TERA (Episode 38)

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  1. So apparently Blue Hole Studios have decided to create an Elin only class because Elins are so amazingly popular. (May have something to do with giving them tiny hitboxes, faster animations, and longer reach than other characters with no down side.) Yeah I thought the game was ok and the combat is definitely better than wowlikes but Blue Hole Studio’s loli love is kinda creepy.

  2. Just want to clarify your complaint about “Knight Crusader” the word “molest” doesn’t always refer to a sexual act it can also mean “To disturb, interfere with, or annoy” so if a Popori Player was getting overwhelmed or even just pestered by monsters what KC said would apply.

  3. Well, this game is better than I expected. The only bad thing sofar are the many vast empty ares that have no NPCs or monsters in them.

  4. Well I found one thing this game’s doing right; equal opportunity sexy. Male costumes = me gusta.

  5. After trying out quite a few MMO trials and coming out completely disappointed, I had hoped TERA’s combat would be different from the stale combat present in so many MMOs. While the combat was decent, the rest of the game had absolutely nothing to offer besides the pretty character designs. Considering that Lineage 2 and Aion also had stunning designs, I can only conclude that Koreans are quite skilled at making very pretty humanoid characters. Blade and Soul also features some nice designs, I wonder how that will end up.

    I wanted to like TERA (female amani are the only reason I played), but everything about it was so half-assed and stupid. Sometimes I wonder if developers even play their own games.

    • Generally speaking if you want new and innovative you’re not going to get it from a Korean game. There can be some interesting and nicely done features plus they can be pretty good at making it look nice, but on a whole, it tends to be a lot of same old same old with plenty of reused this and borrowed that. To be fair though, there is a lot of that in gaming in general, it just seems to be a bit more so in the Korean MMO market.

  6. Oh, hey, the pages-long “reviews” of someone who doesn’t know what a “comments” section means are gone. I can actually read things without having to pound on PgDown.

    My experiences with Tera. I forwarded Chaos D1’s stream videos to a couple of people, and I got back 2 female responses of “Elin are SO CUTE I WANT TO BE ONE” and one male response of “dem thighs”. Both of which made me facepalm. A week later, none of these people were still playing the game.
    I could see why when I tried it. It’s a plain ol’ MMO in a slightly different wrapper. People lauded the combat so much, as if reticule combat had never been a thing implemented in anything up until then. And “the graphics are SO NICE”? I said “meh”, for the same reason I “meh” at frothing PS4-backers: graphics don’t impress me at this point.

    Last I saw, they said over a million NA accounts have been made for TERA so far. Good for the people who like the game and want to invest their time in it. For me, tho, nothing about it screamed “this is something unique and/or interesting that you must experience regularly”. But that’s pretty much because there’s a million-bajillion other video games at this point.

    • You know the person you so subtly referenced keeps trying to enter his name as yours in an effort to fool me into accepting his comment, not realizing how this site’s filters work.

  7. I’ve tried a lot of mmos and Tera is one of the few that has held my attention for over a week. I don’t want to make a giant comment on why I like it, so I’ll gripe about the things I don’t.

    -Story is an afterthought. I have a couple chars and only 1 atm at cap. Not really sure what the story is and I have read the story quest text.

    -The community you complained about is pretty spot on. However, once you get around lv 35-40, you start to miss the area chat of the low levels and swarms of people running around. It goes totally silent for hours on end and you start to see less and less people in the areas you’re questing in the higher level you get. Almost feels like Kingdoms of Amalur some days.
    That said, there are just as many if not more so of good nice people then there are jackasses trolling area/global chat. You just don’t find them because they don’t talk in area chat. If you can get grouped with one that’s in a guild of similarly good people, congrats you just found the holy grail of Tera. Ask them for a guild invite.

    -Leaving a guild. “If you leave this guild you will have to wait 7 days 42 minutes to join another guild. Confirm?”. May as well just delete your character so you can join active guild right? I see this as a pretty stupid punishment especially for a freakin mmo.

    -Deleting a character that’s over lv30 has that infuriating (especially for a f2p player with 2 char slots) several days wait before the char is actually deleted.

    -Having played Vindictus before Tera, Tera’s combat can be pretty infuriating some times. I’ve soloed Emperor in Vindictus and felt a great sense of satisfaction when I did. In Tera, soloing a BAM gives me more a sense of, “wow totally lucked out on that one…”. instead of that feeling Vindictus gave when downing a boss.
    Sadly, Vindictus still has the best combat in an mmo I’ve played and really makes Tera’s combat feel unrefined. It’s given me a deeper appreciation for Vindictus the more I play.

    -Reach level 60 and don’t belong to a big active guild that can run endgame dungeons? Congrats you beat the game. That’s how it feels. There’s little a guildless player can do at 60 besides rep grind or gold farm. zzzZZZ ~_~…
    Or pvp in your crap quest gear against people in +12 tier god mode gear in premade groups.

    -Having cutscenes IN dungeons. Whyyyyy???? The game doesn’t pause for the other 4 players in the party while you watch the cutscene. Mobs keep attacking and bosses start spawning during the cutscene except YOU can’t see that happening because of the terrible cutscene playing. So what does everyone do? Skip all cutscenes in dungeons. Developers… don’t always use their noggin when thinking up these things.

    -People that INSIST playing this game despite having a crap PC. Sorcerers will run into these people the most in groups when they demand that you don’t use your best spells because it kills their frame rate. You might think, “Screw you I’m not gimping my play experience for you…”, if there’s more than 1 of these well-below-system-spec players in the group, if they can’t play, they can die, and Sorcerers can’t tank if you get what I mean. These people inhibit your play experience.

    -Elitists. Want to run a dungeon and after waiting in queue for over half and hour before you finally get a group?
    Jerk: kick player ilvl 2 low
    Jerk: kick or i lev
    Jackass: is this your first time here?
    you: yea =D
    Jackass: leader plz kick noob
    Lancer: kick zerker or I leave

    So yea… wasn’t kidding about getting into a good guild of nice, patient, and helpfully mature players. It really is that important if you wanna enjoy Tera. Just remember:
    “If you leave this guild you will have to wait a retarded amount of time before joining a new one. Accept your stupid punishment?”

