Sidequest: ArcheAge

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  1. I understand this is just a Sidequest where you briefly look at the game, but I would like other people to understand that this review barely scratched the surface of this game, but was still very informative.
    There are large portions of this game that revolve around owning boats and naval combat, as well as underwater submarine combat and sea floor treasure hunting as well as a very vast and complicated Silk Road type international trading runs, where you risk large portions of time and effort making goods and trying to get it to a merchant somewhere else for profit, which varies from how far away the region you bring it to is while other players can kill and steal it from you. There is even a minor start to Aeriel combat with gliders of differing stats that have different abilities for combat. You can even compose your own music, grab a instrument, and play it in game and sell your music to other people. There are so many more things in this game that already have a very detailed system or are just starting up and being added on like Prison breaks and what not.

    Everything I covered wasn’t even the endgame stuff you can do either with guilds fighting over castles, being able to craft tanks, trebuchets, cars, and other devices to use in them.

    Again I want to thank ChaosD1 for the review and taking the time to make it. I enjoy your videos and look forward to each new release :D

    • Underwater treasure hunting? Sweet!

      I have no intention of participating in any form of PvP though. Thank gawd it’s closed PvP, unlike Albion Online. My friend Geena hates games with labor-intensive crafting, so she’s unlikely to play this with me when the beta event is over. So both of us will be ignoring at least one of the key components of the game.

      The game keeps telling me that rifts keep opening, like in RIFT, but I cannot find much information on them through googling. I’ve been told that they’re unsoloable; which sucks.

      Sofar the game feels very linear & generic. I’ve read that it picks up around level 30. It’s not exactly the only MMORPG with player housing & farming. I’t still in Closed Beta, so I’ don’t have any expectations until it’s been out of open beta for a year.

      I got pretty giddy when I visited Mirage Island & learned that even a free player could buy all of that stuff. A wide variety of housing styles, boats, gliders, cars… I hope it’s true that naval combat is “participatory.”

      Character designs are great with Sims 3 levels of generous feature sliders for the face. The men are actually attractive (which seems to piss male players off). Don’t know why they complain about the lack of breast sliders; the boobs are already the same size as the head.

      My only legit complaint against the game is those godawful cutscenes. The Elven story is very uninteresting, but the narrator is just the worse….That fake accent, the melodramatic delivery….

  2. This reminds me of Age of Wushu…expect with the punishment system for committing crimes being not only pointless, but also a mess thanks to the other players deciding the punishment.

  3. I’ve been hearing people call Archie Age the next Tera and it will fail just like it did, (I really hate when people do that) but as someone looking for a game like Archie Age it’s time to wait and see. Oh one more thing, the only thing I don’t like about Archie Age is that only paid players can get houses.

    • I read there was something about an APEX system that lets free players buy cash shop credits for gold through auction. I’ve tried using the auction house; there’s never anything for sale ever, so I’m thinking free players can’t use the auction house, making APEX pointless? ::shrugs::

  4. Archie Age, huh?

    Aside from the “life” stuff, this game looks like every other Korean game I’ve ever seen. It even has the map from Tera. I’m not buying into those any more.

  5. It should be pointed out that the game JUST concluded on August 4th its most recent closed beta session, and there is no announced date for the next one, if there is to be a next one at all, so currently, the game is unplayable unless you fork over 150 bucks for the biggest founder’s pack, which lets you play on their alpha server which will eventually become their public test server.

  6. Well,if the cash shop is still in the state it is now upon the official release,then I probably won’t play it. I admittedly don’t really have a whole lot of cash to be throwing around at video games right now (ah,yes,the dreaded,entitled broke-a** 100% free player *sobs*),and I don’t really believe in supporting bad “free to play” payment models even if I did have the money to spend right now; doesn’t matter how fun the game is.

  7. Looks like something I would play, well out of beta.

  8. While it was touched on here the reason we call it pay to have any fun is that all the interesting sandbox features of the MMO are locked behind the paywall. If you want to build ships, houses, plant certain crops required for certain quests, you WILL have to pay and the labor points system is designed so you are forced to stay online to get the labor points to do anything else unless you, wait for it… pay the subscription fee.

    • Just like WURM Online.

    • Pretty much. The game is a simple, generic MMO with a small farming mechanic tacked on if you’re not subscribed. I see no problem with this EXCEPT it fosters that divide that Jon mentioned in the video. I got a founder’s pack (which gives you patron status during the beta and a few months after release), and my guild had a very healthy community where the non-paying players would help out with constructing paid player’s ships and houses, but I could NOT imagine enjoying this game without the ability to have my own farm and work towards the bigger things like houses and ships.

      I feel like that divide is ultimately going to hurt the game a great deal because it highly discourages free players like the ones in my beta guild who enjoyed the generic mmo-y-ness, and were content to just help out paying guildies without acquiring their own holdings.

      • It seems all sandbox MMOs that aren’t Minecraft Multiplayer seem to have very heavy restrictions on free players. The only things I could do it WO for free was the tutorial & walking at a snail’s pace.

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