Backtrack: Elsword

Original Review: Episode 19

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  1. Man, even my reading is dyslexic. I keep thinking it’s “Elseworld.” Dammit brain…Stop injecting letters that aren’t there…It’s bad enough when you scramble them.

    Haha! You have knocked me on my back! It is I who have the upper hand now! ::campy villain hand wringing::

    Oh, I just remembered…Dungeon Fighter Online has been shut down.

  2. Think of knockdown as an opponent taking the fetal position and guarding their vital points when knocked down and the system makes a little more sense.

    And as I said before in your OWU on the beat-em-ups, it’s really not as big a deal outside of PvP as people make it out to be. Reduced damage while knocked down, can’t be flinched for a couple seconds after getting up, and a possible get-up attack is all that happens, making it mostly a system to prevent infinite combos.

    • Put that way it makes a lot more sense, but I still find the entire ideal, and the fact the community gets very adamant about people doing this (“Stop KD noob!” in an overly popular exclamation is later group dungeons.) to be wholly counter-intuitive to the experience. I’ve had a few people explain KD better NOW, but there’s still far too many people who believe it give the enemies a permanent stacking defense buff or something.

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