  8. Sergeant Squeaks

    Hey! I know that voice at 6:00, it’s Michael Hogan (Saul from Battlestar Galactica). The hell, Mike? You’re a much better actor than that. Must have gotten shit directing.

  9. As always, an enjoyable episode.

    Being an on-again-off-again Tera player myself, I can see some mistakes here and there, but certainly nothing deal-breaking. Only the overall tone of the first few minutes is a bit more negative than the actual things you showcase, but considering your history with this title, that is only human. Also, you definitely soon move on to providing your usual valuable facts and making good and objective observations (of both the good and the bad things in the game, and there is plenty of both).

    In short – my respect.
    Considering that you actually hate this game, you really managed to make this a fair and factual review.

    PS: Coming from the EU, I can only say that the community over there isn’t all that different from the one in NA. Me and a few friendly others struggle daily to welcome and help newer players in the global chat, but let’s not fool ourselves – it mostly remains a chat-swamp of stupidity and trolling despite our efforts.

  10. My apologies for everyone now yelling at someone who doesn’t seem to exist, but when someone tells me they’re “leaving” and then comes back two days later because they found yet another piece of irrelevant information to counter a point I never made, I don’t allow for that.

    • wow from 93 78 that was fast

    • Really…? Just… *sigh* Thanks for clearing all that out of the way though, the comments aren’t nearly as painful to slog through now.

    • Came by earlier, saw his posted and wondered what would happen next. Wow, big cleanup over the whole site as not only did his posts in this one get wiped, they all seem to have been. Thanks.

    • I have yet to visit a forum on any game or website where some self-important little ant feels he owes it to the world to announce his retirement 7 a summery of why he’s leaving.

  11. Well, as for scalings, I doubt you’ll see many new MMOs or games at all do it, at least it will become less common because… Well, who doesn’t own some form of widescreen monitor? There’s plenty of expensive alternatives. Not that it means you shouldn’t avoid pointing out the troubles with it, just that there’s a valid reason for it I think.

    As for Elins… Well, honestly, it’s Cultural difference basically, it’s tabu here in the west, understandably of course but not something I wholly agree with as it’s become sort of a… Witch hunt where emotional arguements happen rather than factual ones. Personally I think there’s no need to censor or outright prohibit drawn/animated art/smut/cartoon in any form as there is no real victims. The law should focus on helping real victims rather than put resources into “helping” fictional characters, or rather resources are put into it because people are irked and disgusted by it. That’s basically my stance on the whole thing, I never really reacted much to the censorship but you have to keep in mind that such things, if left unhindered, can spread to affect art and other mediums.

    Also, a bit of a facta error there, Slayers are slower than Berserker, or so my level 60 Slayer IRL buddy tells me.

    Out of curiosity, what MMOS does quests differently besides Eve? I’ve played quite a few MMOS myself and… Well, I’ve yet to find anything special really, at best it’s just “Masked”. I guess Secret world does it well by having good Narrative and story, or so I’ve heard (Have yet to play it) but yeah… What other MMOS does it differently? Basically all I’ve seen and played are just the same in terms of quests and honestly… What CAN you do differently? Even in ordinary RPGs that are hailed as the greatest games of all time you basically just have… Quests where you go talk to a few people and kill some monsters/bosses.

    All you can do is work on narrative and story, this is what truly matters. But here’s the ugly truth, it doesn’t really work on MMOs. Why? Because we all will just skip text and cutscenes most likely and even if they do write their quests really well, we’ll just keep doing it while complaining how “Terrible the grinding is”. Maybe Tera HAS good writing in some or maybe a lot of their quests, maybe a lot of MMOS do but we all just… Skip them because that’s what you do in MMO, you want to level up as fast as possible due to the fact that there’s no real ending to an MMO, it takes time to get to the max level and that all the “Real” content tends to be end game. Cutscenes could help put more atmosphere and enjoyment to quests but who would be willing to make cutscenes for thousands of quests?

    And do NOT blame this on lack of voiceacting, we’ve been enchanted, enthralled by videogame worlds plenty of times in the past where it’s all text, sometimes without even any sound or music whatsoever to help provide a mood. The blame is on ourselves and our rush to get to the “Goal”

    So hoenstly, why the hell should writers even bother to write seriously if you, in the end, will just complain about the grinding anyway without realizing that it’s only a grind because you make it a grind by skipping everything. Tell me why they should be arsed to try and set up a story of any kind. I know I realized this a long time ago and thus don’t mind that they call them “BAMS”, because honestly, us gamers threw away the possibility of immersive MMOS ages ago and we only got ourselves to blame. Better to just have fun with it instead.

    I can say that BAMS fights is what makes this game truly enjoyable, because it actually feels as it’s your own skill and dedication that takes them down rather than just you being a few levels higher with good equipment. It feels *satisfying* to take one down, especially by yourself in higher levels as it can take quite a good time to bring down.

    Also, level gaining is slow? Disagreement there sadly, to be the leveling speed is just right honestly, it’s not as slow as WoW (Back when I tried it a few years ago at least), Aion and so forth but not as quick as the likes of EQ2 where you can literally reach level 20 in 20-30 minutes tops. Might I ask the time it took for you to reach level 20?

    • Rufus T Fyrfly

      I had an acquaintance of mine once write a report for her Psych class about how “Videos Games Are Bad Because They Are Pointless And Wrong”. Her points were similar to yours; all games have the same or similar goals. MMO’s are all grind, no communication. Story doesn’t matter so why should it exist? All games enforce racial and gender stereotypes, and promote immorality.

      Blah, blah, blah and so on.

      Now, I do agree that alot of MMOs and RPG’s have a universal leveling and quest structure, but to paint all games like that is ludicrous. Story has become an afterthought in alot of games (Honestly, who remembers the story for Black Ops 1&2?) but that is mostly a product of our time (look at Hollywood movies lol).

      TL;DR……I’m glad I’m not a jaded gamer :)

    • Hrm… I see where you’re coming from with the story stuffs, but I can’t quite say I agree with a few of your points. First off… well, as a guy who’s made a few games, I’d argue you can spice things up with the quests themselves. It’s just a matter of adding a wider variety of mechanics and innovating. The trouble is many MMO developers aren’t trying to. They’re trying to capture a specific market or genre, and unfortunately most of them feel like they need to shoehorn themselves into something familiar to those fans. So, we just keep getting games that perpetuate gameplay mechanics that might’ve been new back in 2004 but have gotten stale nowadays.

