Backtrack: Firefall

Original Review: Episode 47

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  1. I was so excited for this game when I heard about it, but as the beta progressed it just seemed to get worse rather than better. Nice to hear that they’re turning that around and heading in the right direction again. Definitely going to have to give it another chance.

  2. The very ending bit made me laugh. Thanks. :)

  3. Considering Firefall went to the dogs for a while, what we have now isn’t half bad. I vastly prefer the much simpler crafting system that doesn’t bog me down with zillions of types of resources and eleventy stages of construction. I vastly prefer a simpler system than what the game had before. Permanent breakage can kiss my pucker, too. So glad that’s gone. Don’t miss PvP, either.

    That said, the game’s definitely still a Beta. Servers have crapped out on me probably more often than they’ve worked. I routinely can’t access the printer or my friends list or my inventory or my garage. I’ve been kicked off the game, I’ve had people kicked off the game, I’ve lost chat, I’ve had the game refuse to log me in, I’ve had it crash, I’ve had it hang on zone loading… Halt the stuff in there also isn’t explained very well, either. What’s an A-Type HKM? Where do I get Carbon Powder?

    The game is fun enough, to be sure, but there’s still precious little to do in it except grind. Ares missions exist, sure, but they read like mad libs tasks and get repetitive quickly. Instances exist and those are cool, but the game seems to have maybe six of them? A storyline exists… With maybe one mission per two Battleframe levels. There’s always thumping but the resource scanner map doesn’t seem to work and thumping really is just another kind of grinding… I seriously thought they’d have designed some kind of “random instance generator” to give us a few extra missions to play through, at least.


  5. Would love to see a backtrack for Warframe, it has changed quite a bit since your last review. Overhauled melee and some other notable things. Tons of new content.

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