Sidequest: DOTA 2

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  1. Miguel Mendez

    Ah, another good show as always. But sadly the job is not done jet. There is a new MOBA incoming: Infinite Crisis. Be prepared to handle both, the MOBA community and comic fanbase.

  2. Valve has been spamming DOTA2 invites to people that bought it the last couple of months. I was sitting on 16 invites for weeks and I just gave them to the dispensor bot:

    People can give their invites to it and people with a Steam account who don’t have it, can get one from it. It might be out of invites at any point.

    Another option is to go to the Steam Community Market, where you can buy an invite for 2-3 cents:
    (below the graph)

    Or you can beg for one here:

  3. ogresamanosuke

    Good to see you give a fair shake to DOTA 2 after Backtracking Leauge, though I still can’t personally stand DOTA 2. It’s fanbase can call me what ever slur it can come up with, I don’t care. I stuck with League for two reasons alone:

    1) Mechanics LoL removed from DOTA were for the better. Denial is not a fun mechanic.
    2) League’s characters have actual character. Just look at the fandom of Dr. Mundo for an example of this. DOTA 2’s champs are just renames of the DOTA champs, which were just Warcraft heroes. As such, they have very limited character.

    • 1. Denial is all about strategy, not “anti fun” or the like.. You have to make a decision about denying towers at many times, and denying creeps is more punishing the enemy player for not timing their last hits or auto attacking.

      You actually have control over your creeps and their agro, so it’s up to you how you use it. It’s not a passive farm fest like League, you have options and different methods to do things. Denying is just 1 of those aspects..

      As far as denying heroes, it’s more for when a DoT spell is about to kill them. The % of health where you can actually deny a hero is incredibly low, and denying them outside of a DoT after a fight is rarely even possible.

      2. What? I think techies is near iconic almost, along with quite a few others.. League copy-pasted so many of Dota’s heroes it’s ridiculous also..

      Hell, Basshunter’s song is a good example.. No lyrics in the one John used, but the thing is mostly the heroes lines over the music and “playing some dota” lines.

      Also TONS of videos with Dota heroes with the source filmmaker showcasing how wrong that point is..

      • “It’s not a passive farm fest like League”
        That’s a pretty hilarious statement to be making when the game you’re comparing LoL to is DotA. I’ve seen quite a few DotA: Allstars and DotA 2 pro matches where the players basically did nothing but farm for the first half hour. The fact that having a tri-lane to have 2 supports babysit a carry is a viable strategy in DotA shows how inaccurate this statement is. Comparing the popularity of Battlefury in DotA and Tiamat in LoL shows how big of a difference in focus on farm there is between the to games.
        Say what you will about how much fun each game is, and how much more build variety and how much higher the skill cap is in DotA compared to LoL, but don’t make the assertion that DotA is less of a passive farmfest than LoL, as it is objectively the opposite.

  4. Once upon a time, I wanted to try DOTA 2. However, I’m completely not a fan of RTS games and specifically the RTS controls DOTA 2 uses, and I just don’t enjoy games that are complex for the sake of being complex. That’s not to say DOTA 2 is bad for its complexity, but rather that I wouldn’t enjoy it because of it. Thank you for spelling it out for me.

  5. You know Jon, I think you might have been right about MMO Hut. Haven’t been there in months, but the place has turned into a massive advertisement for Aeria MMOs, with the general consensus among commenters being that the “recommended MMOs” are crap.

    I hate it when Basshunter sings in English.


  6. I see what you did there with the music….

  7. Two down, many to go. Well, okay Heroes Of Newerth was essentially “the clone” of DoTA-mod (even if it’s now an “outdated DoTA 2) and Battle for Graxia is…I can’t even decribe too well. As for Awesomenauts & Guardians of Middle-Earth, can’t say anything since I haven’t played those.
    For all extremely DoTA-like games, i’m just not a type of person who likes CPM (click per minute) type of strategy game controls, mainly because od lack of controls. Hence, I’m going to be interested to evetually your views on (Super) Monday Night Combat (take your time though; we “agent-fans” & devs are in the middle getting things re-organized there at the moment, especially the game-wise).

  8. You know it’s funny. I always bypassed your reviews on the tgwtg websites thinking “mmo reviews? Not interested.” But out of curitousty I clicked your Age of Conan review and I ended up really liking your review style. I barely play MMOs, (the first one I played was SWTOR and I quit that, because I was disgusted by the way this game treated the previously established canon, it renders the KOTOR games completley meaningless!), but I really enjoy your review style! It’s nice to watch someone who’s actually doing an actual review, not just endlessy negative nitpicking (which of course, also has it’s appeal!), maybe I need to check out more people on Blistered Thumbs, if that’s the generel tone here.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, I really look forward to your new reviews!

  9. Nobody should need to pay for this beta.

  10. 3 Updates in 3 Days. Nice. Also great video.
    I think the announcer is from Unreal Tournament and has already been used on Dota 1 if I’m not mistaken. Don’t change a running system (or used announcer voice) I guess.

    • Yeah, the announcer is from Unreal Tournament and uses the same lines the original Dota used. Except Valve actually got the guy to re-do all the lines and made it legal, heh.

      Also, yeah Bastion is probably the most enjoyable announcer next to Axe’s.

      As far as the review itself, pretty fair for impressions and basics. Nobody going to rage at you unless you know nothing about the game and join a match making game instead of playing vs bots or the like.

      Matchmaking also matches you to the same level of players even if they don’t make your ranking visible on purpose (although you can look it up for yourself) If somebody is acting better then you, just laugh it off as more of a “We’re all in Very High….” or the like.

      But I’m glad to see your stream games shine through. It’s complicated only if you’re completely new to the game and doesn’t take long to learn the basics.

      Didn’t touch on a lot of stuff and there’s aspects like Roshan, the creep spawns in the woods, pulling, agro, misses when attacking uphill with a ranged hero, support items ga-lore, etc., etc., etc.

      But that’s fine considering what sidequests are, heh.

  11. And thus was unleashed a wave of hate so intense, shock the entirety of the internet to it core.
    In all seriousness, pretty fair review compared to what I was expecting. You actually seemed somewhat complimentary of the game at points. I think the game itself, other then being somewhat not new player friendly, looks like a good enough game. Though, the sad fate of all MOBAs is they’ll always be judged by there player base before there actual quality. Kinda tragic really.

    • Tragic, maybe. Unfortunately, this is a game you play with more people and the community just breaks games like these for me.

      The game itself is a good bit of fun, but when all you notice are [insert dirty word here], then I’m pretty sure most anyone would be turned off of the game.

      In my opinion, you should never expect anyone to truly understand it and be mindful of it. Unfortunately, no one shares that opinion.

    • ::Gasp!:: Are you insinuating that MOBA players are impatient, childish, & extremely defensive? Yeah, I got nothin….

  12. Only half way through the week and already got both the backtrack and sidequest out the door, that was quick. Having LoL and DOTA 2 side-by-side like this could make for some “interesting” comments should the LoL and DOTA fans catch wind of these though.

  13. I’ve always been weary of MOBA games because the first I learned of was DOTA and it’s always been notorious for it’s community. Nice to see that that’s still true.

    • I’d rather say it’s a shame, since I’m sure it’s a nice genre at its core, but a good chunk of the community is just nuts.

      Doesn’t help that I avoid any kind of e-sport in general because I prefer to play games for fun and recreation, so I’m not even in this genre’s target audience.

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