      I also don’t think it’s fair to say that games feel grindy just because no one cares about the narrative. I won’t argue that gamers don’t just skip over story stuff a lot of the time, but I still call it a flaw of the game itself because a lot of MMOs don’t -make- it matter. They’re either not trying because they use “gamers don’t care” as an excuse for it, or they’re trying to work with a traditional narrative when it doesn’t make sense in an MMO. It just doesn’t feel right trying to focus a continuous and progressive experience into something with a set start, end, climax and all that jazz. It takes the gamer out of the gaming experience, so that’s why they ignore it in the first place. They need to make story developments more integral to your progression in the game, as well as give your progression some bearing on the story itself. If you weave your gameplay mechanics around the narrative rather than the other way around, it’ll make the best use of both.

      Of course… that can be pretty difficult for a developer without a fantastic writing team, or maybe the developer just doesn’t care about it. If that’s the case though… why don’t they just make the gameplay better? I already feel that’s totally possible… so, even in the expectation that a game’s story won’t be what makes it stand out, the game still doesn’t have an excuse for dragging on. If the developer doesn’t do the story right, then doesn’t work on making the gameplay not drag, the developer is just being lazy. It’s not a flaw in us for perceiving the game that way, it’s still just a flaw of the game itself.

      As for your other comments… I don’t play TERA, nor do I plan to, so I can’t really say anything there hehe. Probably a good thing too, because I babbled on a lot more than I meant to here. X3 Ah well, I hope you can see what I’m getting at either way.

  12. I have now waded through the nonsense. I’m so sorry about the popcorn comment at the top. And that comment a while back about not seeing the crap you get. ( I found your youtube page….)

    I didn’t know man. I didn’t know!

    ( weeps silently for humanity )

  13. I started Tera for 1 simple reason and that was that people pointed out it had similar combat to Monster Hunter and being the Monster Hunter fan I am I went and checked it out during beta. I came to the conclusion that I had slap the people who told me that this was like Monster Hunter the only thing that came sort of close the monster hunter was the lance class (only the fact your had a lance and a shield).

    So when it was going free to play me and some friends created an account on the EU servers but the EU server blocked all the accounts and the tech-support only replayed with “was your internet on?” So yeah we had to make US accounts in order to play the game.

    And after a few minutes of gameplay we got close to taking the life of a fellow human being, the chat oh god the fucking chat. After blocking out the chat we where slowly going brain dead from the quest (I fell a sleep during the first dungeon) this game is boring and yeah well boring.

    In short … play something else this game will boring the living daylights out of you.

  14. Hey Jon, can you maybe clean up some of the longer comments? It’s messy & nonconstructive…It’s like trying to wade through a hoarder’s garage, & the negativity is very Youtubish.

    *Watches Video*
    Can’t argue with you on that. Now let’s post a comment.
    *Looks at comments after video*
    HOLY- Umm…Sir Chaos of One? Are you there?

    Aside from the joke, I tried downloading it to play for free one time and…the download time for it was hours. Worse than World of Warcraft and my computer can handle TERA well. So i deleted it and waited for your review when you announced it. I knew about the community before and after seeing the video and the chat logs…it was like if Barrens Chat had a brother from another mother. If what you said is true about the community, then it was WORSE Than I thought.
    Now if you will excuse me, I need to clean out my systems and even the Hardware from what my poor laptop was almost exposed to.

  16. Hi, I’m the MMO Grinder and I’m objective. STFU you pedos!

    • I’m objective to the games. Pedos can fuck right off.

      • yeah i couldnt even possibly bring myself to roll an elin…its just to fucked up….i have to many nieces and watch to much law and order suv to ever play as a scantily clad child…that shit is just nasty, and if u are a grown man that actually has a thing for that then u seriously need help…i mean come on.. i might have rolled on if the where clothed propery and didnt talk like a stripper…but that definately isnt the fuckin case here…and yeah i do like tera as a game…but jeez man , “where they do that at”.

        and chaos i cant wait til u do a neverwinter video…that game was great this past weekend flaws and all

  17. Triangulation Technician

    For some reason you come of as really… grumpy, I guess, about TERA.
    In the beginning instead of
    >the game has nice greaphics but you need a strong PC to run it
    you sound more like
    >ugh, these evil Bluehole Studios made the game look too good, you need a strong PC to run it

    >ugh, these evil Bluehole Studios made the UI optimized for widescreen monitors

    It’s kinda funny.

  18. I’m extremely disappointed in this review. I was hoping Chaos would actually give the game a fair shake and really appreciate all the greatness that Tera has to offer, but he just glanced over everything. Didn’t even mention how amazing the end game content is! I know it’s supposed to be a newbie show, but really they should know what to look forward to.

    If he wants to make a real, unbiased review he needs to be elected as an offical, join a high end guild, RP often, participate in PvP, have at LEAST two max level toons as well as a naked Elin bank alt.

    Yeah I’m just screwing around, after seeing the crazed Tera fanboy and his posts, I couldn’t help but see what it’s like to be a troll for a little while.

    I’ll give you props for the review, you were a lot kinder to TERA than I could be, I wouldn’t have minded liking that game, but it fell flat very early for me and never really managed to come back from the brink of mediocrity. Here’s hoping the Tera-storm doesn’t get too out of hand.

    • Rufus T Fyrfly

      Tera-storm? Pfffft HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……er sorry.

      All I see is one vocal player, hardly a resounding battlecry for justice. Hell, even CoH had more people come to its aid in protest over their “harsh” review ::eyeroll::

      But in all seriousness, Can You Run It is giving my PC a Fail when I looked it up (Although I’ve been told to never trust CYRI. Maybe they’re right; It says I can’t Maple Story at all 0_o). Regardless I may try it out for fits and giggles. The fact that I may be able to play mostly solo is a plus.

      BTW, sorry I misspelled your name earlier, Jon XD

  19. Pretty much Aion….for lolicons, people that want a beat-em-up combat system, and with graphics that will melt your cpu/burn up your graphics card.

    Seeing so many people go out of their way to mod the game and put the 10 yo characters back in next to nothing just makes you wonder..

