Backtrack: Neverwinter

Original Review: Episode 43

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  1. I really like you video it’s nice to see some great video like the other crap one I have seen so far. I have been playing Neverwinter sins it’s release and I am still enjoying each time but sins the last server update it’s starting to become less stable and more people are complaining about bad support. What are your thoughts on Neverwinter sins the last server update?

  2. Eh, I prefer simpler MMOs, myself. Character customisation is one thing, but I’d rather have straightforward builds. As for other people – Cryptic’s games are very easily playable solo, which is how I prefer my MMOs anyway. To each his own.

    • I’m a soloer myself, & I have pet peeves about games that punish you for not being in a group..

      1)MMOs where all classes don’t solo equally well. (Pleasant surprise in RIFT & TERA that healing/support/bard classes actually solo quite well).

      2)Quests you can’t do unless you’re in a group. (I liked that LotRO lets you solo dungeons by letting you pick the level & difficulty).

      3)Social quests; withholding XP you can only gain by friending somebody, joining a group, & entering a guild.

  3. So basicly.. RP-ers pack and leave this game sort of thing just happened. Wonderful..

  4. I fully admit: I’m wondering what was the breaking point that cause you to announce that the community was worse than that of Maple Story? I’d seen the e-mail about the latest updates, but seeing that tweet made it even easier to decide to not give it a second chance.

    • I’m curious…How does the community compare to League of Legends & Darkfall?

      I’ve always had Maplestory chat disabled, but I’ve seen the venom on the forums. Nothing but scapegoating, whining, & elitist demands…Just like the Zynga forums.

  5. Still no prestige classes and no multiclassing…it’s still basicly the same game…at LEAST they added an archer…wow we who like very deep character development are still left in the dust….

    • This is like the anti-Cryptic Cryptic title. It’s baffling. It’s like they wanted to make the best foundry, and decided to make a game as an afterthought.

      • Based on them being the City of Heroes creators…I’ve been wondering why they went the simplification route. It’s good that there are not that many keys…but even the original Guild Wars is able to be played with 8 buttons and has a much better character development…no excuse in my honest opinion.

    • Isn’t Neverwinter based on / inspired by 4th edition? That one doesn’t really have prestige classes or multiclassing.

  6. So this game is a lost cause for roleplayers? Goddamnit, the friends I play with are RPers, and we are hoping to get a guild together in the game for roleplaying. But if this is true, then we might be better off waiting for a more appropriate game for that, or try getting back into DnD Online.

    • Your best bet to to just play with that group and ONLY that group. Shut off public chat… depending on how much it bothers you, you can even shut off player names. It’s just really disconcerting that you kinda HAVE to.

  7. Sounds like I should wait for the new class to polish itself before trying it.

    I don’t suppose they’ve lifted the two character limit?

  8. I have just recently started hearing some good stuff about this game…and then I saw the review…OH dear…after checking all the good stuff is Foundry related and although I would love to try and realise my GM dungeon creating skills I cannot see the point if the game is so full of er…’idiots’…

    OH well will keep waiting!

  9. Did the Asteral Exchange EVER recover from the infamous “Caturday” incident? I stopped playing about 2 weeks after the incident because the Diamond exchange was nearing 2k per 100 Credits.

    Also, do the Drow and Ranger follow standard MMO protocol in the sense that you have to either buy them from the cashshop or purchase the modules that introduced them, or are they just part of the base game?

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