Sidequest: Dawngate

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  1. This game shut down.

  2. in the update the binding don’t respawn so “the team that is behind can get back” WHAT that is the exact opposite of come from behind it’s just lol now I just don’t even

  3. The thing about MMOs is that you can solo at will, unless they lack instance-dungeons and are so overcrowded that you can’t even farm in peace (if you so wish to do). As for the MOBA genre…find 4 friends who like these games and play with them just to have fun, it’s the only way to avoid elitist players or smurfs on your team…the smurfs cause most of the trouble, because they THINK they’re pro at low-level competition but never take into account the fact that the opposing team may have some not-so-new players in it.

    Anyway, nice sidequest, keep looking and reviewing at games! I watch all of your videos and I’ve played (or considered playing, if my laptop can’t handle them) quite a few :)

  4. Yeah, this thing really looks dull. I guess if you just can’t get enough of League of Legends and DOTA 2 to the point where you have to play EVAN MOAR of these games, I can see the appeal. But this isn’t breaking any real new ground. Sadly, it seems like SMITE will be as creative as DOTA-style games get for now.

    Well, not counting Super Monday Night Combat… Ugh!

  5. Great review as always. Since you’re on MOBAs, any possibility of reviewing ArcheBlade soon?

    • ArcheBlade was in my “To Sidequest” pile, but I wasn’t sure how to categorize it… Last I played it, was was more like a 3PS fighting game with MOBA skills. No minions, towers, or anything that shouted “MOBA” to me. Is that game finally out of Alpha status?

  6. So the community is another hive of scum and villainy and elitist A-holes who will never give you a chance until you prove that you are awesome? Wouldn’t be a MOBA if that wasn’t the case.

    This is another one I will never try out.

  7. I think the biggest problem with this title is just a lack of innovation. While I very much appreciate the ability to come back from near-defeat, it does very little otherwise to stand out in a genre that has been extremely oversaturated in the previous two years. The UI as well should probably get a bit of an overhaul since as it stands right now, it is literally a near carbon-copy of LoL’s Interface.
    Still the calls of ‘clone’ may be a bit exaggerated, as this is hardly a ‘Infinite Crisis’, but it does stand to reason that Dawngate does very little to break the mold.

    • And I can guarantee you it’s only a matter of time till Dawngate introduces a mode called “Classic” (or some epic-y name that sounds like a WoW-Addon) that has the exact same map as every other game in the genre…

      Really, it seems SMITE is the most innovative it’s going to get. Beyond that, there are just copycats. Though I except we might see the unholy combination of a COD- and a DOTA-/LoL-clone.

