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Off-Week Update (02-02-2013)

So, yeah… got hit with a second wave of flu, seriously cutting into my time. Fantastic. East coast epidemic, for the win.

First up, DDO, which did fairly well, despite the usual infusion of fanboys of the game, who tend to have NO idea how this show works, and accusing me of forgoing basic research, not getting very far, or failing to mention certain paid aspects… Again… I didn’t do the “basic research.” Luckily it was all pretty focused from like, one source, and wasn’t all that bad. Many vets of the game liked it, even some more key players like DDO fansite and podcast runners, and, hell, even someone from Turbine commented on here, so that’s a first. I only feel slightly awful about mentioning the cash shop is a total, nigh unusable mess. (It still is. Sorry.) I’m surprised the episode lasted as long as it did, as I did cut a LOT of things I could have talked about, simply for the sake of brevity. The game is simple to grasp, but tough to fully understand, and I stand by that.

So the astute, and the fact my clue wasn’t entirely difficult, yes, this upcoming episode (provided I stop being lazy) is going to be on Path of Exile, the Diablo clone I covered over 6 months ago in a Sidequest that nobody watched. It’s nice to know that this game DIDN’T perform a complete 180 when hitting open beta, and most of the mechanics remained the same, only the Skill Web receiving the most tweaking. It might come across as a redundant episode as this was before I decided to make Sidequest a “first impressions only” show, but at least I can actually explain the mechanics  besides just mentioning them quickly. That’s a fairly common fear I have with ALL Sidequests I do, really.

Pray I get this one done on time. I still haven’t decided to stop coughing.

…I also got into the Scarlet Blade Alpha… That…. is certainly…. a thing. A thing that apparently ISN’T under NDA… I… I just don’t know…

Dungeons and Dragons Online (Episode 36)

The MMO Grinder 2012 Year-in-Review

Behold my totally subjective list of the MMOs I’ve reviewed from January to December of this year. In no particular order, I’ll be listing several of the games I’ve reviewed and events of the year, along with arbitrary “awards” that have no meaning other than a reason for me to talk about them more. Remember all games looked at BEFORE January of 2012 will not be counted, so Maple Story is STILL my highest viewed video, and Eden Eternal is still my favorite overall, at least out of the actually F2P games. Let’s get this shitstorm started!

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Star Wars: The Old Republic (Episode 33)

Guild Wars 2

Off-Week Update (10-11-2012)

Ten, eleven, twelve. Heh.

Ok, let’s go back down the line and talk about what’s been going on.

Sidequest: Firefall

Yeah I talked about this in the last OWU but I had more time to revisit and reflect. They really REALLY need to hop on getting some sort of tutorial or help mode. I was showing MegaGWolf around the game and again getting completely frustrated by the lack of any… logic in the game. I’ve never played an FPS based game that felt it was a good idea to have hotkeys on the right half of the keyboard, but that’s Firefall for you. It also loves to give you tasks without any direction and often leads me into profanity laced tirades you might have seen on MegaGWolf’s Youtube channel. (This reaction might have also been fueled by alcohol and a marathon of “Bro Team” videos.) In essence, I want to like this but they need to get to work on it.

Episode 31: Tribes Ascend

Man, this one isn’t performing at all. Like right now, it’s a record holder for least-viewed episode. Not sure if I can attribute that to bad timing, low-interest in the game, or the fact some BT people don’t understand it’s kind of jerkish to post several of your own videos on the slider in a row. General reaction seems ok, otherwise, although it seems to have brought out a lot of “Well, this game isn’t fast! You should play (insert 90’s era PC FPS here) because THAT’S fast!”
No… no not really. You’re still inside a building and everyone moves at the relative same speed. Call me back when you’re playing CTF on a map and blink only to notice the flag has been snatched away and the person holding it is now flying off into the horizon over halfway across the map. If you mean “fast” as in, you aim at everything really quickly… turn down your mouse sensitivity. Idiots.

Backtrack: Brick-Force

Yep! THIS game again! I figured making this my first Backtrack, and seriously, I’m looking for feedback on the formula. I don’t want it to look like Sidequest. Should I add more text in places? Should I do the credits differently? Should I bother posting these on BT? Upcoming Backtracks are Champions Online and Doctor Who: Worlds in Time. Seriously, let me know how you think they should be done. As for this Backtrack? Did I sound unenthusiastic? 5 guesses as to why.  Also I had a sore throat. That’s why I sounded so deep in this compared to other videos I do.