    • Rufus T Fyrfly


      Back when it was announced, I did have an urge to try it and play as a Popori (sp?) Lancer, since people at the time were comparing the combat to Monster Hunter, of all things. So I was intrigued initially. However, I kinda forgot about the game and never got the chance to check it out (although I doubt now my poor PC could handle it)

      Now having watched the review (and watched my friend, who loves this game, play it)…I can’t help but think….meh. It pretty much reminds me of a prettier Aion. I guess I’m not in the target market for this game (old gamer guy).

      Guess I’ll wait for another MMO to test drive (ESO, Neverwinter, and maybe Age of Wushu)

      • Rufus T Fyrfly

        Also, I couldn’t be the only one who found Cacalips “review” mostly incoherent. Seriously. It was like a drunken ramble. Good on him if he likes the game but jeez. I consider myself a diehard Shin Megami Tensei fan, but I don’t foam at the mouth and rage when someone mentions they didn’t like Strange Journey.

        This is starting to remind me of the 108 page rebuttal some angry fan gave of Mr. Plinkett’s Phantom Menace review.

        Anyway, nice work once again John, and see you next time!

    • Triangulation Technician

      It certainly won’t melt your CPU or GPU if you have something that can be cosirered good nowadays. Like i5 2500k + 560Ti upwards.

      And if you don’t, you can always lower the graphics. I played it in the beta with weak i5 2410M and GT555M notebook and I didn’t have any problems. When FPS dropped, I just switched to lower settings.

      Overall, you sounds incredibly prejudiced about the game.

  20. Mairenaianelle

    *sighs at the fighting in the comments* >.<

    …I suppose I can add something else to this but not to the argument with the fanboy.

    ..it 'is' possible to like these childish characters ( Elin in Tera and in other games ) and not have a dirty mind. ^^; I honestly do just find them adorable. I have two Elins myself ( and a few other characters since I did buy the game before it went free to play ). I'm not the only one of my friends and other players that see the Elin in a similar way that I do. That's really the only nitpick I have of the review but it isn't just with Tera that you ( speaking to ChaosD1 here ) make these comments about the more childlike races ( or in Darkblood's case, the Thief class ). ChildLIKE races and classes. Nobody should be branded as a pedophile for playing these in games….I do feel that's more of an attack just for the sake of it. There's enough of this talk/behavior on the Tera forums and sometimes in game towards anyone that chooses the Elin race and it is quite hurtful.

    …I am in no way trying to argue, but I will say this because it hasn't been brought up…and in fact, is being agreed on instead that it's wrong to play what races and classes you like.

    • Again I feel there’s a lot of misinterpretation with my statement on the Elin. I know the Elin have a LOT of female fans, as the “cute” factor plays into it, but when someone’s on the internet raving about how it’s “wrong” to put a nine-year old looking girl in shorts rather than a thong (the exact same thing happened in Scarlet Blade, BTW) I really don’t think their concern is with “freedom of speech”. I’m not saying playing the class makes you a “pedophile” (I rolled an Elin and a Thief in DB.) but when someone’s concern is how much more clothing a fictional prepubescent girl is wearing, there’s another agenda that should be addressed. I think En Masse kinda goofed in skirting the issue, drawing even MORE attention to it, and there was no way I couldn’t comment on something when it’s such an issue for a lot of people.

      After all, there are childlike characters in a lot of games that AREN’T sexualized, like the Mage in DFO, the fact ALL the characters in games like Eden Eternal and La Tale are chibi or childlike. Hell those were two of my favorite games I reviewed. I have no problem with “cute”. I have a problem when they portray “cute” with much more than that.

    • Yeah… I personally feel kind of bad poking said fanboy and stirring the hornet’s nest myself. The last thing people like that need is encouragement. Then again, these are literally my first posts ever on this site despite how long I’ve stuck with the show, so go figure hehe.

      I suppose the issue with the Elin lies in just how most people react to it and how sexualized they were originally. Although you might see it your own way and there’s nothing wrong with liking them, I figure a good bit of the fanbase really is… enticed by them that way (based on that “omg censorship” thing), and it’s enough of a general reaction to suggest that a loli slant was what they were going for. I admittedly haven’t played the game though, so this really is just my uneducated two cents. I will say that I agree that overgeneralizing people as pedophiles perhaps isn’t quite the right way to approach it all though.

    • It is strangely common for Korean MMOs (at least the ones that came over here) made in the last ten or so years to have a little girl or someone that looks like a little girl on the roster though. It bugged me too (in general, not in Tera specifically, never played it), especially when I liked how they played, but I typically just tried to ignore that they looked like a little girl as best I could. I’m not the type to try to make my char look like me at all, but come on, at least let me play as someone that looks eighteen or so, not eleven.

      He may have mentioned the Elin more here as some fans made made a big deal out of the changes and the deep English voice is just odd when their general sounds are so cutey little girl like. That and if he’s like me there may be some pent up frustrations since it is annoying common how yet another Korean MMO has a little girl or little girl like character to play with.

  21. Have to say you hit the nail on the head. While the combat system may be something other then the typical tab target and attack, there are just to many factors in the game that take me out of experience, or affect my ability to get invested. The story (such as it is) is laughable, the community is unhelpful at best and grating at worst, and the graphics, pretty though they are, seem……strangely underutilized to me. “Wow, this sure is one very well detailed…….field. This sure is one….very fantasy looking city” The last point may be admittedly a personal thing, but it’s just the world never felt unique, or that it was trying have it’s own image or feel. And being one who looks for an engaging story and and imaginative world, in many ways, this is the biggest thing that kills the game for me.

    As for the video itself, won’t say it is your best work, but neither will I say it’s bad. I could very much see a lack of care in it, that you very much just wanted it to be done, and finish with the game. However, since you already discussed this with another commenter, I won’t go deep into this. I just felt I should say it shows.

    Can’t wait for the next vid, and hopefully you’ll be able to find working on this one more enjoyable.

  22. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    Now you’re just making new excuses since I countered your old ones. Stop making things up! At some point, I’m going to stop feeding you but:

    1: I never said that. Nor have I ever given an art style preference.

    2: Oh god, that fucking European version of “freedom of speech.” Don’t use terms you don’t fully understand the origins of.

    3: I didn’t apply for a guild. As I already said, I don’t apply to guilds because I don’t play these games long enough to benefit people in them.

