Off-Week Update (for Ep. 26)

Why do I even call these Off-Week updates anymore?

OK, let’s cover what I’ve done in the previous …weeks.

Man, I forgot how much this game was like Lineage II meets WoW. I’m also suprised just how LITTLE has changed in the game. I’m also not shocked at how torn people were about how grindy this game is. Although there were quite a few defenders who came out of the woodwork to claim it’s not as bad as it used to be. I can probably run it a lot better now, but I don’t want the NCSoft launcher anywhere near my new PC right now. It’s still a very nice, atmospheric game and I recommend it to those who liked what they saw in the review. A definite subscription quality game that’s truly free to play.

Spiral Knights:
I was NOT expecting this review to be as popular as it was, but once again, it’s another case of “one post in the forums”. Unlike CoH though, that community seemed to agree with me more or less (although I did get a few of those who didn’t get what I do saying how I “missed” this or that… things I couldn’t possibly have known without playing the game until the high levels.) This review was done with a week of play to “catch me back up” after taking so long with Aion, I felt it was a rush job and people STILL liked it.

The Secret World (Sidequest):
Have I made it obvious how much I love this game yet? Sure, this… “job” has made it difficult to log back in as much as I’d like, but it’s only because when I start playing I can’t stop unless the game crashes or I feel regretful seeing how it’s suddenly 5 a.m. It’s polarizing as hell, though, and people who don’t love the game will REALLY let you know about it. The fact I had someone “suggest” (read: “obnoxiously deride”) I should have preordered Mists of Pandaria instead of getting this made me laugh for all the wrong reasons.
I have a “guild” in the game set up, but nothing “official” as far as “What are our future plans?” is concerned. Right now, if you like the show, know who I am and you want to play alongside me, Message me (ChaosD1) in the game and I’ll add you. Call on me if you need a tank for Cthulu or Satan.

Ah, the game I deemed “unreviewable” suddenly decided to work properly. Still it wasn’t working all that well, and unfortunately, rather than discuss the game, most people took the time to inquire about/mock me for  my PC and it’s specs. Talk about missing the point. I can’t help but wonder if some of the more obnoxious comments ever played a PC game in their lives. (Trust me in that meeting “minimum” settings on a game only guarantees you a half-playable framerate and a few hundred crashes. I’d swear whoever writes the minimum settings is trolling people into buying better hardware.) Well, at the very least everyone can shut the fuck up about it now since,  as I mentioned before… I have a new PC. Check the About page to see what my new setup is. (Still the same vid card, but at least it has a processor that can USE it.)
As for the game, THIS is how you do an action combat system. Screw TERA. Speaking of…

TERA (Sidequest):
Fun fact: This Sidequest was planned BEFORE Secret World. As the story goes, when I JUST finished downloading TERA, MegaGWolf informed me that he got a couple keys for the Secret World beta weekend sent to him, and sent me one since I was willing to check it out. Since I had a few days with TERA I decided to give Secret World a shot first… You see how that turned out. To be completely honest, TERA bored the hell out of me. I dn’t understand why people think this combat is the be all end all of MMO combat. It’s… it’s just there. Shooter mode in Star Trek Online works in almost the exact same manner. The fact you still have to hotkey skills baffles me, especially with the spacebar combo system in place. (That also seemed wonky. I have no idea why the Slayer would want to use ANYTHING but Whirlwind after that charge move (which only seems to work half the time) but the game seems insistent on making it that second swipe by default. At least you can change it. The game does get more interesting when you unlock more skills, but getting there has been turning a lot of people off to it. The fact archers are rooted when shooting makes sense from a balance standpoint doesn’t lend well to feeling like an “action” game, so this is the first time I had WAY more fun with a melee class. Vindictus did this much better, and if that game contained an open world instead of a dungeon grind, I think people wouldn’t be giving TERA the time of day. Long story short, I said it before I’ll say it again. The game did nothing for me. Sorry.
Bonus points to anyone who can pick up on the slight “jab” I took at a certain someone when I posted it on BT.

Site changes:
I made a couple changes on here, so a heads up. First off, there are now pages for Sidequest and Browser-Based. Besides clicking on the links I just put there, You can access these pages by mousing over the Episode Guide, where a dropdown menu will show you the links to either page.
Second, I removed the comments from the About, and Episode Guide, and removed the ability to post comments on those pages. Simply put I want those pages to be for information gathering and navigation, not to have to worry about comments posted there slowing it down over time.  F.A.Q. still accepts more questions, and of course, Suggested MMO List is going strong as always (Still need to sift through that again.)

Coming up in Episode 26… a constrained time limit that might be late, but now that things are more under control, I think I may be able to hammer it out in time. Wish me luck. (Oh and nobody has guessed correctly so far. I was a lot more vague this time, it seems.)


