Jail Break, more like Fa- obvious pun break!

So this happened…

Want to join the Wushu madness with Grindstone? Apply to the guild and come nab yourself a promo code in the process!

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  1. Were the botters in question Vietnamese, by the way? All the hackers and botters on Blue Dragon are from Vietnam. It’s awful.

    • We have a bunch of legit Vietnamese guilds on BT. It seems most of the bots are commercialized and organized, with names that make them so obviously bots, like WDbt01 being a Wudang and always staring motionless while starving until a node spawns. We make a game of trying to kill them or break their scripts.

  2. Video needs more Princess Doki Doki Sugoi etc etc Kawaii Desu Chan.

    ….or alternatively, you can turn HER into a mass-murderer so you can make a video of the most KAWAII death-row inmate being executed.

  3. Tangmen? Disgusting. Darts are for sissies. Shaolin is where it’s at, bitch!

  4. There was a Jail Break in our Guild and I missed it?! :( Rats.

    Next time someone wants to PK the bots (who are only trying to earn a living IRL), invite some people to help so that the Infamy is spread among a group and not just one player.

  5. and being killed in an escape attempt. Does that just toss you back in prison? That’s what happened at the end of this right?

    • Yeah. You’re back in prison, and you can’t try to escape again for three hours. Also you have to remain online for those hours to count down.

      • While this sounds like a good way to punish PKers, I think there’s kind of two problems with it, at least conceptually. First, it’s such a demanding punishment that there might as well not be the ability to PK since it doesn’t sound like a viable option. Second, I can forsee this causing a lot of ragequits/boredquits. Now maybe the people who PK a ton and then get locked up and quit are not the kind of players you want in your game, and that’s fair, but you are still losing players when that happens. Are these things that happen in-game very often? Or are there still enough PKers who are willing to sit out their sentence?

        • IN Death Row, another player spawned in who bragged about having 1000 kills. After that he just went AFK and that was it. He said he’d been in before, and had no problem waiting out the sentence. It keeps them off the streets for that time.

          Now, losing players isn’t AS big of a deal as people tend to think. Making additional accounts in the game is RIDICULOUSLY easy and more then a few players have some alts floating around to play with once their main is serving hard time.

  6. So, can powerful guilds (or whatever the parallel here are called) essentially just slaughter other players with impunity because they’re always strong enough to free their members from prison?

    • Not likely.

      The stipulations are as follows:

      -You can only invite 5 people. These people must be in your “Close Friends” list and accept the invite when you send it.

      -Those 5 are on their own in an effort to break you out. You’re trapped until they reach you.

      -Once reached, you have to walk out of the dungeon. As soon as this happens, warnings go out to Constable players who are immediately summoned into a room. You are immensely slowed, and cannot attack. When you reach a certain chamber, those constables that were summoned are released.

      -All the constables need to do is kill the completely defenseless prisoner and they win. If they ignore the people trying to break out you out and focus on you, they win. It’s FAR more likely the constables will win a jail break, and mostly high level players take the summons.

      -If you fail you can’t try again for three hours, and you must be online for those hours to count down.

      It’s also HIGHLY unlikely a guild full of rampant PKs would consist of high level players. You actually have to play the game correctly in order to reach the higher levels.

      • Though in theory a guild of very high level members would be able to defeat the constables? Do the prison guards level match the jail breakers?

        • Umm. The constables ARE other players. And again, they only need to defeat the prisoner, not the party that’s breaking the prisoner out. Odds are UNQUESTIONABLY in the constable’s favor. It’s got nothing to do with the strength of the guild doing it. It doesn’t even have to be guild members, just people on your friends list.

          • I get that, those were unrelated questions, sorry, I was unclear. You make it sound like no one ever makes it out. Does anyone?

            • It’s rare. Most people don’t want to bother trying, and you have to be playing when you’d hope not that many players would be on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen.

            • It sounds like they need some sort of court system to appeal unjust imprisonment. Is being executed any worse than a normal death to monsters or other players in any way other than being really humiliating?

            • You have to wait in prison for at least 24 hours, and once executed, you’ll have a debuff you have to stay online for in order to remove. (Alternatively you can spend a massive amount of cultivation points to remove it, but you’d need to play legit, and not be a rampant PK to earn that much.)

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