    4: That wasn’t an interface bug. It’s a launcher error. Close the launcher when you run it and that error WILL pop up as you exit. The game wants you to keep it open. Almost no other game is so adamant about this.

    5: I NEVER SAID THIS. I LOVED Vindictus, and RaiderZ and both use this targetting system. I just don’t think TERA does it in a manner that makes this 20 times better.

    6: I prefer Secret World. Period. Deal with it.

    7: Holy shit, dude. I got 3 characters off of the Island of Dawn, and preferred to play them sparingly, focusing ONLY on the slayer to progress and I got NOWHERE once I hit Celestial Hills. Orcs as far as the eye can see, separated by needlessly vast fields of brown grass. I got bored. Fast.

    You’re reaching absurd levels of strawmanning here and are seconds from become more disruptive than anything. If you are so “not a TERA fanboy” and “willing to uninstall it at any time”, why are you so horrifically adamant about making me look like I was outright bashing the game when I clearly wasn’t, then coming to its defense for arguments you made up in order to set things right?

    • I do admit that I didn’t get the “bashing Terra” opinion when watching your review. If anything the feeling I got from the Graphics and Sound parts that they are generally good and showing some smaller exceptions/deviations.

  23. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    Wow, gotta say, I played Tera. It’s pretty bland.
    You’re full of it. Insane fanboy I assume? :)

    • No, just plain old insane. Poke around any of The Secret World related reviews, The World of Tanks side quest, that year in review one and possibly others and you’ll see more of the same from him. He’s really become a tremendous annoyance around here who either writes this stuff just to be a troll or really is just as messed up as he seems.

      • Backtrack, it was the World of Tanks backtrack, oops.

        • Speaking of World of Tanks Backtrack … I’m not able to find a link to it in the Episode Guide. So either it’s my fault I can’t find it (in which case I’d appreciate if someone could direct me to the proper page where I can find all the backtracks) or it simply isn’t there.

          • Actually, I think it’s actually still on the homepage, as of now. The post right before this one I think, though don’t hold me to that hehe.

          • Scroll to the top of any page and click on the “Episode Guide” link. If you hold your pointer over that you’ll also see an option for “Browser-Based” and “Sidequests” but there is no specific on for backtracks. Although if he did some kind of a review on a title and you go to one of those pages then scroll to the bottom there will be a list of related links there.

          • Ahhh thank you.

          • Oh shoot, it’s probably not new but I think only just now for the first time noticed the “Categories” section in the right column of every page, including one for backtracks.

  24. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    Not that isn’t going to have any effect on anything I say to you, as you will more than likely ignore it as you have all my past counters, but… Challenge accepted.

    “1) GRAPHICS: The graphics are great! Obviously. I played AION before this, and I could not play it on MEDIUM. (see my pc stats above). I play TERA on medium/high..;I do not know why, but I run TERA ALLOT better! TERA runs GREAT on low to medium 6 year old LAPTOP rigs…why Chaos could not run this game probably is related to his other excuses and rants on other, older games he could not run (*cough vindictus cough*) SO PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO HIS GRAPHIC ADVICE! IT is wrong and off.”

    One: You’re comparing my Vindictus review which was my OLD PC. Two: As someone who has apparently been gaming as long as you have, you should know how optimization works. Some graphics cards do not handle games as well as others. You not just say you had trouble running AIon and TSW, correct? And you didn’t have trouble running TERA? You also stated you have an ATI RADEON card. I’m guessing you didn’t notice that TERA was designed for RADEON cards, while AION and TSW are designed for NVIDIA. The very same card I have. If I honestly need to explain this concept more to you it’s futile, but it’s also a reason games designed to run on XBox 360 look like ass when ported to the PS3.

    “One MAJOT POINT CHAOS LEFT OUT! Ok, if you are like me, sound is usually turned off and you are playing music or team speak. So, the best point he forgot is the MONSTER AWARENESS! Monsters react to you in a unique way, if you walk by they are aware of your preseences and react as such. They take a defensive stance, or walk towards you a little, or menace you..it makes them feel ALIVE, something not seen in allot of mmorpgs, and makes up for any poorly scripted sounds they might have. Honostly, monster battle sounds are more scary than their death crys…so a point Chaos really failed on.”

    Are you sure you’ve played a lot of MMOs? That’s pretty standard among all of them. All TERA did was give them Metal Gear Solid exclamation points and have them face you. I’ve played plenty of games with this. Hell, DFO does this. I didn’t think it was all that special because it seriously isn’t. If you were impressed by this more power to you, but mobs are mobs.

    “Chaos drops the bomb here. The level 20 island, I thought was strange as I first got in the game. Once I was spit out on noob island, I was a little confused, with my 1 skill…where were the skills I had in the tutorial..oh..I see…and that HELPED MY PLAN, PLACE, and BE READY to CAMERA TARGET ACTION play this game. So, yes, it is not like your TEADMILL MMORPG, it is TERA, it is unique and I thank myself for doing that GREAT TUTORIAL!”

    I’m not sure if you meant “dropped the ball” or you aren’t sure that that phrase really means, but I still find the practive redundant. The tutorial could have easily started you near the first set of enemies, telling you how to engage in combat as you’re doing it. Instead you have to play fed ex on a beach, revive three people, equip gear you already have, climb a stupidly long ladder while the camera upskirts you, kill several waves of monsters and a BAM. Then you go to newbie island where you play fedex in a plain, gather nodes, re equip gear pieces as you collect them, climb a stupidly long ladder while the camera upskirts you, kill several groups of monsters and a BAM. They teach you the exact same things twice and at two different paces. Either the Tutorial is pointless or the Island of Dawn is. It’s like they wrote two separate tutorials and couldn’t decide which one to use. It’s redundant and at least ONE of these areas could have been condensed better.

    “Around level 10…NOT LEVEL 30…CHAOS IS TROLLING ON THIS POINT! I AM LEVEL 30 and END LEVEL AND THE GAME FEELS PROGRESSIVE, NOT BETTER AT 30…that is a FAIL stereo type, please do not support troll facts chaos. IT makes youlook less credible.”

