Sidequest: Star Wars The Old Republic

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  1. FYI, the phrase is “yea or nay,” not “yay or nay.”

    Sorry, I’m a grammar nerd. (:

  2. Yay, I’d say anything that gets us more episodes is gonne be greeted with ‘yes’

  3. to keep it short a big yay,i love the more elaborate reviews but something short fits something less accessible or less “complete”(beta)

  4. I like the idea behind this video series but I will say you should be careful about closed betas. A lot of them have you sign a Non-disclosure Agreement and you can get into a lot of trouble violating those.

    • Luckily most Free-to-Play games don’t have NDAs in Closed Beta, as most sub games’s CBs require some form purchase to opt into one, and they don’t want to be misrepresented in pre-orders by people who don’t understand how betas work. As of now, the games I have planned do not, and I’d hope none of them felt the need to “hide” that info.

      A plus is that a Sidequest ep is so easy to make, I could always record impressions, and air it later once a potential NDA is lifted.

      Thanks for the warning, and I’ll be sure to look out for them.

  5. ClipOnSunglasses

    I’m going to have to agree with the other comments and say that this is a pretty nice format. A short video is useful, especially because TOR has so many simularities to WoW, that just taking 5 minutes to cover basic differences removes 15 needless of “X is like WoW, Y is like WoW, Z is like WoW but A is different from WoW” when you only need 5 to cover the A.

  6. Yay, aye or yes do more of these.

  7. Very nice, I liked this little side show. I think it could be a bit longer, but I wouldn’t complain if it wasn’t in the future. :P

  8. Definitely yay. I’d probably like to see it extended a slight bit (Maybe 7-8 minutes instead of 5), as most of your explanation here felt like just a quick nod rather than actual opinion-giving. I’d say this might become a very interesting set of “sidequests” really quickly.

  9. I guess it’s something new, and gives some insight to a few titles beyond the clones that are F2P games. Sure it’s not going to go into “Boring game even with the action oriented content that’s like watching a movie constantly..” complaints, but that’s fine.

    Could be interesting to see some of the games that are around and in beta also.

    Guess I have a few keys for games I could submit also, heh.

  10. I think sidequest is a good name and format for not only what you want to do with it but also maybe for use of going back on previous played MMOs you done already when and if you feel there been a significant change in that game to warrant a quick revisit.

    I do disagree abit about the need to make this longer, the length was perfect and given the limits in gameplay in a Free to Try game. It would be hard to make a full video on it anyway since the game doesn’t start to get “real” until later levels and like asking someone to rate a jelly filled doughnut when all they tasted and could get a bite of is the dough.

  11. I’d like to see if you could bump these up to 10 minutes and talk a little more, but I vote yay.

  12. It’s really disappointing when the game market can take nearly any franchise, no matter how outlandish it may be, and turn it into just another MMO. I honestly wish companies would stop trying to just copy the tried and true method from as far back as EQ and just toss a new skin on it and actually start making games that are different in more than merely their superficial elements.

    That said, I enjoyed this episode of Sidequest. I miss the more in-depth and analytical approach the full episodes offered, as Sidequest really doesn’t tell me enough about whether I want to play the game, just more whether I want to maybe look into it (“no,” as it turns out for this one), but again – that’s all you can do on a limited Trial. For all of five minutes, your Sidequest was surprisingly informative and entertaining. Do make more of those if you get the chance.

    So… Does that mean we’ll get a Sidequest about World of Warcraft? :)

  13. I think this sidequest series could be entertaining. The only problem I see with it is that, especially with a limited trial, you end up missing the issues that game does have at later levels. But for people wanting a quick, general idea about the game, it works well. One little thing, it is smuggler, not trooper that uses the cover system.

  14. Your quick overview sounds just about right. As I said in a tweet awhile back when you mentioned you received the trial: (paraphrasing) it’s a pretty nice game overall, but it’s still just another MMO in a saturated market. I would definitely like to see this side series take off, though. It’s a nice complement to your full series and would probably do well to fill in the off weeks that the backlog episodes used to fill.

  15. Ive heard that subscriptions have dropped off drastically past the first month of release. If this is true, then I can see this game going f2p in the next 12-18 months.

    • It does feel like it has, with only 2-3 servers ever reaching heavy pop now, mainly because so many people are re-rolling to the servers to actually have people. I think the declining pop has to do with biowares slow response to fix bugs, some which were in the game all through the beta, and how they are handling balancing the game, going for what players want, rather then what actually makes the classes even. And no, this isn’t just an opinion, one of the devs have actually stated that.

  16. Like the quick hit format of Side Quest, seems like a good idea for a running series.

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