Myst Online Uru (Episode 6)

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  1. I had NO idea that there was a multiplayer, Myst-related game at all. I played Myst and Riven both when they first came out, but then went away to College and never played any of the others. I remember seeing boxes of URU on the shelves at the store and thinking that another myst game would be fun, but didn’t realize that it was designed to be played online like that.

    I’m in the process of exploring the world now and couldn’t be happier to return to the old style of wrack-your-brains puzzles that I loved so much.

    Have to admit the controls and the slow pace of the game are jarring after getting used to modern MMO games, but after an hour or so you don’t notice it as much.

    Thank you for creating the review of this unusual game. Without it, my life would be a less puzzle-rich one!

  2. Ae’gura is really worth mentioning, commonly getting 30+ people Saturday nights, and is the de facto hub of the game.
    On a completely different note, it’d be worth noting that 90+ fan ages over several years have been created and are downloadable via the tool UAM (Uru Age Manager), a tab of Drizzle, and runnable in Ages Beyond Myst, or as multiplayer in Deep Island. Both are tools developed by the Guild of Writers, a group of developers (many times more rightly called prodigal geniuses). They also maintain a shard of the game called Deep Island. ‘Grey Hats’ visit Myst Online and hack the game, with Cyan’s essential consent, thus adding fog colors, giant Bahro, and flying around in the ages. One absolute genius is exporting many of Cyan’s ages and fan ages to the Unreal Engine, and CryENGINE 3, thus enhancing their graphics. See
    The game is also open source, and has been for 7 months or so. See
    Trivia: 4000 unique logins per month is the game’s population.
    So yeah, wanted to throw all that out there for everyone!

    • Mecahawk told me a bit about the Guild of Writers, but I didn’t know they had done so much.

      This is amazing information for people wanting to get into this game. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. you were a marine? oo-rah mate, 1st Lieutenant Katleen Lewis, 12th MEF, im a Designated Marksman. glad to see another grunt that ISNT always barkin up the wrong tree

  4. I actually own a copy of Uru, sadly I’ve never played it. Got it as a brithday present but my pc couldn’t handle it, so I placed it on my shelv and kind of forgotten about it. Now I’m curious, I’d better try out this one.

  5. Another great review ur awesome :P

  6. Thank you for the plug there, ChaosD1. I really enjoyed the episode as well as helping you making it as well. I can’t wait to see the next one. ^^

    If anyone is interested in playing some Uru, send me a message on Steam. My name is Mecahawk there too.

  7. I was first introduced to Myst series with Riven on the PS1. I loved that game, but I just can’t imagine playing that kind of game in a multiplayer environment. For me, Riven was all about being stuck alone in a weird world. It gave me a sort of a stranded on a deserted island feeling. Playing such a game in multiplayer would totally mess it up.

    So it’s not for me, but this video did give me newfound interest to play some games of this genre. SIngleplayer though.

    • Well, Uru IS pretty much a single player game. You won’t run into any other players unless you outright look for them, and you have to use the “Share Book” option to bring any of them with you. The guy you see running along side me is Tyler/Mecahawk, and he was giving me a tour, but rest assured if I didn’t choose the “share book” option, I would have been very much alone in those worlds. If you avoid picking up the Ki and never visit the Nexus, you’ll probably never run into another person while playing this game. I’d say give it a shot. (I still like Riven, better.)

  8. I wonder why under the section where to find MMO Grinder this site and are mentioned, but is not, although it is posted there too.
    Anyway, the Myst series always fascinated me and this MMO is certainly unique.

    • It’s mostly because Justin uploads them at his site as a favor to me, but I’m not “officially” a part of YCPT. Unlike Psychotaku, I don’t have a section to find my episodes listed on Justin’s site.
      If he does currently, or in the future, consider me part of the site, I’ll be sure to amend that, but right now he’s just giving me another place to plug my show.

      I would recommend this game if you had a passing interest in Myst as this is very much a Myst game. The Introductory “Cleft” Age is a bit… bait and switchy though, when compared to the other ages. You’ll go from thinking the game is too easy to nigh impossible without a walkthrough.

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