Sidequest: Defiance

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  1. You should do a new and complete review of Firefall. They made huge changes in the player friendly approach, they added a lot of stuff for pve, new quests designs, etc… Really not the same game you took a look at in your sidequest!

    • I actually did look at it and… yeah, not nearly enough has changed for me to warrant another video on it. The game certainly has changed from its incarnation covered in the Sidequest, but Firefall has a LONG way to go before it’s ever getting my interest. The current game doesn’t have “quests” as much as it hinges entirely on dynamic events, forcing you to once again, wander aimlessly around the map until something pops up. Defiance has goals and structure, things you need to accomplish and while doing so, grants you opportunities to involve yourself in the dynamic events around you. Until Firefall has an overarching goal system that grants you tasks and challenges to go from place to place, and honestly just doesn’t expect me to wander around until something interesting happens, I’m not giving that game any more of my time. I’m not asking for a theme park ride to guide me from A to B, but have SOMETHING I can choose to do besides mine for minerals and fight back an endlessly respawning wave of enemies.

  2. Kinda interested on how this turns out. I really enjoyed Trion’s other game, RIFT, based on class system alone, but it’s endgame content drove me fucking batty so I quit. (Seriously, it’s almost as bad as the endgame in FFXI)

    • I managed to hit only 30 on Rift, but I’m planning on going back to it. I did enjoy the game and there always seemed to be something to do. Because of that driving pace, I burnt out quickly. Still the graphics, exploration, and combat were all satisfying.

      I’d like to give Defiance a try as I’ve only played a little of the Dust514 beta and DCUO on the PS3. I’m also a fan of Borderlands and am intrigued by the idea of tying a TV show to it. It kind of reminds me of when I first learned there was a series for Anarchy Online that came out ages ago:

  3. Interesting monster at the end there, like a giant tick made out of pumice.

    How ya feeling, Jon?

  4. Originally, I had no interest in this, but looking at the game play above, and how you generally have the same tastes I do, I might want to give this a shot. I like B2P models now, and I am still sick of fantasy so a sci-fi style idea sounds intriguing. And even though I hate SyFy channel I am intrigued enough to check out the new series at least.

    • When thinking about it, despite the obvious Borderlands like gameplay, you know what the mission system really reminds me of? Red Dead Redemption. RDR was my FAVORITE game of that year, and I came to that realization when I was driving my certain points to get to an Arkfall or mission, and suddenly a truck on the side of the road might have a few people standing next to it yelling “help us!”. That’s more what I considered a “Dynamic event” and didn’t really think about the similarities until just now. If you liked or played Red Dead Redemption’s missions style, Defiance is a pretty good version of it.

      • Honestly, never played Red Dead Redemption since I don’t own a console and Rockstar have been pretty much assholes on releasing it for the PC >_< So I can't say if I would have liked it or not (though I probably would have).

        And yea, been watching several game play videos of Defiance and the game play looks fun. The ARKfall events seem more like they are just there but the actual missions you can just run across with the people screaming help me seem more interesting and dynamic. I am keeping an eye on it, that's for sure.

  5. Are there any Off-week Updates coming or is just nothing really happening on the MMO-front? I’ve enjoyed the quick look over the current situation every once in a while.

    • Off-Week updates tend to reflect more on what I’ve currently covered… and if I mention other MMOs it’s probably because people are telling me about them. I had one sitting in draft, but I’m wary about bringing up TERA again.

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