The Suggested MMO List is finally updated

Yes, after… who knows HOW long, I finally got around to updating the Suggested MMO List. I’d normally talk about this kind of thing in the Off-Week Update, but considering I literally spent the entire day working on it, I think it’s deserves its own mention.

Here’s the major changes:

Updated with every suggestion I could find.
I might have missed a few, or just plain didn’t count them as MMOs. (i.e. Heroes of Newerth is another MOBA, and I explicitly stated in the League of Legends review that MOBAs are not MMOs. Also I keep having to say this, but I don’t count Team Fortress 2 as an MMO. Not that that’s going to stop anyone from suggesting it again.) If you have one you suggested but it’s not on there, consider that one of the options, but feel free to suggest it again if it does fit the definition and I just missed it.

Split the games into categories, “Downloadable”, “Browser-Based”, and “Free-to-Try”.
Downloadable MMOs are priority one on MMO Grinder.
Since Browser-based are harder to record, and very often don’t exactly follow MMO formulas or merely don’t have much content, they may only occasionally appear as Official episodes, or will appear if I ever get around to making a Browser-Based spin-off.
“Free-to-Try” MMOs are MMOs that claim to be Free-to-Play, but severely limit you in gameplay. I consider these “unlimited trials”. See the likes of “WoW” and “Wakfu”. Grinder eps might be done on these, but with the “Cash Shop” portion changed to reflect subscription/purchase benefits.

Deleted nearly all the comments.
General consensus among the comments from the last off-week update was that it made perfect sense to delete the comments once the list was updated. I left two comments there for two reasons. One provided a link to the soundtrack of the game suggest, and that would really help me out when it comes time to look at that one, and the other had a warning for another game that had major security issues. Comments that suggest a game only, or talk in depth about a game on the list will be deleted once the list has been properly updated. I apologize for that, but the page was becoming a severe mess and I couldn’t let it continue on like that.

Please keep all suggestions to either my e-mail address ( or the Suggested MMO List as I all too often see suggestions popping up in other areas. Exceptions will be made for posts like this, regular episodes, and off-week updates, but please do not post suggestions on the Episode Guide, About, or F.A.Q. pages.

Speaking of upcoming pages, I’d like to eventually get the Terminology page set up. What kind of terms that I’ve used, or that you’ve heard me use would you like to see on there? Right now I’m planning on including not only common MMO terms, but terms I’ve made up, like “Microsoft Points Syndrome”. Please leave comments here about what terms you want to see on that page, just so I can add to the list I’m already thinking of.


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  1. Wow, I wrote this in 2012? This is clearly never happening.

  2. Lol, I should have finished reading everything before commenting . That’s what I get for generally reading any given site once every few months.

    As far as terminology 3 major things come to mind. 1, I find your coined terms fairly insightful and I look forward to seeing the ones you feel worth explaining. 2. I know most people familiar with MMOs are familiar with the most common class types but the concept can be confusing for newbies. Since your videos are rather informative and reflect the kinds of actions/activities one would do in the game I would be very likely to show someone one of them to try to get them into the game type or just become aware of the genre. At least some kind of bare bones description of the main class types would be nice along with any stat types that are as a rule focused on for them. Your post after this one made me realize the tank VS mage setup talk would be really confusing if I didn’t understand their stat relationships at all. 3. Abbreviations that are only a couple of letters are really common in these types of communities. Having any kind of listing for the more common ones (like genres for example like RTS) would be pretty helpful. It would probably be overkill to list the common abbreviations for game titles however XD

  3. I’m not familiar with Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. Is Team Fortress one of those?

    The categorical separation is a nice touch.

    To cut down on future workload you could make it so comments have to be approved.

    Well, I did have to actually look up MOBA….

    • Wait, do online versions of singleplayer games count as MMOs? If no, you might want to put that & MOBA’s on a “don’t suggest” paragraph in Suggested MMOs. Someone’s bound to overlook the “only suggest free-to-play” line & suggest Minecraft.

      You might also want to tell people not to suggest new MMOs that run on the bleeding edge of technology. Hell, my rig’s only half a year old & I already need a new graphics card.

      • I tell people to look at my MMO definition, so they know what to expect. I shouldn’t have to get overly specific, and I’m hoping I don’t get people doing that, but regardless I approve all comments, whether or not they fit, and I purge them all once the list is updated. Also, it makes my page look popular.

    • MOBAs, as far as I’ve seen, are all DOTA clones like Heroes or Newerth or League of Legends. There might be others, but I haven’t seen any.

      Team Fortress is just a shooter game. You don’t gain skills or equipment, and the closest customization for the character comes with the hats. (I haven’t played it that much, but that’s what I’ve heard.) You can’t really call it an MMO.

      Hurray for the list being updated! We’ll probably get through them all sometime in… 2100.

  4. Hooray for efficiency!

  5. For terms you might want to cover in your upcoming terminology page: rez, pug (pick up group), channel (as it differs from server), aaaaaaaaaaaaand marganars. plz put marganars on the list plz.

    other than that, keep up the great show!

  6. Dude, you should totally do Team Fortress 2!
    Also, I’m sure you may have answered this, but I can’t remember and since the comment purge I can’t look. What is your stance on Open Beta’s? Because Tribes: Ascend and Path of Exile are both MMO’s that are now in Open Beta and F2P.
    I’m a member of both, although I haven’t played PoE for a long time due to some of the beta community acting like jackasses, but I was having a rough day at the time, so my skin was thin.
    Anyway, thanks for the hard work.

  7. Yay, I’m useful!

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