Wakfu (Episode 72)

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  1. I think we need a name for French animation. Between this and Oban: Star Racers, there’s enough of a unique style to it that’s not really anime-ish to a great degree and yet very different from Western animation. The lack of noses, for instance. If you go a little more broadly, you can probably lump stuff like the Teen Titans Cartoon and Avatar: The Last Airbender (though not the Legend of Korra – that’s vanilla anime).

    As to the actual game – it looks ungodly boring and everything I DON’T want in an anime.

    • Honestly, I don’t know if it’s “points to” or “points FROM” the designers for making something that looks and feels like it’s solidly related to the source material, and yet is a “kinda-turn-based” affair that’s as “deep” as he presented it.

      …considering if I go into Netflix, they categorize Wakfu (the show) as “children’s animation”, I wouldn’t think that’d be the target audience for a game like this.

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