World of Warcraft (Episode 20)

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  1. The Span of a day??? You must have been going slowly. I reached level 20 in the span of 6 hours max.

  2. Have to say you have reviewed it how i talk about it. its a good game just generic nowaday with the BRAND NEW mmos coming out with their NEW gimics or playstyle. I played wow for years but i keep on going back to FFXI because of the wow community. its just that bad, everyone is a troll or they just dont care bout you. I did play this game because of the storyline mostly because i played warcraft since orcs & humans and like the concept. its just the community really ruined this game for me. But i did play this game with my 3 bros and thats how i got thru it mostly.

    Also if your high lvl you HAVE to meet that standard (example – Tanks: high HP, certain defense rating, talent tree, glyphs and achievements) or else your not even looked at and completely ignored untill you meet those standards. I found myself just wondering around town because i couldnt do the new instances because of my Hp or equipment and no one will invite me even if i was tank and the (good)tanks in my server was scarce. You did this game justice even though you WILL get hated for this but i respect your opinion and review. Also, I like your mug :D i need one of those

  3. I quit this game couple months ago. While it will always hold a special place in my heart (5 years isn’t easy to forget) I do agree by the end you feel like just another brick on the wall. That make me quit raiding and eventually I quit the game altogether because I had grew tired of it and wanted to experience other games.
    This game can be so time-consuming you don’t care to play anything else! Just a fair warning.

    What I really liked about this game is the leveling. Especially through 1-60, it is so much fun now. Or you can level through battlegrounds or purely dungeoning, I’ve had great fun leveling character with bunch of guildies purely through pvp/pve activities.
    Or if you don’t like grouping, you can ding 85 basically never being in a group. It’s all up to you.

    Yeah, the community in this game… Is bad. Really, really bad.
    I haven’t puged since Wotlk. I’d never consider trying cross-realm raids either. Heard a lot horror stories.
    So top tip, if you wanna try this game have a friend or know guild that is willing to show you the ropes or maybe even play with you.

    There is such guilds. My old guild in eu has a host of various people in it and their activities vary between rp events to classic raids to progression raid nights even.

  4. Need to leave this here too. A MMO that you might find……………..entertaing might be Final Fantasy 11 (XI) but for the love of god whatever you do, do not and I repeat DO NOT get or review Final Fantasy 14 (XIV) if you value your sanity, health, and your soul in gereral. It was so bad Square had to release a apology note to everone who even bought the game.

    • I’m not sure he will do a review on any MMORPG unless it falls under the free-to-play criteria. Most of the games he has review were very accessible and easy to download. The fact that WoW was reviewed is presumably as accessible as any Free-to-Play MMOs (it’s been in his hard drive all this time!).

  5. Please o please do mabinogi…I have hundreds of hours logged in and it is a extremely fun game even if it is “chibi” or “cutsie” and almost all pets are mounts that fight with you and they are much cheaper.

    Also Vindictus does take rediculous requirements to run but it is well worth it. The game is extremely fast paced and the combat system is one I have never done before. It is probably the best combat system released to date in any MMO but I digress. Cant wait for this review.

    Lastly I cant wait for your Anarcey Online review. I had little time with it but it was….interesting to say the lest. I have been looking to get back into it but havent found the time. The only gripe I or anyone that has played will probably have is it’s grapics and design but if you can get pass that it is a game worth playing.

    • I’ve played “Mobinogi” and I think it’s pretty good, it has alil bit of everything for everyone. Considering all the updates and drive space you’ll need, he might pass on it because it will take a long time. Note: To foreshadow your next comment…
      FFXI (even for the free trial) WILL TAKE A LONG TIME.

  6. I firmly believe that WoW’s graphics are an artistic choice as much as they are a necessity. Blizzard aren’t exactly the kind of people to cut corners. That said, I HAAATE the artistic choice made in this game just because – to me – it makes everyone look ugly. I am physically incapable of taking the game seriously when it looks like Worms 3D, and I’m one of those people that can’t play games without at least some modicum of investment.

    That said, WoW is more or less a victim of its own success. It more or less robbed EQ blind and made a far more expensive, more polished game. It might have been more unique at the time, but these days so many games have copied it the original feels as trite as the copycats. It’s gotten to the point where MMOs no longer advertise themselves through theme, subject or story, but just tout that their game “has crafting, has PvP, has auction house, has loot, has raiding.”

    The only way for WoW to lose its place as the go-to MMO of pop culture reference is either if some kind of absolutely inspired MMO reinvents what the genre could represent, or otherwise if the sheer weight of copycats cause the whole MMO market to crash, a bunch of companies to go bankrupt and a great many players to realise how stagnant MMO design has become, thus leaving to play other types of games. In other words, it’s going to take a culture shock of some magnitude to shift WoW from its place as a cultural phenomenon.

