Browser-Based: Kart Rider Dash

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  1. I have had Diddy Kong racing on my mind for a long time, but used to play that on a friend’s console, so this does look interesting.

    that first level was a bit of an eyesore though,. & I couldn’t stop thinking of cheetos/cheezits the whole time it was on screen.

  2. i swear i’ve seen ads in nintendo power at least 8-10 yrs ago advertising this for some nintendo console or at the very least a kart racer w/ very similar character designs and such

    • I think It was the now dead pc version

    • You’re not crazy mike I actually have nintendo powers with adds for this game (well not THIS game) on the back. Seems kind of weird that they payed cash to advertise when it lived for such a short time. But who knows what goes through nexons head most of the time anyhow.

      • Wikipedia says this game used to be called “Crazy Racing Kart Rider” & was made in 2004. Allgame says nothing about Nintendo, but there’s a cancelled PSP port.

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