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  1. Hi MMOGrinder. New viewer here. I started Rusty Hearts about over a week ago due to seeing your video. I’d like to suggest that you make mention of games that you can buy Cash Shop items with in game currency. I was surprised to see in RH you can, and that definitely adds to the intensive to stick around. I haven’t played nearly as many mmos as you, but the only other mmo I’ve played were Cash Shop items weren’t restricted to people with money was Atlantica.
    I’m not sure if this a smart move on the publisher (or whomever decides that sort of thing) but it is an attractive feature.

    • I do make mention of that when it happens. It’s rare, but there are quite a few games I’ve reviewed that do have the feature, which I mentioned, like Pangya, Fantasy Tennis and Brick-Force. (It’s found most commonly in Sports or FPS MMOs.)

      The reason I didn’t mention it in Rusty Hearts, is because when I reviewed it, it wasn’t a feature. You could only get the items with Zen, not in-game currency. If that’s changed, it’s something I would mention for a revisit.

  2. Why people say that combat in Tera is fun is because it’s fun. Simple as that. It may not be a fighting game like Vindictus or Rusty Hearts, but it’s close enough. Being able to play this at least partially on skill rather than mostly on stats is what makes the game shine. NOT being able to play the game without a full-price purchase and a monthly fee is what breaks the deal for me, however.

  3. I think I’m with Yahtzee on the computer hardware thing: (Around 4:43: ) Though I won’t repeat the words exactly… yeah. World of Warcraft raiders/dungeon runners will also ruin your day if you don’t have the latest and greatest PC to run all the lava effects. I have what I have guys, I’m doing the best I can. The framerate drops on the mechaspiderdragon… you know what, I’ll just go play Pokemon.

    Are you going to play GW2’s last beta weekend before the game becomes ineligible for your sidequests? Assuming you can even get in I guess. If not and you wanted to I’d be tempted to give you access for a day or so on my key this weekend.

  4. Cutesy kids mmo? Of course it’s Kabod Online!

    But yeah, it could be 1 of soooo many of them so it’s to hard to guess without a giant list, heh.

    Either way, it is nice to see reviews without a top of the line gaming machine. Especially for free ones which is where the “target audience” probably is at for the most part.

    But people will always keep up that “Oh yeah!?! I have a in my ” either way.

  5. Geez, you set out quite a wide net of a preview for Episode 26 at the end of your Vindicdus review (sorry if I didn’t spell it right). but I have some ideas on what it might be (trust me, I’m a sucker for cutesy and anime-style MMOs).

    Flyff, Hello Kitty Online (I kid you not, this really exist), Grand Chase, Tales of Pirates, Asda Story, Holy Beast Online, Trickster Online, MicroVolts.

    I could go on, but we’d be here all day (or night depending on where you are).

  6. Personally, can I just say that even though I’m glad you’ve got a new PC, I’ll miss your reviews being from the perspective of someone with a lower end machine? I don’t have a gaming rig, so sometimes I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to enjoy the more graphic intensive games.

    I hope I can get Secret World soon. All I need is another $30 a month and a new PC. I was hoping it would actually be disappointing so I wouldn’t have to budget for it, but every review I read makes me want to play it. Damn.

    • Well if it helps, the biggest and most needed update was my processor. I still use the same powerful, but relatively outdated video card. Of course, with the rare exception of games like Vindictus, F2P MMOs don’t really require beastly computers.

      • Yeah, it’s really only for Secret World or newer single-player games that graphics/processor power is an issue. Most free or indie games work fine. I’m on a laptop, so I’d have to check to see if the processor was soldered in or not. Regardless, I do want to shop around for a desktop as soon as possible. It’ll definitely make upgrading somewhat easier.

        Oh and as a guess for a cell shaded MMO….Fiesta?

    • I agree with you about the perspective on gaming on a lower end computer, especially since I only recently had a friend throw together a new gaming computer back in March. Until then, it seemed like a guessing game about what I would be able to play. My old rig was a Dell Dimension 4700: P4, 512 MB RAM (Upgraded to 3.25 GB), and 80 GB Harddrive space (upgraded to 320 GB). I tried Vindictus, Champions, and Star Trek Online, and couldn’t play any of them at all. It was incredibly frustrating, since my friends would talk about the awesome new MMO they were on while I was stuck on minimum settings for City of Heroes and Anarchy Online.

  7. Heya! I’m very interested in joining your Cabal, but if you didn’t know, they’re faction specific (Or, they were. Maybe that changed). What faction is it with, so I know which of my characters to pester with you. I’d love to get some game time in with someone internet famous!

    And you probably don’t remember random Funcom fan commenter from before, but I’m the guy who gave you Anarchy Online music links and “talked” about the lifetime account offer with you. I broke down and got the lifetime account. Money will figure itself out, haha!

    • Ah yeah, they’re still faction specific and I wanted to mention I planned on making a full post about it, but I didn’t want that to drag on any longer. Personally I WISH I could get the Lifetime account.

      It’s Illuminati.
      Cabal name: Novus Ordo Marganars

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