    You clearly misunderstood my thing about level 35 being the “point you need to play to.” I didn’t set that limit. Some member of the community did. It’s right here if you’d like to see the very comment for yourself: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/978283-tera/63380054 My mentioning it was a way of affirming, “No, you don’t need to reach that level. The game is completely understandable by that time and offers nothing new.” The only reason I said it’s a good idea to slog through 20 is that when you start getting regular BAM quests and glyphs, which introduces you to everything new it could possibly throw at you. I wasn’t “supporting” this fact. I was mocking it. This is where my constant claims of your miscomprehension are coming from.

    “– Community. GLOBAL CHAT IS ENTERTAINING! I love it! Never had I laughed harder. Lets SEE CHAOS LOGIC; Go to the end of his video, or watch any of his live streams. He yells a lot, they say strange things…honstly, I would rather see TERA global chat than have my ears bleed as Chaos is yelling FUCK SHIT FUUUUKKKKKKKK with his over weight UK friend. It is anoying.”

    Global Chat is “entertaining” in the same manner that Barrens Chat was “entertaining” and the 9gag comments section is “entertaining”. You go there to gawk at how stupid people can be. I, however, do not play TERA, or other MMOs to see how stupid people can be. I don’t want to read general chat to see people coming up with new names for Tom Cruise, or finding what skills look funniest with the word “anal” in front of them. Now let’s, as you inexplicably did, refer to my stream. People ARE there to see me. They generally enjoy my reactions to these games, and find them amusing. If they are there to see how the game plays they will specifically ASK me about it and I will answer them, but the streams are a form of entertainment based on me, not what I’m playing. Comparing my streams, a personal show you have to seek out and join in order to view, versus a massive game where the point is to communicate and cooperate with others to achieve a common goal, and being bombarded with idiotic inanity when you’re trying to form a group, or get help and information about an aspect of the game, is detrimental to the experience. They don’t even remotely compare. I WAS going to keep going with this until I read that last sentence, so at this point we are done speaking about this.


    Now, I don’t believe in dropping someone’s comments because they say I was wrong, or disagree with me. You have your opinions and your experiences, and it doesn’t matter how you present them you have your reasons. I think the internet tosses the term “trolling” around way to much when it comes to dissenting opinions and it annoys the hell out of me, so despite how others view what you’re saying I’m not going to stop you from saying it unless you become outright inflammatory and disruptive. And really how hard is it to just not read a comment section?

    However… leave MegaGWolf out of this. There was absolutely NO fucking reason for you to comment on his weight like it had any bearing on this conversation. Attack me and my arguments all you fucking like, but if you start bringing in personal unrelated attacks on other people like that ever again, I WILL ban you and delete every fucking comment you’ve ever written on here.

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      Do you seriously go online and go, “In what way can I horribly assume and misread everything that was ever written?” And no, seriously. It’s not. I don’t presume the average body type and personal life of the people playing these games. Find me one. ONE fucking example of this and I’ll concede. Stop making excuses for your horrendous behavior.

      • When I came around today and saw a bunch of extra posts here I thought the Tera fans caught wind of the review. Too bad it was pretty much just Cacalips again. I really can’t stand that twit and his long winded rambling rants. I just can’t bring myself to even try to read any of that mess anymore.

        Around when he first started these things he calls, ugh, reviews, he responded to a comment of mine as if the whole thing was about Planet Side 2, only one sentence was about it though. I said much the same as you just did about his completely missing the point as he proceeded to call me a troll. Anyone that ever disagrees with him he starts calling a troll, idiot, fanboy and so on which coupled with those huge walls of text is not making for a fun environment here.

        • Same this is getting old fast. He should just get a web cam and post YouTube on all things he see’s are wrong with the eps.

        • I’d say we’re past the point of “getting old” and firmly entrenched in old. Since it’s often him vs everyone and no one seems to like his reviews or general conduct I can’t see his participation here being anything but harmful.

  25. Since you didn’t address it (or I missed it) how is it for soloing? Especially in the dungeons.

    I know what you mean about widescreen; my monitor set me back a few hundred.

    Speaking of lowering graphics settings, I’d love to see you show the min/max of graphics. City of Heroes or something near-identical had the most astounding difference.

    I’m digging the sexy rockstar male armor. Some women insist that the women aren’t wearing enough, but really, we just want the men to wear lingerie too.

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      The fact that your comments are a book in length & that 50% of the comments are yours not only discourages me from reading anything you post, but has me scratching my head as to how all of your comments haven;t been removed.

  26. Hi

    Just wanted to say that I liked the video :), actually all of your videos, I re-watched them not to long ago and was entertained by them … again. I especially like that you generally cover stuff which seems different from other MMO games of their style. In this case for example talking about the political system instead of using precious time just to make tell everyone that classes are not locked to a race (*winkwink*). While the political system seems intriguing, it also allows to put power in the hands of trolls.
    A note about the “matching audio clips”, they don’t really matter to me personally since I’m more interested about the message and a perfect execution is not always necessary for this.
    Keep on making good videos.

    Also a comment to Cacalips: The year 2013 is fresh, there is a lot of time and room for other MMO’s to surprise you. Also a question concerning your “and have a mid to end game char in all mmorpgs.”, did you play the Pokemon MMORPG?

    PS to ChaosD1: I’d also wonder how a real “trolling” review from you would look (hopefully with a lot more “trololololol”).

  27. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    Well… I haven’t played TERA before. I just wasn’t super interested in it as either a subscription or free-to-play game, but after reading your review (not Chaos’s, yours) as well as your other comments around here… I really, really don’t want to play this now. If the typical fan of this game is anything like you, spouting passive-aggressive bullshit, attacking other commenters, calling Chaos a troll for his observations on his personal experience with the game, refuting made-up statements Chaos never said in his review, calling your one-sided opinion “fact” just to support your ALL CAPZ ranting like a good sperglord… I don’t want to have anything to do with this game and its community, if only to avoid the possibility of having to deal with the likes of you. Good work supporting your precious game.

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      Okay… clearly we have some different definitions about what passive aggressive is, but that’s not the gist of my comment before. I’m just telling you to use a bit more tact in your own criticisms and be more considerate of other’s opinions. Things like “the chat is funny” or “progression feels smooth” aren’t facts, they’re opinions, and the best you can do is say why you believe them, which I think you do. Chaos does this as well: he brings up something he feels (“the game’s presentation is stupid”, “the pacing feels slow”, etc) and then goes on to explain why he feels that way. The difference is that he doesn’t go about accusing others of being “trolls” for having different opinions, claiming they must’ve “never played it” or are “spouting misinformation”. It’s not fair to them.

