Backtrack: War Thunder (Ground Forces Update)

Original review: Episode 48

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  1. hey im a big fan dont really want this put up im looking for a game that is skill not just if i am a higher level i can kill you it bugs the hell out of me see two years ago i got my skull crush in at work now i cant work i have try alot of the games you have put up but i am board of normal mmos i want something i can play where it takes skill to beat someone and building your tools weapons and what not i just have alot of time on my hands need something todo that i would find fun hoping maybe you could tell me something i have not seen on youtube you put up are seen something i might like ty for your time hope to see more vids by you on youtube

  2. I personally find the randomness of War Thunder distasteful. At any real distance, aiming for specific “spots” on the enemy tank is not an option, which means I’ll be sinking shots into them with crossed fingers, and they will likely do the same to me. Say what you will about “tank hit points,” but a gamey system is I feel far more appropriate for an actual game.

    In either case, I’m far more interested in the upcoming Armoured Warfare than either of those two games.

    • Setch Dreskar

      Randomness? Did you play the game, if you find it hard to aim for specific spots in the midst of combat, something we all do right now and hell if you heard us in Raidcall I even helped the others know where to shoot on each tank we fought, then you need to get good.

      • Setch Dreskar

        God ever have one of those moments you read something really dumb but you get way too mean spirited about it. Fazan may very well not take their time to learn the spots and aim in the midst of combat, but we generally do, it becomes even more vital when you load half ammunition to ensure you can’t be picked off as easily and assists in staying alive when you get ambushed by multiple targets at once. So no I don’t think there is any randomness at any distance, and as Jon will note we were even marking targets and landing hits without the crosshair assist in the game, as well as putting our shots in key locations to knock the tanks out easier. This is something a majority of players do so no, they are very unlikely to just be crossing their fingers and firing dumbly.

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