  8. I played Dawngate over the summer, and based on my time with it, I wasn’t very impressed. The game had so many problems that I would consider it broken by design. The developers seemed incapable of identifying most of the sources of the games problems, let alone fixing them.
    While I was playing, jungle vim and xp gain was incredibly low, and junglers had a hard time impacting the game unless they pulled off a lot of successful ganks. Waystone’s attempted fix for this was not to increase the vim and xp gain of jungle camps across the board, or increase the vim and xp bonus from the hunter role, but to increase the vim and xp given by buff camps, in an attempt to fix the problem while also making the jungle camps more strategically important. What this ended up doing was creating a situation where junglers were encouraged to invade, and making the successful jungler gain a huge advantage over the other jungler, and putting the unsuccessful jungler so far behind that you might as well not have had a 5th teammate. Luckily this change got reverted in the next patch, but the fact that it even went in in the first place shows some major incompetence on the part of the developers. The odd, roundabout solution to the problem is the kind of thing IceFrog would do if IceFrog was completely terrible at his job.
    The map itself has problems too; I feel it is overly complex and not nearly thought out well enough. During the time I played, if a team got a huge early game advantage and pushed both the lanes to the guardian, they had basically thrown the game. Early game, attacking the guardian is almost impossible to do successfully, even if you have a big kill lead, and the creeps seem to do absolutely nothing to the guardian even when both lanes’ towers are down. This ends up with the team that had advantage basically unable to do anything except let the enemy base flood with creeps for the other team to farm while they sit on their hands and hope that one of them is dumb enough to leave the base before towers respawn. The jungle gives hardly any vim/xp, and the wells don’t give enough passive vim to make up for all the vim and xp being received by the other team farming your creeps that are flooding their base non-stop because of the increase creep spawn rate granted by having all towers down. On the times I was on the receiving end of this, I was able to get so much farm I was able to 3v1 their team, and my team was able to win despite having two disconnects.
    The Parasite is also poorly thought out, as you mentioned it is incredibly hard to defeat, and as you also mentioned, you really have to press the advantage whenever you get a chance. Because of this, doing parasite is almost never an option; it’s better to focus towers or the guardian when the enemy team is down, and because of how strong parasite is, it’s far to risky to attempt when the enemy team is up.
    The balance between how hard certain things snowball and how hard other things rubber-band is also really weird. It seems like their attempt to balance the snowballing necessary for a game to come to and end, and the ability for comebacks to happen was to have shaper kills snowball players super hard and to have the map allow for serious rubber-banding with it’s respawning towers, passive gold gain controlled by map objectives that can be tipped in either team’s favor, and hard to permanently damage guardians. However, not only does this not work, but the developers don’t seem to know how to put them in check. The obvious solution would be to fix the amount players can snowball off of kills, and take out respawning towers and the extraneous vim wells, while also making guardians and parasite easier to take down, but I’m not sure if Waystone is incapable of recognizing this, or they just want the game to work in a way that couldn’t ever be balanced.
    I could go on forever about the various gameplay problems of Dawngate, but I think the biggest red flag for this game is the fact that it’s being published by EA. I’ve seen firsthand how EA ruined Battlefield Heroes with its atrocious f2p setup, and from what I’ve seen of EA’s other f2p games, they don’t seem to be capable of making f2p games that are playable without requiring players to dump more money into them on a regular basis. I’d really like for Dawngate to come out of beta a really great game, but between Waystone and EA, I don’t see that happening at all.

  9. I don’t really get the draw MOBAs have on homophobic/xenophobic/gynophobic foul mouthed elitist brats either. Like sports, when I look at MOBA footage, I can’t help but think watching two tribes of ants at war would be more entertaining. But if it keeps em out of the MMOs I play, then good on them.

    Perhaps if a single MOBA was to adopt The Escapist’s strict Banhammer Policy; having lots of strict rules & scores of active mods suspending & banning accounts for spamming, rudeness, trolling, participating in arguments, starting topics about touchy subjects, swearing, & discrimination, the little cretins would leave?

    • MMO’s are better..? Gold farmers galore, hackers galore, boters galore, elitist guilds, elitist players, tons of players that abuse/exploit stuff to get levels/money/kills, etc., etc.

      But yeah, it’s a LoL clone, much like that “Are you even trying…?” DC super hero one.

      The companies that are trying to cash in on Dota 2/LoL’s success really aren’t putting any effort into it anymore.

      • Not better, just a tenancy to be less hostile. It can go one of two ways; the Jackass Crowd will take over the game & scare off new players (usually limited to games with Open PvP), or the Jackass Crowd will get bored after a year & move on to the next new thing.

        The only ones I see with Goldspam bots are Korean MMOs. If you are a lone wolf whom disables chat upon entering, you will never notice these guys.

        I try to avoid MMOs where mass-exploiting is addressed by Rollbacks. Rollbacks are the worst.

        The game industry is really just as bad as Hollywood. Any game that is a success is instantly transformed into a genre where every trope has to be carried over. (I also understand that they expect their employees to work 60-80 hour weeks on file clerk wages). & then some company tries to change things up with a 50% chance of fail to success; if it succeeds it’s imitated, if it fails, publishers say “see, this is why we have to play it safe.”

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