Viewership survey!

Out of little more than morbid curiosity, I decided to conduct a short survey on the show. Please feel free to answer the questions honestly, and provide comment feedback on this post if you so desire. This will mostly allow viewers who don’t wish to comment on the site a chance to give show feedback, so don’t feel obligated to comment if you don’t wish to. Enjoy!

Click here to take survey


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  1. Let me help you ChaosD1, and tell you what I put on my survey. I just checked the Other option and wrote in “More Mountain Dew”.

  2. Are you planning on releasing the result of the survey once over?

    • Mairenaianelle

      Check his Twitter page. It says he’s having problems with getting all of the answers from the survey because he has to pay to see more of them. Can only see 100 at a time but at that time, there was almost 600. So we’ll see what he has to do.

  3. Done.

    John, did you get into the TES Online Beta testing? I applied to the thing, but they’ll only take hardcore MMO gamers.

    I would like to stress that I love the duration of every review. 30+ minutes is long enough for my meal to last. Also, could you cover more Browser-Based MMOs? I’m sure there’s some cool ones out there that aren’t ruled by P2W.

  4. Farel The Gecko

    Done! Well I’d be most curious to see the results of this voting!

  5. Done with that. Glad i caught wind of this before I got absorbed in the FF14 ARR Beta.
    Spoilers: It’s far better than 1.0 version.

    • Farel The Gecko

      Did someone say FF14 beta? ……… I play it myself. I feel as if I’d call it “pretty okay” if it wasn’t for the fact that I played 1.0

  6. Done and done. Gladly giving my feedback although I’m sometimes vocal in the comments(but mostly about the games =) ).

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