I know this is earlier than usual…

…but I just HAD to get the word out about this…. thing. You might want to avoid it at all costs, but those brave enough to check it out… well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Props man…. props

  2. Wait there were things after the credits!?!? Well I’m gonna go re-watch all the reviews now.

  3. It’s an April Fool’s joke & the volume is in the negatives, so I’m not sure it’s safe to turn it up.

  4. That was actually a surprisingly good summery of the show.

    The yelling thing does generally bother me but it seems to be something a lot of channel awesome people adore randomly doing. No volume level is ever safe. This is funny to me however because I’ve always been amused by your cameos.

    Thanks for delivering a joke instead of a trick for the holiday.

  5. I’m a regular watcher. No, seriously. I’ve seen every episode so far.
    Keep going, I like it very much. :-)

  6. High Priest Dre

    I just thought I’d point out the tags:
    “Tags: chaosd1, doesn’t, that, way, work”
    I know it is in alphabetical order, but I think it reads funny and it got a chuckle out of me.

    Also, the voice is one of the reasons why I gave the show a try in the first place.

  7. Love the show, watched it since the “Lineage II” episode. Great review on your own work, show’s how self conscience developers and producers should be.

    LMFAO at the start, ROFL during every section and chuckled out loud at the end during your conclusion.

    I’m very objective about your reviews and gather every info you have and even research it myself. So, your voice is very mono-tone(not bothersome at all), I appreciate you for not acting out like other “show-boaters”, making it for a relaxing and learning experience.

  8. I always thought you did fine without title cards. Did you actually want hand drawn title cards or was that just for the joke?

  9. You gave that bum the review that he deserves. Oh yeah, and what ABOUT those ads? “Free-to-watch” show, my arse. Now it’s just like all those other so-called “free-to-watch” shows where you THINK you get to watch a video, but it’s really all just some corporate scam to get the corporate commercials delivered to your corporate made corporate propaganda machine. Everyone KNOWS the internet is FREE, and these excuses about things like “hosting costs” and “website upkeep” are nothing but corporate lies by the corporate corporate (-*is shot*-)

  10. haha that was aweome!
    At least some video reviewers do april fools joke (points go to Lupa from TGWTG too)!

  11. At least ONE of my video reviewers had an april fools prank! I mean, Geeze! this year was barren of april fools vids! Even YOUTUBE, which is infamous for what it did the last two years, did NOTHING this year! NOTHING! WHAT THE HECK!?

    • YouTube did do something, but it was hidden. If you clicked on the DVD sticking out from the logo on the top, it took you to a page called the “YouTube Collection” which was a overly complex and inconvenient service that involved YouTube sending you physical DVD copies of every YouTube video every made.

  12. I was hoping you would fess up to being such a DIE HARD WoW fanboy and CROW BARING it into most every review, usually a reference or “It’s not as good as…” line in this type of video though, lol..

    You downplay it, but it’s there for sure, heh..

  13. Well, so long as we’re going though with unorthodox ideas, congratulations, Chaos! Akinator, the Web Genius has been made aware of your presence. Ask him yourself if you want:


    Akinator is a fairly basic “guess what I’m thinking” site that has been populated with a LOT of characters, both real and fictional over the years. I figured if it had the Spoony One, the Nostalgia Critic, the Angry Video Game Nerd and Phelous, I figured Chaos deserved to be there, too :) If any of you fans out there want to help out, keep asking Akinator and he’ll learn better that way.

  14. Wait, MMO Grinder went free to watch? I tried watching back in the subscription days, but it didn’t have enough content to justify $15 a month.

    Fortunately, that meant I could afford FF IV.

  15. There is nothing I have to say that someone else has already said. Much amusement for the meta-ness, and happy April 1st everyone!

  16. Haha. Okay, that got a good chuckle out of me. Thanks for putting so much effort into your April Fools. (I was surprised at how long the episode was.) It definitely shows and made this day a bit more funnier.

  17. We need more episodes about LOTRO and CoH! Also, does Call of Duty count as an MMO?

  18. Lol. Couldn’t stop laughing! My friend Sky fell off of his chair in tears when he started mentioning “Later Patches to the series”.

    I just about lost my fudge at “Community”. My gosh man, you are hilarious! Phelous and ChaosD1 metahumor FTW.

  19. Wait! What is music from Aquaria doing in the scene transition after talking about text effects? Do you know how hard I’m trying NOT to play that game?

  20. Brilliant! Many laughs were had. X3

  21. That’s soooo meta!

  22. “This is the MMO grinder and this is…..the MMO grinder”. Laughed my ass off at that line.

    To be fair, I like Jon’s voice, he’s like a white Morgan Freeman. Plus, if ads were based toward me, it would probably be for curvy woman too….>.>

    So does that mean your next episode will be you doing Angry Joe? Heh….that sounded less homoerotic in my head.

  23. Ok.this was really funny. Also nearly blew out my speakers…

  24. I loved that episode! Great April Fool’s episode!

  25. Really…Jake’s Theme for the Cash shop section? Alright…
    Gaia Online? well i hope that was a joke or you’re gonna need alot of help

  26. Ah, meta humour. Phelous would be proud.
    It was good, but it needed more WoW references. Everyone loves those.
    I need to check this guy out, and troll his videos with how much I’ve played the game he reviewed and how much he sucks because he only played for 2 weeks instead several months like I have. I’ll also post the video on the games forums for die-hard fans to see so they can rage at him too. That’ll teach him. He’ll get load of views and that’ll…make him money…and…wait…

  27. Dude you’re an ass how dare you tackle such an awesome reviewer,shame on you,you must be a noob to MMOGrinder and cant appreciate how nice it is at higher levels.

    PS:i do agree about the shrieking thous(specially since i do use headphones)

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