    As for why so many people are irked at having WoW brought up in conversation? It’s pretty much because those of us who’ve played MMOs for a while have pretty much heard just about every WoW argument there is to hear, thus bringing it up sounds more like old grandpa retelling his war stories for the zillionth time. Again, the game’s fame is its downfall since that’s all everyone was talking about for a few years.

  7. Honestly. I think you’re review videos are awesome. You’re very down to earth about what you mention and your humor injections keep things fresh. I prefer this stuff to IGN by far because your voice doesn’t make me want to murder the nearest puppy after three minutes.

  8. Geez, did we go back in time? The basics that where explained REALLY didn’t need to be explained at all, heh..

    WoW is something I never wanted to play, and still will not..

    Playing DOTA on Warcraft 3, seeing lots of people I know excited for WoW and saying they where going to quit War3 for it, only to see 90% of them come back within a month saying the same things:

    “It’s so freaking boring and like every other mmorpg…”

  9. Nice one! No title huh?? Tricked me to watching your review on WoW(well, I could’ve stopped w/e I wanted to).

    I play Final Fantasy XI online so you can reward me with a review on its’ free trial(what? This won’t work on you??) Oh, well, I tried,lol!

    The fact you took WoW and made a commercial out of it(yeah, I went there…) is probably a taste on how the MMO is standing right now, I mean, who doesn’t know “World of Warcraft”?? Yet you still review it. Sorry, I’m not playing it, I rather pay to play both FFXI & XIV and receive the cool discount and promotional campaign period(free) next month.

    Still great work, keep doing a good job!

    • I don’t think he was trying to get anyone to play it so much as it gave him an outlet to explain to people that WoW HAS saturated the market and that’s just the way it is. It has been a landmark, a defining standard, for good or for ill. Terms have been defined, UI has been set in some sort of odd conforming stone. Note the STFU cup of justice at the end. This was a “y’all can shut up about this now” video.

      • Yeah, I get the point.
        It’s a point I have the right to disagree with though. See, I’m just a FFXI player (and I may be a bit bias) that never though about about WoW as being the standard because in the history of RPG or MMOs for that matter, it wasn’t the first. People just had nothing else to do with their lives…

        Let me be clear, I’m not up for a debate, I’m just not a WoW fan, most ppl are. If they want to promote it as the standard(for being a fanboy of Mr T) as was the movement of MMORPGs marched out the gate… (maybe it’s because it was only 1st in hitting record high in subscribers during its prime) before Chuck N.’s game :P

  10. Hey! How dare you compare WoW to LOTRO! Not everyone has played LOTRO, you know, and the day/night systems are completely different. And another thing…. *rabid fan foams at the mouth, then collapses*

    On a more serious note, I suppose I should have seen this coming. Not only your lack-of-hint last week, but also the running gag the last two weeks gave the hints of what you were doing. I suppose I was expecting this more to be a sidequest deal, even if you have unlimited days to make as many level 20 characters as you can stand on as many servers. The only thing you didn’t mention at about the trial (or might have and I just missed) is that the instant you turn level 20 as a free account, the XP bar gets frozen. No quests, killing or exploration will boost it again unless you subscribe.

  11. question, what would happen to the ftp market if say wow did go f2p……..

  12. WoW reminds me of vanilla ice cream. It is so generic but it can still be satisfying in moderation.

    I don’t think a single game is needed to topple WoW from its throne. The collective popularity of the free-to-play market is already eroding WoW’s player base. MMOs don’t last forever but Blizzard became too complacent from the success of WoW and the reality is finally catching up with them. Earlier this year Blizzard had to layoff 600 employees worldwide to adapt to the changing industry.

  13. WoW still tempts mew, even now. However, I don’t have the time or the money to invest into it, not while playing CoH, AO, and LOTRO. Speaking of LOTRO, now I see what everyone who said so was getting at when they compared it to WoW. This only makes the temptation to play (and inevitably pay) for WoW even harder to resist. Maybe I’ll just sneak in a couple of levels. My WoW hating friends needn’t know…

  14. WoW is more than a game, it’s a hobby, and as you said, for some a way of life. I don’t see it as expensive. Sure it cost’s alot, but what doesn’t in this life? And compared to the amount of enjoyment some get, I’d say it’s pretty cheap fun. Downside being it does eat all the free time you can feed it to.

  15. in comparison a single trip to the movie theaters these days will run you probably more than 15 dollars. however the BIG drawback to wow is the buying of each expansion. 150+ dollars when Mist of Pandarai comes out. My advice to anyone that would be interested in playing wow would be to just get the main game right now that gives you 70 levels and largely until you figure out the game take you a few month to get to before having to get wrath of the lich king, Unless you really want to play a werewolf or goblin or panda. There no rush to drop 150 dollars up front.

    However one thing I should note that I played WoW for years before finally kicking the game and freeing my wallet of the month fee. Problem is i have yet to find a game that I can back both sub or Ftp that I would want to play that long. Shows you that WoW did something right.despite the flaws.

