Off-Week Update (02-02-2013)

So, yeah… got hit with a second wave of flu, seriously cutting into my time. Fantastic. East coast epidemic, for the win.

First up, DDO, which did fairly well, despite the usual infusion of fanboys of the game, who tend to have NO idea how this show works, and accusing me of forgoing basic research, not getting very far, or failing to mention certain paid aspects… Again… I didn’t do the “basic research.” Luckily it was all pretty focused from like, one source, and wasn’t all that bad. Many vets of the game liked it, even some more key players like DDO fansite and podcast runners, and, hell, even someone from Turbine commented on here, so that’s a first. I only feel slightly awful about mentioning the cash shop is a total, nigh unusable mess. (It still is. Sorry.) I’m surprised the episode lasted as long as it did, as I did cut a LOT of things I could have talked about, simply for the sake of brevity. The game is simple to grasp, but tough to fully understand, and I stand by that.

So the astute, and the fact my clue wasn’t entirely difficult, yes, this upcoming episode (provided I stop being lazy) is going to be on Path of Exile, the Diablo clone I covered over 6 months ago in a Sidequest that nobody watched. It’s nice to know that this game DIDN’T perform a complete 180 when hitting open beta, and most of the mechanics remained the same, only the Skill Web receiving the most tweaking. It might come across as a redundant episode as this was before I decided to make Sidequest a “first impressions only” show, but at least I can actually explain the mechanics  besides just mentioning them quickly. That’s a fairly common fear I have with ALL Sidequests I do, really.

Pray I get this one done on time. I still haven’t decided to stop coughing.

…I also got into the Scarlet Blade Alpha… That…. is certainly…. a thing. A thing that apparently ISN’T under NDA… I… I just don’t know…


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  1. I am in the SB Alpha… I wouldn’t suggest bother right now. The game is pretty standard point click MMO affair, but the character design choices are questionable. Maybe this will get cleared up during Beta, but right now the class designs are weak.

    • Would make a good April Fools joke though. My favorite quote is “Oh, so you think you’re the top dog? We’ll see who is on top and who is on bottom.” The game is very self aware. Your Arkana also is their own independent character with a character arc. Yes, your avatar has a character arc, and it is terrible.

  2. Hope you get better soon.

    I’m definitely looking forward in seeing how Path of Exile been developing so far. The Sidequest looked pretty promising so far.

    And Scarlet Blade… what the… O_o

    (Oh, is this my first time commenting here Oo = )

  3. Wow dude, chill out a bit…all I saw in the comments was mainly two things trying to clarify that it is an action game since the movement penalty is both incredibly minor and removable. as well as the fact that its entirely soloable with a little system knowledge and skill.

    • I wish I could edit my posts I meant “active combat” not action

      • Oh and again Chaos awesome review with only one major error (as its a big plus to most of the community) and one fairly minor error (soloing is a small part of the community) but 10x btter than any other review I’ve seen of the game…I commend you on bringing in an “Expert” as well

        • Oh also a note about Turbine posting here…it’s one of the things I LOVE about the DDO the devs are FAR more involved with the community tha other MMOs I’ve played both within the forums and without aside from some some lull time before each big release (well before the release on the public test server) where I’m pretty sure their now allowed to say anything or possibly to busy trying to meet deadlines.

          Note: On the other hands deadlines are kinda unreliable for Turbine which is bad in that its upsets people but good in that their willing to push unfinished work back…its at the point where most deadlines are relegated to “soon™”

  4. I don’t mind if you make really long episodes. Jon. Those are the perfect length for dinner.

    Haven’t played a nice 2.5D game in awhile. Looking forward to it.

    I thought I was getting a flu, turned out to be anemia instead. you get to throw up & I get explosive nosebleeds; everybody wins.

  5. Seen the Character Creation for Scarlet Blade-I don’t even know why they bother shitting games like these.

    Also, I didn’t know the Path of Exile sidequest was so underviewed. I loved it. I played the game since it went Open Beta and even with a few bugs and the occasional server drop tht apparently, only happens for some people(myself included), the game is just so fun. But, I’ll leave my impressions for when you release your episode on it so I can rip it apart. It’s my turn now, baby! >:]

    • Hah, I know most of the games attention back then was word of mouth, but that’s why it seemed like such a perfect sidequest after hearing the explanation for Sidequest videos being trials/games in closed betas. Along with how it was pretty easy to pick up and play without much effort.

      Was happy to see the key I sent Jon was used, but low popularity for the video makes me feel “sad” almost, lol..

  6. I… I watched that sidequest. I watch all your crud. Your soothing newscaster voice helps me sleep at night.

    As long as you’re not screaming about boobulars not working in a particular way.

    Anyway, keep it up.

  7. You got in that beta?! Oh my… I hope you know what you are getting into. If you do, ignore this next line…if not then click this link for character creator.

    If you do not intend to show any nudity or nipples in this show then prepare to use the censor bar if you try to cover on the women with near nothing clothes on. Hell one of the “Underwear” Options is just a tattoo! A Giant Tattoo!

    Trust me on this if you EVER intend to review that game sometime in possibly the next year or later this year, you should prepare the censor bars.

    • Sad part is, if video game visuals, it’s ok to display it. (Hence no censoring on my Secret World review when showing the succubi and draug woman). At least that’s the way it works on Twitch. G and I streamed it for a horrified audience. I am seriously debating on doing a Sidequest on it. I am HIGHLY considering doing this for April fools.

    • I saw a character class trailer for this game a few weeks ago and the first thing I thought is ‘When is ChoasD1 going to review this?’.

      I will be disappointed if this game doesn’t add male characters that make ample use of jiggle physics.

  8. I keep meaning to watch the DDO one, but I have been quite busy. I played a lot of D&D in college, and curious to see how it works in a game(I know they did it in netherwinter nights, but still curious.)

    I remember watching that, but I don’t remember much about it, haha.

    I went into that site… I think I saw this once before. This is an all female MMO. And of course they are all in skimpy clothes…. call my intrigued, haha. So how is it?

    I myself got into a Closed Beta. if it is under NDA, can i still say what game I am in?

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