So how new to MMOs are you?

One of my major assumptions in this series is that I assume you at least know what an MMO is. Sure, I’ll text-define things like “DoT’s”, or “DPS” when I mention them, but what if you honestly don’t even know what I mean by MMO in general.

Luckily “Tyger” has you covered. Those who know me from TGWTG or BT might have seen Tyger’s videos, a series with several different names (WOWTF, MMOMFG) before finally settling on “MUD2MMO“. Unlike MMO Grinder, MUD2MMO focuses on the aspects of MMOs in a more tutorial/editorial format. So far he’s covered things like PvP, Current annoyances in WoW, and even a look at the creepy children of WoW’s Goldshire, but his video posted on Sept 8th covers the most basic question of all. “What is an MMO?” Check out the video below for explanation of the more basic terms of MMOs and by all means, check out his other videos.


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