Pick the upcoming Halloween Episode (on the MMO Grinder Facebook page)

I have a vote poll running on my facebook page. (Click HERE) to decide between the two MMOs I’m planning on reviewing for Halloween. (Which will be episode 8 ) Feel free to check it out and vote if you haven’t already… or “like” the Facebook page while you’re at it… whatever works.

Unfortunately since I cannot differentiate between people on Facebook and people who post here, I cannot make another version of the poll here (like I should have) but hey, I needed to do SOMETHING with that page.

Also I will NOT be counting “votes” that are posted in the comments here, sorry. For the same reason above. I don’t want the same person voting for their favorite game in two places, and therefore double-stacking their choice in their favor. But feel free to comment here with a preference in the event I need a tie breaker. (Currently, I’m pretty sure I won’t need one.)

The poll will be closed (if I can figure out how to close it) on October 16th and the game I review will be announced at the end of the next episode. (Episode 7)

In case you are unable to see the poll, as in you are allergic to Facebook, the two games in the poll are Hellgate: London and Requiem: Memento Mori. Halloween is a perfect time for games with a colon in their title.

Let me know if you like the idea of these polls, and I might do more in the future, so I’m not always the selfish jerk who gets to make all the choices around here.


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  1. I’m one of those “allergic to facebook” people, but luckily I haven’t played neither of those games. Heck, I have never even heard of Requiem: Memento Mori. Are they both horror-esque MMOs? I seem to to have that image of Hellgate: London.

    Probably won’t be interested in either of them as World of Darkness has been announced to be in development by CCP (EVE Online developer) and if there is one horror MMO that I am interested in, it’s that.

    What are your thoughts on WoD?

    • World of Darkness has a bit of history with me as a lot of my friends were into Live-Action Vampire: The Masquerade back when I was in high school, but I never was able to get into it, despite their constant attempts. The world did fascinate me, though, and it’d be interesting to see how it’s handled.

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