League of Legends (Episode 10)

Updated in Backtrack: League of Legends (04/2012)

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  1. I admit the game looks awesome and it has a pretty good game genre concept (being a Massive Online Battle Arena and all), the only thing that puts me off is that well…the community is mostly pro-games that act all snooty and superior towards novice players like me.

    I’m sorry but if a game’s community is gonna give me a hard time just for being a novice then I’m not going to give it my time and attention if 99.9% of the community is going to act all rude and mean to me about it.

  2. As a LoL player this was actually the first review of the series I watched… which eventually prompted me to watch the rest and come back to comment.

    I found and find the review to be quite fair in all sections, in particular the comment on the “pokemon-esque” quality of the large number of champions came across as quite amusing first, and then as quite spot-on after reflecting a bit on it, this being echoed by all of my LoL-playing friends.
    I suppose if you started playing with less than 50 champions in the roster keeping up becomes easier, but I do remember the dread of thinking “omfg I am going to have to learn all these champions skills and shit” when I first started (because as with any other PvP game, a huge part of your success depends on knowing not only what YOU can do, but what your opponent can as well).

    And indeed, a true note about the community, but I liked how it was portrayed as a sort of “inevitable” kind of thing, which is pretty much how it came across to me.
    It being a PvP game, and as such having a very competitive basis, team-dependent and with an anonymous and automated matchmaking service for games you have the perfect breeding ground for schoolyard talk and general dickishness.
    While there will always be nice people, even their patience will often be run thin by some others (Ive been taunted into giving useless flame-like responses myself, even if briefly, a few times), and the higher your level and ELO (ranking score, similar to that in WoW’s arena system) the more other people expect you to know and the better they expect you to perform… sometimes quite unreasonably in all honesty, which will often result in more mockery/bitching over other people’s mistakes.

    Then again, I guess that makes the game a good training ground for people to develop the kind of “tough skin”/nonchalance/not-give-a-fuckery that one must eventually have if they wish to participate in anything based online, no ?

  3. very curious, did you really want to do this one? feels like you ” meh and its that and that” so on and the information where medicore

    still annoyed by the basic part, could be said easy as

    pick champion, you fight for your team of 5 that try to defend your base in 3 lanes against another team from destroy you towers to they destroy your nexus whice is your HQ

    • First of all, the info was on the money, he covered what people needed to know without going into stupid lingo no one would understand and swamping people with useless crap.
      If you play LoL you’ll think he under informed.

      2nd, as the person who played with him to guide him most of the time, I can tell he really liked playing the game, wasn’t the best but he enjoyed and still enjoys the game so I doubt it had any negative effect on the video, in fact it probably helped.
      If he had any reason to slightly doubt what he was doing is purely due to the fact it’s hard to say if this is an MMO or not.

      Also if you think the game is as easy to explain as that. Fuck you.

  4. I absolutely love your attention to detail with these. It’s nice to see all the major parts of these games as it has certainly helped me decide if I want to try one out or not. Needless to say you have convinced me I should try this, despite the warning of the community. Thanks again MMOGrinder, you rock.

  5. These types of games have interested me for quite awhile, since they are something different. However, I am horrible at them, and just can’t seem to improve, which makes me sad since it looks like it could be fun, with the right group of people. Maybe i just need to find some other horrible people to play with.

  6. Great coverage.

    I’ve been curious about this and other games of its type for a while now, but the amount of backlash about the community was what put me off dipping my toe in. I also dislike playing games with complete strangers due to this exact reason. After this review, I might just give it a go anyway.

    Nice review, excellent coverage as always, and looking forward to the next MMOGrinder episode.

  7. Hey thanks for the honorable mention at the end hahaha
    had loads of fun playing with u guys, good times.

  8. Dammit, I typed up a lot of stuff, and the comment got swallowed, oh well.

    Yea, I feel validated in. All the reason I like this game are in the video too.

    Anyway, the community is really conservative, at least a big part of it. If you try something wholly different, then everyone will call you out on it. Even if you have a good reason for it. The community also confuse me. There’re varying levels of how skilled a person is in the game and how seriosuly they take it. This makes it hard to improve or feel like you’re improving when you could be having a bad day, fighting bad people or great people etc. I also think that I got some of that fever as well, even if I give advice. that advice might come off sounding jerkish when I didn’t mean it to be.

    And the community is also worse in europe, where you have a lot of languages to go with. For example, there are two french people in the room, and they start having a conversation in french. They don’t do it in the whisper chat, just in the normal one. I even told them to take it to the whisper, but they told me to mute everything.

    Speaking of europe, there are different versions of LoL. Well, different as in with what people you can play. There is a north america client, west europe client and north europe client, as well as a chinese one. Those are from the top of my head. So, if anyone wants you, they can only do it if they are in the north america client. Not that it matters, but just a quick heads up.

    Anyway, I really like your reviews from when you started. They are very honest and still give your impressions on what you’ve seen. Furthermore, it’s very open-ended, allowing someone else to judge from themself whether they want to play it or not. So, keep up the good work there.

  9. I am glad this game won the golden joystick award for best f2p mmo.

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