Off-Week Update (for Ep 7)

Ok before I start I want to mention that I had NO CLUE people would respond this positively to Episode 6 on Myst Online: Uru. It really didn’t seem like the kind of game that people would expect to hear about in this series so that’s good to know. Again, I have to thank Tyler for the suggestion, and the tour. It wasn’t an easy game to figure out solo.

I’ve been very busy playing/scripting episode 7, and while today was a bit of a mess up on my part, I am certain I can get the script done and filmed within a day or so. I predict this episode will be another long one. Hoping not to go into Maple Story territory, but who knows? I will say I find myself enjoying the game, and there are a LOT of interesting innovations in the game I wish more MMOs would take notice from.

Also, in case you didn’t read the post below, the poll to choose Episode 8 (the Halloween Episode) is going on at the MMO Grinder Facebook page. Right now it’d say it’s pretty obvious which one is going to win, but time to sway the vote in your favor still exists. (I really should get to downloading it, though. It would suck if I couldn’t run it.)

In that same vein, I’m thinking I should do more of these polls so people have more of a choice as to what game I pick to do next. I won’t be doing that for EVERY episode, as I like to have a bit of control in what I play. Right now, I think the next poll to vote on would be for Episode 10. And since it’s a “milestone” ep (albeit a small one) I think I’ll let it be free reign of the entirety of the Suggested MMO list. (There are probably a few titles I’ll end up not including for one reason or another.)

The other polls would probably be a smaller group of choices resting on a theme. (2D MMOs, Action MMOs, Arena combat MMOs, etc.) I’m sure any polls I announce will be broadcast here… or on Facebook…. or both.

Anyway, keep an eye out for Episode 7 next week, cause I’ll have to speed it up for the episode right after that.


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