      I’ll admit, I was kind of peeved at your tone before, and I certainly could’ve used more tact when I addressed you. Heck, Chaos could use some too from time to time. But you really could benefit from being more understanding of where others are coming from, being respectful of other peoples’ opinions, and making sure you aren’t being rude or condescending. Learn to differentiate your own opinion from the facts, and be more polite about this stuff. That’s all mate, sorry to have been kind of an ass to ye.

  28. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    I could seriously counter like… every point you made, but your utter lack of context comprehension means I’d be rewriting your entire rant, I’m still utterly baffled as to why you are so convinced I never got off of Noob island. Someone so obsessively into the flashy pile of mediocrity should have noticed footage from Lumbertown, Velika, and Celestial Hills, level 11-25 areas respectively. Or are the games environments actually so repetitive you honestly didn’t notice?

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      So your point is you must say some thing good for each bad thing? Why?

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      Look dude, if you want to review a game, then do it. Elsewhere. If you have a particular point of contention with something Chaos said, this is where you do it. Not the whole thing. If you disliked the whole thing, ( and the text wall leaves enough evidence that is at least mostly the case), then be gracious enough to leave a ” THIS VIDJEO SUX!!1!” comment and leave.

      At least then it would be mercifully short.

  29. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    My lord, you are hilarious to keep around. Half these arguments lack complete comprehension of what I was saying, and again, you think I have some sort of agenda to make TSW look good. I didn’t outright say it in this video, but I fucking hate TERA. Hate it. This video is the most fair to it I will ever be. However, since you do seem to love it so very much, Austin gave me three codes for a free in game item. Do you want one? Because I’ll personally be uninstalling the game today.

    • To your final question, that might actually be the case. I spend an entire afternoon, until my GPU and CPU started to chug, so about 5-7 hours, leveling my level 23 slayer, and they only hit level 24. I was actively questing, and performing several BAM quests scattered around Celestial Hills.

      But did you want that free item code? It’s like for a mask or some crap. I’m not entirely certain that email you are using is your actual one.

    • ogresamanosuke

      I have the feeling when you made the comment about Stockholm Syndrome, it was directly aimed at guys like this. :p

  30. Hmm, new take, new genre…
    I sense the april fool’s gag is going to be a new series, just to talk about TSW again.

  31. Love the show as always, Jon, and I love the steps you’re taking to try and avoid the flaming that fans inevitably will do. Were it not for your review I’d have picked this game up to try out myself. seeing your video and the pedo-race… yeah, I expect Chris Hansen to show up if I even download the installer….

    Sad part about it is that a rabid fanbase will always turn around and flame a review, even if said review paints a glowing picture of their chosen gaming addiction We human beings by nature like to complain, and like to have something to complain about.

    That said, do you ever plan to review dead MMOs that were brought back by server emulators. I can understand why you wouldn’t, given the potential legal issues, but I guess I’d like to see your particular review style focused on older games.

    • Like the first Lineage? Probably best not to do so though as even if a company here isn’t publishing it anymore they still likely have the license and another the copyrights so he could get in sued for essentially advocating the use of illegal private servers.

  32. Awesome review Chaos…unfortunately from the way you describe it I doubt my PC could run it, too bad cause the action based combat (one of the main reasons of love DDO, alonmg with multi-classing and it being in Ebberon) and the fact that its F2P was really tempting me.

    On the other hand the lack of creative quests sounds like it would get boring fast…although with friends the terribad voice-acting and cut scenes would probably be entertaining enough but their all hooked on DDO

    Here’s hoping you stumble across a good F2P Solo-Friendly MMO I can play when my friends are (DDO is Solo-able…but not Solo-friendly).

    • The thing about MMOs, or at least ones that actually are MMOs is generally speaking they build them around the idea of playing with others, often enough with parts that can only be done in a group. Ones that people call MMOs but aren’t like the dungeon crawler/beat-em-up tend to be more solo-freindly but are also rather repetitive. You’d probably be better off sticking to intended single player games if that’s what you’re after.

      • Oh I know its unlikely but one can hope :)

      • ogresamanosuke

        I’d disagree with this, as most MMOs lately you can play all the way to level cap solo and still have a good time. Moreso if the game rewards other aspects you enjoy, like GW2’s rewarding exploring and finding jumping puzzles.

        Of course, there are the counterpoints, games that are physically impossible to solo to cap in, like FFXI. (Though I hear in the past year this is less of an issue, but still basically impossible to solo past 50 unless Beastmaster)

        • Just because you can get to cap in a game doesn’t really mean you had full access to the game. Sure some do try to put more soloable content in them, particularly when the player population gets to be low. Then if you’re geared to the teeth, a certain class or whatnot you can do more on your own as well. Although they still do tend to have plenty of stuff that is really not possible to do alone. Haven’t played GW2 but aren’t there big ass dragons or such that would obliterate a single player hence why you and many others go after it? Probably other stuff you can’t really expect to do alone too.

  33. I was interested in TERA a little while ago. However, for action combat MMO’s I’ll be waiting on Neverwinter.

    • both neverwinter and tera to me a excellent games….both games combat are incredibly similar…only difference is neverwinter has more of a diablo feel too it. tera is not a bad game at all, i actually like it for the most part…its like they play of eachother….graphics. tera……
      questing… neverwinter, especially with the foundry
      armor style…definately tera…i didnt get a decent looking armor piece in neverwinter til level 16 on my rogue…
      character creation…tie..both faulter in places the other doesnt…you can tweak your face better in tera, and u can tweek your body in neverwinter.

      combat tie to similar……

      damn i shouldnt even be doing a comparison like this its like apples and oranges……cuz honestly both are good games…just tera has a big barrier to entry, it will turn a lot of people off….

      i fell in love with neverwinter this weekend but ill be playing tera til next beta to keep my skills sharp

      i like the animation lock style of tera and neverwinter…its more engaging and strategic…i mean i like pvp and pve in guild wars 2, but its a complete clusterfuck with all the spamming that goes on

      • Then maybe I’ll still try TERA, since I liked using the reticule combat in DCUO and DDO. I don’t know if the face customization will be too big of a deal for me, but it might for my friends from my Friday night 4th Ed. group. It’s good that is sounds like Cryptic is putting at least one slot in for social clothing. Is there a social tab for clothing in TERA? Not that it’s that it really matters to me, I was just wondering.

