what people have mule characters for. as for grinding equipment or usable from the field and selling them in the free market (FM) that’s a waste of time.
    the community of greedy unsupervised and pooly parented children of all ages added to the MSN blanket non-game maple story is with an economic goal of having rare stuff with the best stats led to ignitable savagery (i never saw logans run). nexon was pressured through the game’s forums to force fairness. this is where the who does damage/looting rights came in along with forcing players to share exp points. people had a nasty habit of hitting your monster once to be recognized by the game as you do the bulk of the work, they still can loot the item from that mob. or they might hit 50% of the mobs HP and steal all the exp in an attempt to drive you off the map when all the channels are full, this usually happens during events when lazy high lvl characters did their event requirements in an easy noob area.
    now this practice onle helps you level up.
    the PvP and monster park are welcome distractions from the bland grinding of endless mobs in the field but another welcome standardiation is the party quest (PQ) dimentional gate. the party quests have better exp than the field and prizes are guarenteed if completed but usually after many times. the PQ’s are alot shorter, like 4 minutes, and having 10 a day limit. the bigbang update also revamped the game to strech the current game to include players over lvl 160. since the original maplestory did not have a 4th job at lvl 120 the game was essentially the same from lvl 70 – lvl 200 with each new level just taking longer. with bigbang and assention, and now legends all character problems and game issues are being addressed. for example the bowman you were playing in the video now has a double jump and a max movement speed possible of 160%. so you don’t have to be swamped by enemies and forced to hit them with the bow doing crap damage. the new party quests also give a set exp verses that of your level so each completed PQ gives 2% of your level. so 4 minutes x 10 runs x 2% = 20% an hour at any level… the aqua pq and hoblin rex pq are worth doing, so that’s 40% in 2 hours or 3-6 levels a month without ever grinding in the field.
    the adition of traits to boost character stats is another thing i personally like as it adds to why i play this game. traits like willpower gives you more HP and status resistance. diligence raises the scroll success rate up to 10% more. ambition (mine currently lvl 83/100) drops the amount of xp loss at death from 10% down to 5% at lvl 100… ect. there are 6 traits which can be build up to 500 points day day in a variety of ways including just participating in the PQ.
    someone already mentioned the new airplane travels system. there are other short cuts to, like the return to NLC scroll works from amoria which you get to easily from hesey’s so you really only need to take the subway ride on the return from NLC.. little things…
    if you are like me and don’t want to waste endless hours playing games because you are 31 years old but still love the fun of RPG character building and if you also like the cute colorfulness of games like secret of mana along with the speed of an non turn based RPG i would recommend MS. but making friends in MS is dealing with children. participating in the economy is banking on fades with no clue or method to nexon’s willy nilly madness.. you never know what is gone for good and what you wasted money on to be given away free next week to be put back to being rare again. i play also because some of the many character verities are fun like the battle mage and healing mage (bishop). and enjoy my custom RPG character that evolves over time.
    it is possible for new player to become overnight millionires adding alittle more to that stock market area. players can make items and find items that have a potential (pote) stat to them and anyone can get ones people will buy. these potes are usually adding a % to yor stat like 4% is a good low level equipment pote stat that can be obtained without using any CS items. all the mastry books for high level characters are randomized and players collect mystery mastery books which could be something valuable.
    the game appears to be stable. nexon speaks as if they are healthy and going places. i’m sure MS will continuously grow slowly because it is free. but just go in for youself

  7. Ugh, I remember trying to play this game long ago and hating it. How unfortunate that it’s still awful and got even worse. I can’t believe that with how long it’s been around it hasn’t dealt with some of the more prevalent problems. Most other MMOs whether Korean or otherwise tend to keep themselves updated on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. This is just poor in all areas. How does a game so simple end up so chaotic?

  8. I agree with most of you complaints. I played Maple A looong time ago before 4th job was. Like most mmos the community was very friendly and being kinda young I had a decent time, mostly spending time with friends since I hate grinding. After Henesys, or Hen PQ came out and The Pirate Job everything went to hell. I still face palm everytime my friends start talking bout maple again. I kinda feel sorry for Maple…but I still only like the Music.. *sigh*

  9. Gosh, your sudden shouting of “FUCK!” certainly went unappreciated at 11PM in a family home! :D Nah, whatever, I enjoyed this review. I’ve watched a handful of your videos now, they’re all really nice work. Seems you have a new subscriber!

  10. I think the key factor that has kept Maplestory alive despite all of the problems is the chat system. To this day, I’ve never ecountered an MMO where I didn’t wish the chat system was more like Maplestory’s. The chat UI is so easy to use.

    Talking to other players is a very important part of the MMO experience but so many MMOs give it low priority, shoving the chat window into a tiny corner of the screen that can only display short messages in tiny text.

  11. But you haven’t answered the question that’s on everyone’s mind… Which one is worse, the Maple Story community or the EVE Online community?

  12. No the travel time doesn’t take 25 minutes anymore, they’ve implemented a system where you can buy a plane and get to orbis in 2 minutes with no waiting time. Same with Ludibrium.

    • When I did this review though, it DID take 25 minutes. Maple Story went through a new expansion shortly after I finished this video. It was still the “Chaos” expansion when I looked at it. That was entirely not intentional.

      That does sounds interesting, though. Do you buy the plane with Mesos or Nexon cash?

      • Oddly enough, with mesos. The NPC that sells them is near where you’d normally board a plane. Plus in some cases you could take alternate paths to different areas. Ludibrium, for example, was connecting to an area beneath Orbis called El Nath by an underwater path appropriately called Aqua Road. Assuming you’re training in El Nath (and by level 110 you most likely will be) you could jump into the frozen lake, swim through magic seals and snooty shrimp monsters, end up in a magic book detailing Korean folklore, jump into a library at the base of Legoland’s towers, ride a giant owl elevator up, and end up in Ludi.

        Lord, just writing that made me feel stupid. -.-

  13. This is the game that my son sucked me into. When I told friends what we were doing I had to fall back to the old lines “but it feels like your playing Super Mario as an action RPG” Yeah, I just had the hardest time with the members, too. My son, being 10 yrs old, really does fit the core demographic. All that being said, I really enjoyed the cute graphics, the platforming-esque style, and the areas that didn’t require real-time waits (I did an honest to God spit take as you mentioned the long waits, laughing as I recalled my first long wait to get to somewhere). Great review and can’t wait to see more.

    • Yeah, the toughest thing about playing Maple Story is explaining to other people that you play Maple Story. As I say in the review, it’s a game I really WANT to like but there’s way too much that drags the experience down. I’m half tempted to look into the Facebook version of the game.

  14. You should review Ragnarok Online – I’m pretty sure there’s a f2p option there. It was one of my favorite games when I played the alpha and beta of it :) It’s another Korean mmo, though, so don’t expect the community to be great…. Otherwise, it’s a pretty awesome game, imo!

    • I agree, RO is a very interesting game, I keep somehow coming back to it after 7 years. Its craft classes who’s combat skills are based on their crafting roles, and non-instanced dungeons are 2 things i really miss when in other mmos. When I saw this show, RO was the 1st thing I thought of for it.

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