Global Agenda (Episode 59)

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  1. patron… fanbase… hasn’t been done… either its a Final Fantasy, PSO2 (which he wouldn’t have done since it’s not easy to acquire in the US) or another one of those cutesy Maple Story like games that I dont pay attention to

  2. You know, I kept telling myself I was going to give this thing a shot sometime. I already had an account for Tribes Ascend, and then later the Smite beta, but never got around to it.
    Then again…I outright quit Tribes once things got ridiculously unbalanced and it seemed like the team was putting less and less into it. Then I outright quit Smite after I got bored with how much they were LoLing/DoTAing/(insert follow the leader here) the game instead of, you know, trying to be anything different at all.
    So hearing that Global Agenda has been neglected for so long that it’s no longer on the dev’s own SITE? Yeah, glad I dodged a time-killing bullet, there.

  3. Oh… OK, so that still exists. I’d kind of forgotten :)

    OK, so grouping and PvP are mostly dead. Oh, no, because I was totally gonna’ do any of that… Last time I played Global Agenda, it felt like I had no way to play the game by myself, so I said “Bollocks to this nonsense!” and never came back. If it has PvE now… I can probably give it another shot. Sounds decent enough, at the very least.

    Also, thank you kindly for hosting this on YouTube. Blip just does not work well for me. It never has. Atrocious load times, constant hickups in connection and awful quality. This was much better.

  4. When you say “looks weird when they side-step,” are we taling Mirror’s Edge in 3ed person levels of weird walking?

    Eh, that’s the kind of slow techno I used to fall asleep to in highschool.

    Empty worlds & no PvP are fine & welcome by me, but the 50 Shades of Orange & Grey color scheme is a deal breaker.

    I’d like to suggest RIFT for a Backtrack episode. They’ve added an underwater world & I think they’ve made changes to the cash shop…Don;t really use it.

    Next is a game with a nasty fanbase? I’m going to guess it’s either a MOBA a game with Open PvP.

  5. It’s a real shame the PvP is pretty much inacessible at this point, as back when I played it used to be the meat of the game. PvP was actually pretty fun for the most part.

  6. Well, it does kinda suck that Hi-Res withdrew support for this game, since it actually does seem pretty fun (the different classes remind me of TF2 a bit), but I can totally understand why they did it, since Smite is far and away their biggest money maker now, and they have to do what’s best for the company to keep going.

  7. *cracks knuckles*

    I’ve been here long enough to know a certain game you swore off because of the fanbase.

    “We’re sitting in ventrilo, playing some…….”

  8. wow that was sad and short

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