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Off-Week Update (for Ep. 19)

You know, I think it makes slightly more sense to do these on Thursday. I dunno.

First up, I’m glad you all seemed to enjoy my April Fool’s video. As I mentioned on twitter, I mostly just like being able to be goofy, and I don’t want to be overall malicious, like claiming I’m ending the series, or mentioning something equally believable. I prefer over the top, goofy things. The kind of things you WOULD have to be a fool to believe.

OK, so yeah, three videos in the span of a week. DON’T get used to it. A lot of these were pre-planned, especially the April Fool’s video.

As for the new addition of the “Sidequest”, this pretty much spawned entirely from Julien giving me the free trial to SWTOR. Yes, I do plan to do more, but besides to fill the gap after next week, I won’t be posting them on any regular schedule. Next up is the Closed Beta of “Brick-Force”, a game that debuted in Closed Beta only a week or so ago…. as long as my beta key is still valid…

I will accept beta keys for other games to do for Sidequest, but if you wish to send me a key, make certain that it’s not a key with an expiration date first. If it does have a usage time, contact me first to let me know you have one, so it doesn’t go to waste. For example, Julien’s SWTOR key needed to registered within 14 days or the key would become invalid.

Finally as far as the OFFICIAL episode goes… eh. Champions. It’s out of the way and I sure as shit ain’t looking forward to DC Universe (no, it’s not next.) My issue is that there’s something about these Superhero MMOs that brings out… rage in people, I don’t know.

My only real complaints I’ve received are about my remark concerning the powers and how they worked in Freeform. Normally I don’t mention how paid content works, but the only reason I mentioned Freeform in this review is to relay a personal experience I had. I didn’t really explain myself in the video, but it seems my main claim if “Ice is a tanking power” is what got the major reaction. When I say that Ice was a tanking power, I didn’t say it was a worthless power for damage, (which many infer I did say) but it’s not played like a mage. It doesn’t have the range, it doesn’t have the power, and if you place your stats into “mage” skills, it doesn’t work. Each power has a very specific stat that needs to be focused upon in order to function properly. I didn’t learn this through experience, I learned this through a massive strategy guide I was reading through at Best Buy, and I generally felt that creative control over your powers were limited. The story was just an anecdote. I wasn’t trying to say Freeform was worthless, or Ice was limited. I was only saying that if you’re coming from CoH, or another MMO, you need to be careful how you set up your character.

Regardless, progress on the next episode script is going well. Today was a complete wash, but hopefully I’ll make more progress tomorrow, and have it ready to go on time. That’s the beauty of the simpler games… there’s much less to “miss”.

Episode 20 on the other hand…

(Bonus “Oops I forgot to add this” addendum:)
For those of you wondering what the hell I was referencing in my end credits quote, MegaGWolf and I created a short Machinima for the hell of it and to promote the Champions episode. So I figured I’d share it here:


Sidequest: Star Wars The Old Republic

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