Sidequest: TERA

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  1. Been watching all your videos and you never did a fighting mmo….can you do I video on rumble fights , zone 4 , or lost saga

  2. High Priest Dre

    I’m glad this game finally put a demo out and you got a chance to play it.
    I enjoyed this game while I was able to play it (a friend was paying my subscription, so when he quit, I did too), but I only enjoyed it for the combat.
    I played every class, but my highest was a lancer and a berserker.
    If I had the money to pay for the subscription myself, or the game went ftp, I’d go back to it.

    Penny Arcade probably put it best when they combared this to SWTOR and Guild Wars 2.
    TOR has the better put together story, GW2 has the best quest interface (I think that’s what they were praising) and Tera has the best combat. If only you could combine the three into something really special.

    • As far as GW2’s story, they haven’t revealed much past level 20. What of it I’ve experienced in beta has been really good, comparable if not better than TOR. So I don’t know if that assessment is fair quite yet. And the combat is quite good too, but I’ve not played Tera so I can’t compare.

      As for Tera I can’t get past the… sexism? Over-sexualization of the women peoples? Whatever you want to call it. And the loli race creeps me out. I’d rather play a fierce lady charr any day, best combat evar or no.

  3. After watching your Vindictus review and just finishing watching this impression video, it just seems that Vindictus is a little more entertaining game to play out of the two.

  4. I read through all the quest dialogues, myself. The story they tell isn’t bad at all, it’s just that the way it’s told is really, really bad. It always comes down to either “X is a menace and we need to reduce their numbers” or “I need to research Y so go kill them” or “Z is the leader, we need to kill him.” That said, the quest to find the missing war hero is pretty interesting and the competence of his scholar brother is quite well done, as well.

    Sadly, I played the regular quests before I played the main quest since I went to the wrong zone and was left fighting level 15 monsters as a level 20 character a lot of the time. Also, kicking you out of the game and locking your character when you reach level 20 is just evil.

    Tera uses the Unreal 3 engine, so while it will be graphics-heavy, it’s still VERY efficient for as good as it looks. That’s kind of the trick with the U3 engine and why it’s as popular as it is. It looks good and it runs well, relatively speaking.

    I’d honestly have liked to stick with Tera if I could. It’s grindy as all hell, but at least it’s fun to play. However, with a full-price purchase and a monthly subscription, that won’t happen. It’s good, but it’s not that good.

  5. I’ve watched some of Game Breaker TV’s commentary on this game and read a little of the article that appeared in GameInformer’s Massively section. Neither GB TV, nor GI seemed very impressed with this game, and your short look at it has convinced me further not bother with it for now, except for maybe doing the trial since the combat looks neat. I’m playing The Secret World right now, and I kind of wish they allowed you to use a reticule for the combat. I’m going to try getting a gamepad to work with it, and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  6. It’s unfortunate that EnMasse decided to make the trial end at level 23. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of TERA since release, but can’t say I started to truly enjoy any of the character classes until level 25-30. It’s really selling themselves short if their trial mostly shows off the more tedious part of the game : /

    And I agree that the English dub is questionable. Thankfully, patching in the much better Japanese voice overs was easy, and made a significant impact on the game.

  7. Triangulation Technician

    About respawn.
    I played in EU closed beta and there were some long waiting times for bossess to spawn, some people arguing, some people trying to PK their way to the boss, some forming orderly lines.
    My guess is that quick respawns are to alleviate these issues.

    About localization and dub.
    Yeah, English dub leaves a lot to be desired. I played with the Japanese one, because I like to hear Norio Wakamoto (commander of the Valkyrion Federation) and it sounded much better. I’d play with the Korean one, but I don’t understand Korean, unlike Japanese. It also showed me that English localization in general isn’t very good, cause sometimes the Japanese dub and English subtitles from English dub said different things.

    • It’s like they just don’t care. I guess NC Soft cares more than EnMasse here, as Aion (even as purposefully horrid as the Shugo sound) and Lineage were acted phenomenally. I was downright offended by how lazy some of the acting in TERA was. That federation officer had some of the laziest line reads I’ve heard since “Chaos Wars”.

  8. You seem to have a lot of trouble with more graphic intensive games; even more trouble than I do and my computer is more or less about 5 years old. What are the specs on your rig? Also your current system configuration might be something worth putting into the FAQ.

    • It’s in the “About”

      Also all this is now irrelevant. (I’m in process of setting up my new PC.)

      • Ah of course it would be there. Strange that your system is comparable to mine but doesn’t perform nearly as well. I guess that’s the difference between Windows Vista and Windows XP.

        As for Tera, I wanted that game to be better than it was. The combat was better than what I’ve seen in other MMOs, but the quests were so completely uninteresting that I couldn’t care about why I was being told to go on a murderous rampage and kill an oddly specific number of creatures. It also doesn’t help that the game will let you play story quests out of order so any hope of me getting invested was lost when I finished one quest that left me confused as all hell, and then a couple days later I finished another story chain that ended up leading into the one I had finished previously.

  9. Aion, except with a few pointless systems almost nobody likes and a lot of fanservice.

    Which is no coincidence considering Terra’s history.

    • Triangulation Technician

      You are too quick to dismiss it.

      Free aim is a pointless system nobody likes? I honestly doubt it.

  10. ‘ll play it if it goes FTP; I just can’t stick with an MMO long enough to merit a subscription. I rotate every week or 2.

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