Sidequest: Infinite Crisis

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  1. Shutting down August 14, 2015.

  2. So I’ve recently been giving IC a try and I have to say that it’s grown a lot since this video. There’s three maps now, a decent selection of Champions and the game is coming along pretty nicely.

    That being said, it’s almost painfully clear that this is a League clone and that makes it hard to get into when it’s nowhere near as good as League.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy IC, something about the aesthetic and charm of the game got it’s hooks into me, but I hope they do some more to differentiate it from League in the future.

  3. Anyone know when this is getting out of closed beta? I´m getting a little impatient, and I want to try it out. I haven´t gotten a beta key either, even though I signed up almost from day one. Maybe I´m spoiled by Marvel Heroes. After all, they did hand out beta keys as if it was candy.

    • No idea. They keep sending me Crisis Coins which I’m sure will all be deleted by the time the game is released, but I can’t fathom what is taking so long. SMITE was in CB for a good while but at least I could send those keys to people.

  4. Eh, the game is atleast playable now, there seems to be balance issues with items. And the recomended items are horrible for the time being. The new map has two lanes instead of 3, with objectives and is actually realy intresting. I would recommend ppl to try it out when it reaches open beta. Dont buy into it atleast, there is still issues to be had with the engine build it seems. Atleast Infinit Crisis seems to have a future now, unlike the earlier versons.

  5. When I saw the video title and the splash pic, I thought, “huh, never heard of it, maybe this is a new expansion for DCUO that’ll get my lazy butt off the bench and give it a try”.
    I was wrong. So wrong. Have we reached MOBA saturation yet? I certainly get the (bored) feeling we’ve hit MOBA saturation. Hell, I don’t even want to play Smite anymore after their big “let’s gut the leveling system and LoL-ify things” update.
    Also, do we really need more “superhero games” with slow-paced, top-down “action”? Jeez, I’d have thought after the Activision X-Men/Marvel Diablo clones a few years back, we were done with that kind of….wait a minute, Marvel Heroes is WHAT now? Sunnova….

  6. Oh look another copy/paste MOBA title. This one went for ripping off Dom rather than Rift… but what else is there to say about it? This game is not going to steal anyone from League or even scratch the paint on its fanbase. I don’t know why anyone would play this unless you’re a serious DC comic fan. I see AJ has lined up to give this game a nice succulent BJ as he loves DC; but I doubt even he will play this for very long before returning to League.

    Ya, League has been out for years and has had lots more work than this now beta title; but no one will care about that. No one will care that it isn’t a fair comparison. What they will care about in the end, even after this releases, is the fact that game A is far better in every way than game B. This is the very definition of copied material with a new paint job. I don’t get why they felt the need to rip off Dom rather than just make a new map of their own. If they did that, they’d at least have something more or original to offer. I also don’t get why there are so many games with variants of Rift. Hey, try coming up with a new map design or a whole new game mode. This game is doomed. Most are going to try it, say “Oh this is just like Dom from League… I guess I’ll just boot that back up and get back on my L30 already farmed up account then”, then leave. Others will be run off by the lack of any tutorial or co op to learn the game combined with the usual PoS/impatient MOBA community and end up on League anyway; which has a tutorial and a great less competitive/stressful Co Op.

  7. Only 1 map? I’d expect that from a game in alpha.

    Has Zatanna always looked like Betty Page?

  8. Really? A Moba style game with only the dominion map? I’d rather not…I prefer Dota which is not a Moba(Riot came up with that word).
    Why would people even play this one? There’s dota, lol, smite(which REALLY brings something new to the genre at least) and tons of others.
    Back when I played LoL I did not like the dominion mode nor did any of my friends..doesn’t seem like a winner unless they go the traditional route and even then which one? The whole static map LoL features or an even more dynamic one like dota(breaking trees, hiding in them and all that jazz).
    If their balancing is like LoL’s I’ll stay even further away from this one.

    • Dota is a MOBA. Just because they didn’t come up with the word doesn’t mean they aren’t it. League also has very good balancing, btw.

  9. Seems okay, but I haven’t played the LoL version, and I was never a huge fan of super heroes. I’m curious how Jon would rank his favorite MOBA games. I’ve been happily playing SMITE since I saw his video about it.

  10. I actually went onto this website thinking “please be Dawngate”. Ah well, at least it was a MOBA. Still, they did at least make a new map that isn’t almost identical to one of League’s, so they might eventually turn this into something good.

  11. Another winner (snicker) from Turdbin…

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