  16. I can’t play Wow because I have no bank account, so if I actually liked it, I’m screwed.

    I would actually enjoy roaming the bright cartoony landscape taking screencaps, while ridiculously buff gorilla-armed humans & bulky Gargoyle-headed elves are distractingly repulsive.

    It does rank up there with Apple & Mario on “things I’m sick of hearing about,” with the blame going squarely to 4 PC gaming zines that talked about WoW & made comparisons to it whenever possible.

    Really? $10 & up for digital mounts & armor? Charging people who already bought subscriptions & expansions instead of giving them cheap as a reward for not switching to free-to-playknockoffs? That’s pretty obscene.

    Thanks, I’m going to keep avoiding this unless it looses 3/4th of it’s community (I like small populations) & switched to free-to-play.

  17. ClipOnSunglasses

    I think you really hit the nail on the head for why I tend to be completely ignore any MMOs that follow the now standard MMO formula when you mentioned raiding at the endgame, and how everyone excepts you to be a robot rather than a person playing with them because they want epic shoulder pads, purple text and larger numbers to fill the void rather than actually having fun.

    Way too many raiders have no clue that an MMO is (theoretically) intended to be fun, not as a way to yell at people and have a stroke because the PUG didn’t play perfectly. Even though it is a somewhat small number, it only takes 1 asshole with a mic to ruin the fun for the other 7 players in the raid by yelling at everyone just so they can stroke their egos. And getting to find a guild that is a small group of people who actually want to have fun is pretty much a question of being at the right place at the right time.

    I think Tyger’s video had a good point of “this game has a very common structure, let me compare it to an example that people are probably familiar with”. But it also was very stupid and horribly wrong it said that combat in MMOs can’t get past the global cooldown. Plenty of games ignored standard MMO structure and had involved combat systems like Phantasy Star Online, Monster Hunter, Demon’s Souls and Vindictus. One can say that they’re not really MMOs, but DCUO and Guild Wars 2 are have practically no focus on the global cooldown and have plenty of players at once during combat, with GW2 looking much more promising and unconventional than DCUO. Only time will tell with Guild Wars 2, but what I’m saying is that Tyger’s opinion was very close-minded in that regard, and if you think MMOs can’t get beyond WoW, you’ll only end up playing MMOs like WoW.

  18. Nice episode. One thing i whant to speculate on is the reason why people get angry apon mere mention of this game – It is becouse ALL MMO’s, regardles of content are copared with it, some people hawe eaven stated that ALL MMO’s are trying to be WoW, and thoe i admit that in this episode i recognised a lot of set peaces from other games i hawe played, I like to think about it this way – WoW Created gameplay system that works Incredably Well so other designers create their probuct based on this system, What i dont agree on is Compering games to it only becouse of some set peaces they hawe used.

    • I had that same problem in the early 2000s when every single-player RPG was compared to Diablo….Diablo Killer, Diablo Clone, blah blah blah…

  19. i agre with Liam i probally would be willing to play this if i didnt have to buy the base game +3 soon to be 4 expansions and still pay 15$ every month,on the review however i loved it,pretty fun,i really dont know anyone who makes the angry MMO Player stereotype,and particularly never cared when you compared games to WoW,specially because i played 2 games iwch were so alike WoW it became ridiculous,it is a successful game and it makes sense to try and copy some aspects of it while changing others in order to make a new game

    • The one good thing is that Burning Crusade has been thrown in free with “vanilla” (the base game for the uninitiated), so now it’s just Lich King, Cataclysm and Pandarion that you’ll need to buy extra. However, I have never played beyond the free model and nothing I’ve seen so far, from the raiding to the storylines, has really baited me to buy it.

  20. Wow, this was JUST like World of Wa…oh.

    I must admit my curiousity in terms of this game, and I have been watching a lot of Jesse and Crendor as they play through the new expansion beta.

    However, I just don’t like the business model. For me, either offer the game free with a monthly subscription, or pay for the game and play completely free a la Guild Wars. I disagree with the buy base game and expansions as well as pay a monthly fee for the privilege of playing system. It’s probably because I’m poor/cheap, but it just doesn’t sit well with me.

    Still, I did enjoy this review and it’s been a long time coming. Thanks for the hard work and insight into this game.

    • I think there’s something inherently wrong with making people pay monthly fees to be able to use the content they already paid for. It would be like paying for a year pass into a club & still having to bribe the usher to let you in. I suppose in retaliation they would argue that you buy a car & still have to buy gas for it every month.

  21. At first I was like; ‘why doesnt this episode have a title?’. Now I know why, nicely played.

    I was impressed and to be honest, a little spooked with that bit of knife work near the start of the video. That look in your eyes…..*shudder*.

  22. Ooooooh, the forbidden episode.


    You’re my hero dude. Never change.

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