Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 10, 11, and 12)

Today, we’re heading into double digits with my first exposure to the MOBA, another cute sports game, and the first time I’ve ever dealt with negative feedback to a positively leaning episode. Seriously that Facebook page can rot in hell. So can Facebook. I don’t like Facebook. Warning: I talk trash about two very beloved titles here. Remember: people were literally asking for it.

Episode 10: League of Legends
Hey, I remember when I used to like this game. When I could log into the game without seeing people instalock, or belittle me for my character choice. To select my favorite character and not have METAturds insist I go “jungle” or shout “we dont ned jungelr” when I have dominated several matches with the same character by just staying in lane. This episode is almost embarrassing to watch for me now, because it’s really more of a review of the MOBA genre itself, which, to be fair was in adolescence at the time. I didn’t realize that almost every subsequent game was going to be exactly the same, and if anything it, serves as a guide to the MOBA base game. It also interesting seeing just how much of the game ISN’T all that inventive, especially when I found out that they used the “spell it backwards, kinda!” trope with “Baron Nashor” vs. DOTA’s “Roshan”. That is hella lame. Riot may have the most popular title of the genre, but I can’t stand looking at the fucking thing anymore.
Recommended?: NO, even if it serves well as an intro to the genre.

Episode 11: Fantasy Tennis
Oh hi there, odd man out. I honestly don’t remember why I chose to look at this game, but it was pretty decent for what it was, save for that weirdly quiet yet elitist community. I liked the look, but felt the single player mode was a bit on the.. unfair side. It got to the point I hated playing single player but couldn’t get into multiplayer for the life of me. Thankfully have a few friends join in made the game better to play, and it was the closest thing to an online Mario Tennis we had. Ok, if played casually.
Recommended?: It’s dead now, but YES if it wasn’t.

Episode 12: City of Heroes
Speaking of elitists…
I have NO IDEA what went wrong with the feedback here. I bring it up so often due entirely to the fact that it’s still the most baffling reaction I’ve gotten to a review. I wasn’t kind to Lineage 2 and ArcheAge one bit, but holy shit have I never seen a more “shit-rolls-downhill” style reaction to a video than this one.
I’ll be outright honest. I thought the game was boring as hell when I first played it. The city looked repetitive, the areas were bafflingly empty and oversized, the combat was stilted and stifling, and the upgrade system didn’t feel satisfying or interesting. Some of these problems were still very present, but there was an overall sense of wonder to the game that I finally started to see when I played it again… Also getting “Flying” unlocked much earlier certain helped matters. Hovering at a snails pace over the city when I first played was a definite damper.
What kept this game going for most people was the world itself, much of it created by the players, and they started to let that cloud their judgment of issues the game very clearly had. They were fine and welcoming within the game, but the minute you stepped outside to say something felt wrong, it was like pissing on a hornet’s nest in a sandstorm. That shit was cult-level crazy, and no, I still haven’t forgiven that reaction for basic fucking critiques. I even cracked a bit of a schadenfreude smile when the game was announced to be shut down…
…but I know that wasn’t fair. There were plenty of people here with a game they loved who had to watch it crumble under the foot of a heartless publisher, who literally stopped the developer from production they had promised, and dismantled them entirely. It was wrong to do that, and City of Heroes was a game I did enjoy coming back to. Potential for telling your own superhero story was unmatched by any other game that has or currently exists. Just wondering why City of Titans is spinning its tires now… You guys aren’t going to make me hope to see something come about from Valiance Online, are you?
Recommended? When it was alive, YES.


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  1. The only good thing about LoL are its alternate maps, and Riot has its head too far up its e$ports ass to pay them a single fuck of attention.

    Which of course crippled and drove away the community and is the reason Morello is going to Hell, tho Hell is too good for him.

  2. Yeah, the comments from the City of Heroes fanbase were… Shameful, let’s say. I was a huge fan of the game at the time and thought your critique was fair, but a lot of people had – and still have – a very warped idea of what the game was. It was a game held aloft by long-term veterans with fairly little churn, and I guess investment clouded people’s judgement.

    For what it’s worth, your review of it is still pretty good, and I’m glad you made it.

  3. I enjoyed City of Heroes back when it was around and I thought your review of it was completely fair and accurate. I would even show the video to other people who were interested in the game so that they would know exactly what they were getting into. To this day I still don’t understand the hate you got over it.

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