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Off-Week Update (09-24-2012)

…because why the hell not?

Ok, let’s browse through the list since the last time.

…oh, wow… Fiesta? Episode 26?! Hell, this is the first update I’ve done on the new, PC, too. I’m so not good at this “supplemental text” thing.

FIESTA (Ep. 26)

Ok, so Fiesta. Fun story, This was not only one of the episodes, along with Aion, that I’ve had footage of on this computer years before I ever started MMO Grinder, but it was also featured in Episode 0. Ok, so was that Aion footage… so that story wasn’t that fun after all. Ok, here’s a better one. I’d actually ducked into Fiesta a few times after starting the show, and never had a problem logging in… Except the week I decided to review it. For some reason I couldn’t access my account, so I had to start a brand new one. As for the episode, it came out better than I was feeling it, but as I predicted, it wasn’t viewed that much. Not really a standout title.
Normally, if I already have an existing account for a game, I nab the more interesting footage from the characters further along, and of course, start a new character to do what the show is all about… looking over the newbie experience. Let me reiterate that.


This seems to be the thing most lost in translation about MMO Grinder. I’m NOT an MMO expert. It is impossible to keep to a two week schedule, including all the technical crap I have to go through to write out the script, prepare the footage, collect supplemental materials (music, images), edit, and upload it, leaving me with about, in more realistic terms less than a week and a half to actually play the game. Take away a few more days when I have plans not involving a computer. If there’s a lot to cover, like differing classes or various factions and starting experiences, I try to get a taste of them all. Ironic as this sounds, this show isn’t about “Grinding” to the max level reaching endgame, and give you a comprehensive wikipedian guide to all things about this particular MMO. I like to think I go a BIT deeper than a standard “review” you’ll see in most places, but I seriously can only get as far as I can get. Once I get an understanding of the basics, I write the script and I move on. The reason I bring this up…

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