Sidequest: Path of Exile

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  1. i got a copy of the game to play thank for posting the video about it i play a cold witch

  2. Le me: “Aw yeah! It’s a new day and Path of Exile is finally up.”
    -Goes to the site-

    “Our patching servers are under extreme load. We are working on adding capacity. Thanks for your patience”

    How did they not see that one coming?

  3. “bashes head against the desk”



    I signed up for the Beta when I saw this sidequest and I never got my beta key. Fucking assholes.. I bet it’s ’cause I’m Mexican.

  4. Did the skill web remind anyone else of Final Fantasy X???


  5. ClipOnSunglasses

    I’m generally not a fan of games like diablo as they seem a little to mindless, and you’re more there for the loot drops than the gameplay. I can play a game with less than stellar combat if it has a bunch of meaningful choices and/or a great story, but that is because a good story stays with you once you’re done, where as virtual loot does not.
    But still, the game looks pretty solid for a genre that I don’t really like,and I think it’s good that Diabo 3 has some promising competition, especially FTP competition, because that way Blizzard (hopefully) won’t get too complacent, as people could easily save 15$ a month and switch to Path of Exile if the feel Diablo 3 isn’t good.

  6. I love oldschool style 2.5D games.

  7. Glad you could use it. Seemed like a good “sidequest” when you explained the concept considering you can get through the first few difficulties pretty fast and get a good feel for the game within a day even.

    I do have to say the monetary system is something that is unique and seems “simplified” until you realize that there’s formulas that are “secret” to you in game that you would only know from reading a very lengthy post in the forums.

    There’s a lot of little things with the game that will leave you saying “Wait, really?!” even if you played it for months and months (even though that doesn’t mean much considering the MASSIVE changes the game has gone through from fan feedback in the beta testing)

  8. This is a brilliant game. I’ve been a Beta member since last year, and have seen vast improvements as the months have gone by. There is still a final class to be announced too, whch everyone playing is looking forward too.

    Just some extra things you didn’t cover that people might like to know:

    There are two ‘leagues’ to the game for varying types of gameplay. There’s the default or normal league, and then there’s the ‘hardcore’ league. In Hardcore, the monsters are tougher, but the rewards are greater. However if you die, that’s it, you go back to default league with no way to return without making another character. It’s kinda like a perma-death mode.

    You’ll notice your equipment is shown on you as well. It’s a nice touch that seems kinda normal in these types of games, but the fact it looks quite shoddy when on you also really adds to the feeling of being an outcast picking up and putting on everything they can find to survive.

    You’ll also notice things called orbs being dropped as you progress. These things are essentially gold, as they are equipment modifiers that can greatly enhance your weapons and armour. Hold on to them for a bit after you get them and watch the global chat bar. You’ll see veterans offering some incredible gear for certain orb types, which you may want to take a look at. Once you get a handle on what they can do, you’ll understand just why they are so desired.

    The skill tree look impressive, but just a hint; plan your build before you start leveling. Look around the tree and find goal nodes to get to and do not deviate until you get there. The tree does look intimidating, but so long as you plan and stick to it, you’ll find it is actually as basic as it gets.

    Most importantly, please leave your previous experiences with Diablo and such at the door. You will find this game much more enjoyable if you take it on its own merits rather than make comparisons and try to make it work like Diablo. It’s Path of Exile.

    I have a key for entry if anyone is interested in getting in on this great game.

    Thanks Chaos for covering this little gem, and maybe I will see some of you in Wraeclast.

    • I really hope this game gets a good reception. It DOES look like Diablo and in fact, It looks a lot like a rough version of Diablo III.

      Now, I don’t mean to demeanish it’s value based on just a comparison. I am very much looking forward to playing this game when it comes out.

      Mostly, ’cause I don’t think I’ll be able to afford playing Diablo III.

      Say, do you still have that Beta Key?. I would like to try the game.

      If you still do, would you send me an e-mail?. or

      I barely use the one, because my inbox is udderly flooded with unread messages(roughly 5000)and I’m too lazy to delete them all.

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