Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 58, Wildstar Special, and 59)

Did I lose anyone off that last one? Let’s try this again with the next block, where I look over a dead game, a dying game forced to swallow it’s own hubris, and a catatonic game. Isn’t the MMO Market so wonderfully stable?!

Episode 58: World Tour Fishing
I am certain I said this before, but this game was a treasure. It was over the top and unapologetically stupid, but a seriously addicting sort of fun. Unfortunately you probably noticed I said “was” as the game was somewhat surprisingly shut down in February of this year, forever ruining MegaGWolf’s “Fishu Friday” stream feature. I really liked the game as it was both relaxing and exciting. It wasn’t something I could just play for days at a time, but it was nice to hop in once in a while.
But for whatever reason, Games Campus shut it down. You get rid of this game, and keep Drift god damned City?! Fuck you, Games Campus. (It might not be particularly their fault but lol scapegoat)
Recommended?: If it ever comes back, YES.

Special Episode: Wildstar
God.. this.. I knew this was going to happen the exact way it did. Let every piece of shit wannabe MLG channer fucktard say what they did on my Youtube video, but no. They couldn’t keep a sub game catering to a niche within a niche alive, surprising no one but themselves.
I wanted to like you, Wildstar. I DID like you! But I just couldn’t rationalize paying monthly for a game that forced me to grind for raid privileges, so firmly stuck with your head up your own ass with “2007” tattooed on the side, that you couldn’t notice the whole thing collapsing around you. “MMO Hardcores” are not a valuable marketshare. I don’t even think they really exist. Having no marketing beyond slapping your image on trashcans near PAX Boston, and posturing in random internet outlets about how “you’re the guys who made BC WoW” like that is a good thing for anyone beyond the nostalgia-laden delusional. It’s meaningless now. Your failure is your own damned fault, and so many of us with sense saw it coming a mile away. Subscription is the minority. Newcomers cannot and will not survive with the model. ACCEPT IT.
All aside, I love the game look and playstyle. I love the dungeons and the characters, but there’s just too much corporate crap in the background to take it at face value and just ignore it. Am I looking at it again when it goes “Free”-to-Play?
You bet your ass I will.
Recommended?: YES.

Episode 59: Global Agenda
Here we have the best representation of a global Apocalypse ever created. If Hi-Rez wanted to create a world that felt dead, and then abandon it to seal the deal, then mission fucking accomplished. The sad part is that I feel this was probably a really legit game when it was new. It looked nice enough, and it played well enough. A decent 3PSMMO. Not as nice as Defiance or Firefall, but definitely along that style, and likely a good representation of the genre. Too bad I couldn’t experience the “best part” of the game, being the PvP. There was also just way too much stuff that didn’t seem to make sense or was even bothered to be explained all that well. It might still be alive, in a technical sense, but this will be the most dead game you’ll ever play now that hasn’t had its plug pulled. Trust me.
Recommended?: NO.


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  1. Sigh. Global Agenda. Forgot about that.
    I’d have said in the old review that it was on life support, but at that point, it was already more like the propped up corpse in Weekend at Bernie’s.
    …and at THIS point, it’s more like the rotting, falling apart, propped up corpse in Weekend at Bernie’s 2.

  2. I still see cabs around Boston with Wildstar ads on them. It’s weird.

  3. heard a rumor wildstar’s adopting swtor’s f2p model for better or worse

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