  34. Long time viewer.

    A few criticisms on the show itself:

    1: Get a widescreen monitor, as they are the most common and the 4:3 aspect ratio makes it feel ‘cheaper’ than it otherwise would have.

    2: Show what you are talking about when you are talking about them. Like when you talked about the classes in this episode, show that class when you are talking about them, not just scroll through them in 10-15 seconds and then mess around with other stuff.

    3: Try to match the audio clips a bit better so that it doesn’t clip and cut out as much (case in point around 00:46 in this video and many other places)

    You have an engaging way of presenting MMO’s and it’s fun to watch but there’s a few things that drags it down a bit from being great.

    Just try to be more aware of how the audio works to enhance the video (and vice versa) and most of your problems would solve them self.

    I’ve watched your episodes since 4 or 5 and I can tell that you have a talent for this but you’ve still got some things to learn.

    I wish you all the best in the future.

    • I don’t mind getting this kind of feedback as long as you offer me an opportunity to address the concerns.

      1. I’d LOVE a widescreen monitor, but money is not a thing I possess. I’m not nearly as “famous” as people tend to think I am, and the show barely covers my bills as it is… at least until my car is paid off. It’s mildly annoying to see the industry turn to widescreen resolutions when I’ve been using a square one for ages, and I’d love to upgrade sometime. But without the cash, it’s not a top priority.

      2. I understand what you mean by this but there’s times where I frankly don’t want to bother. It’s a slight pain to edit classes by having them up on the scrren while I talk about them, and I’d done it in the past with many games. Eventualyl I just got sick of doing it in some cases, and in the case of this game, I really didn’t want to go back to get longer clips of lingering on each class. If I have footage of something I mention, I’ll try to input it, and often do. There’s just many occasions where I can’t find a very specific piece, nor do I wish to go back to record it again, unless I feel it’s vital. With this game, I certainly did not. I also get a LOT of feedback of people telling me they “don’t watch my videos as much as listen to them”, so it’s also why I’m willing to let it go sometimes. I thought I did it a LOT more in this review, with the exception of the classes this time, finding appropriate screenshots, and even going back to record Elin footage when I remembered I only played that character on a stream.

      3. What you’re hearing there is what I call a rough edit. I flub lines. A LOT. Constantly. I hiccup, I over pronounce, I stutter, I make an annoying pop sound with my mouth, and in my haste I might not start up the line again in the best possible place, so you get those unnatural sudden twitches in the audio. to be honest a LOT of them are melded well enough, but others are beyond salvaging, but I don’t find them detrimental enough to re-record the whole thing. This deadline is entirely self imposed as I tend to be overly perfectionist to a practically OCD level. Look at some of my earliest blip videos and you can see just how long it took me to create videos a third of the size of these. Until I kinda played a “Well, it needs to be done” card on myself, I wasn’t able to overcome ANYTHING wrong with something I made. It’s a pain to have them in though, and for the most part I avoid them when I can. A few “really obvious” ones always seem to get though, but I detect even more that others I have listen to it tell me they don’t even notice. If I can convince myself to record whole lines at a time, rather than start from a conjunction or comma, I’ll probably rid myself of them completely. It’s a mental hurdle I’m still trying to overcome.

      Related fun fact, once I hear these from myself, I detect them in other media as well. Food Network is especially atrocious with its line editing.

  35. Good review as a player since beta and still current player (of sorts) I agree with a lot of the comments. The only feature that has kept me playing is the people in my guild as well as the combat.
    The community is abhorrent, I always have General and everything other than guild chat turned off.
    I’m eager to see Blade and Soul whenever that decides to get released here in the states.

  36. Speaking of fanatical communities the absolute *worst* community for a game I have ever experienced was found in Vendetta Online. Oh man, they weren’t fanboys they were a freakn’ cult worshiping their glorious “dev gods” as they at least used to call them. Even those devs were horrible as at least some would jump into the fray with guns blazing dishing out insults and absurd comments if you dare to not absolutely love the game. They plan to add a free to play option, but if it doesn’t roll over and die first do yourself a favour, avoid it like the plague.

    • Speaking of bad community, you will have to face hordes of loli lovers who cant help but remind everyone how cuuuuute and sexy their elin is.

  37. As a fan of this title, I must say I mostly agree with the cons you’re referring too, especially the poor choice in words that outright rip you out of the pretty fantasy setting. I mean, all games have tards spamming the chat box, but big ass monsters…?Those being said, I enjoy it a lot due to said pretty environment and fun combat system. As for the elin censorship, the main issue isn’t its existence, but the way it was done. They could’ve opted for a gazillion better ways to do it, but they went for the ugly green shorts under red short dresses solution.

  38. There is options to scale individual elements of UI choosing the element from box and then choosing it’s scale. I found out about it by accident myself so I cannot blame you not finding it…

    The game is certainly poorly optimized and some people say it is the horrible technology used with UI and bluehole not having licence to use improved version or something.

    As last interesting tidbit, the game has had a F2P system, probably not comparable to western one at all, in Korea for long long time now. I dunno, something about players wanting to play Vindictus rather than Korea on Tera’s release…

  39. Hmmm. TERA huh?

    *gets the popcorn*

    They’re cooooomiiiiiing….

    ( Good luck.)

  40. Mairenaianelle

    Aw, didn’t see you actually post when you were playing the game again with livestream. Since you were on CH, I was thinking of showing some of the RP community at the time. :P

    Was a bit worried with how bad-tempered you were when livestreaming this game that you wouldn’t be more fair/understanding of it. Glad to see you were more fair of it in the review though. Sorry for the creep in CH you apparently saw. :S First I’ve seen anything of that kind.

  41. Great review. Defiantly worth wait. I do think Tera was okay. The Questing bored me to tears.

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      I’m curious what fucking game YOU were playing, because it certainly wasn’t TERA. It’s questing is the same shit as every other generic MMO quest system out there. Honestly, the only game to come close to doing something different with quests is Guild Wars 2, and even then it’s just a misdirection, as you’re still doing quests, but they feel more organic.

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