Sidequest: Planetside 2

I was expecting another Firefall from the way people were… well bringing this game up when I looked at Firefall. It’s not. The ONLY thing this game has in common with Firefall is that it’s an FPS. These games are VASTLY different in playstyle, and are completely unique experiences. The Borderlands/Firefall comparison is much more accurate. Firefall has an overarching story, quests to perform, worlds to explore, with enemy encounters everywhere. Planetside 2 has PvP. That’s IT. I was very off-put initially playing P2, just because people had led me to beleive it was another Firefall. Once I figured out WHAT it is… well, let’s just say right now, I like Planetside 2 better than Firefall, but I really want to see what Firefall will BECOME, while Planetside 2 is pretty much going to be what it is. Two separate experiences. Don’t let someone try to compare them against each other as if they offer the same experience.

As for personal news, I’m mildly concerned I won’t make the next episode in time. Side-job and all take away a LOT of my work time, but I’m going to try as hard as I can.

Also, viewer Lai-Lai pointed out to me, there’s a contest going on over at the infamous MMOHUT Youtube channel looking for a new content producer. I have a few concerns with this:
1. They want submissions on Youtube, and are basing the winner on number of likes received.
2. They want a Top 5 video, and it to be under 15 minutes.
3. They want the submitter to use their intro in the video.
4. It’s MMOHUT. (Look up what they did to get so many people angry at them.)

I’ve had a Top Whatever video idea for a LONG time (originally it was my intention to do THAT as my “pilot” for MMO Grinder. I could probably toss something together before the deadline, but do any of you think this is a good idea. In all honesty, I wouldn’t WANT to win. I like what I do here, and what I have going now. If anything, I can use this as some “advertisement” for the site and show itself.

What do you think?

Backtrack: Brick-Force (October 2012)

This is the first episode of something simple I wanted to do called “Backtrack” where I take a very quick look at the updated made to games that I previously reviewed. As for the show itself, I tend to look at things that affect the newbie experience, so changes to endgame or expansions for high-level players wouldn’t necessarily be looked at, unless there’s an unlikely chance I’ve reached it.

Let me know what you think, if there should be any changes made, or suggestions. I’ll admit this is pretty phoned in right now.

Original review: Episode 22

Tribes: Ascend (Episode 31)

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Off-Week Update (09-24-2012)

…because why the hell not?

Ok, let’s browse through the list since the last time.

…oh, wow… Fiesta? Episode 26?! Hell, this is the first update I’ve done on the new, PC, too. I’m so not good at this “supplemental text” thing.

FIESTA (Ep. 26)

Ok, so Fiesta. Fun story, This was not only one of the episodes, along with Aion, that I’ve had footage of on this computer years before I ever started MMO Grinder, but it was also featured in Episode 0. Ok, so was that Aion footage… so that story wasn’t that fun after all. Ok, here’s a better one. I’d actually ducked into Fiesta a few times after starting the show, and never had a problem logging in… Except the week I decided to review it. For some reason I couldn’t access my account, so I had to start a brand new one. As for the episode, it came out better than I was feeling it, but as I predicted, it wasn’t viewed that much. Not really a standout title.
Normally, if I already have an existing account for a game, I nab the more interesting footage from the characters further along, and of course, start a new character to do what the show is all about… looking over the newbie experience. Let me reiterate that.


This seems to be the thing most lost in translation about MMO Grinder. I’m NOT an MMO expert. It is impossible to keep to a two week schedule, including all the technical crap I have to go through to write out the script, prepare the footage, collect supplemental materials (music, images), edit, and upload it, leaving me with about, in more realistic terms less than a week and a half to actually play the game. Take away a few more days when I have plans not involving a computer. If there’s a lot to cover, like differing classes or various factions and starting experiences, I try to get a taste of them all. Ironic as this sounds, this show isn’t about “Grinding” to the max level reaching endgame, and give you a comprehensive wikipedian guide to all things about this particular MMO. I like to think I go a BIT deeper than a standard “review” you’ll see in most places, but I seriously can only get as far as I can get. Once I get an understanding of the basics, I write the script and I move on. The reason I bring this up…

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Sidequest: Firefall

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