World Tour Fishing (Episode 58)

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  1. No raids?

    And how dare WildStar not being exactly like every other MMO on the market!

  2. Ah, but can random trolls and griefers run around shouting and scare the fish?

  3. Daniel Haughton

    I remember fishing in Star Wars Galaxies several years back. It was pretty fun.

  4. Ahh, there didn’t seem to be any Hillbilly Fish Finders in the cash shop.

  5. I kind of wish the games that had fishing mini-games would just gut those mini-games and replace it with a lot of the things this game has done right, in regard to the fishing mechanics. I’m not kidding. This would be a perfect addition to any larger MMO that already has a fishing mini-game.

  6. This game reminds me of the vacation I wish I was still on. ::sigh:: The beach, the multiple bridges over the4 Columbia River…..

    Off all the MMOs I’ve tried, Mabinogi had the most annoying/frustrating system, while RIFT having the most soul-crushingly boring. There was a bass fishing game for Win 98 that I remember being fun though.

    God, if my gran’pa was still alive & knew this game existed, we’d never see him again. Just fishing & nothing but, huh? If only they would implement beach combing, & kite flying. Eventually expand into motorboating, scuba diving, jet skiing…..

  7. Huh, guess it was kind of inevitable. A fishing minigame really does show up in a lot of MMOs, even ones where it doesn’t really seem to fit, because it’s just become a staple of the genre for some reason, so I guess it makes sense that there would be an MMO devoted to just fishing.

    In this game all you do is fish, for the sake of fishing, either keeping the fish you catch around just to have them, or turning them into bait to catch more fish… and all of the items you can buy (rods, lines, boats) just increase your fish-catching potential.

    THEN I started wondering if this could be applied to other things that tend to show up in nearly all MMOs. Take crafting for example. Imagine a game where all you do is craft items. You take whatever resources you can find and craft them into basic items, then you use these basic items to find and gather better resources. You keep using these tools and resources to make better and better items which increase your item-creation and resource-gathering potential. You get better at crafting these things over time, experimenting with whatever resource combinations you can think of to get the best and most creative items. And what do you use these top-teir items for? You either have them just to have them (and show off to others), try to figure out a way to make even better items out of them, or just use them to keep looking for those elusive resources you haven’t found yet.

    …And then I realized I’ve just been describing Minecraft…

    And before I start thinking of a game that’s all just the hunting system that shows up in MMOs, using basic tools and weapons to find and kill monsters, then using the parts of those monsters to craft better tools, weapons and armor to fight even bigger monsters, I preemptively realize I’d just be talking about Monster Hunter…

    • Or for online-hunting game, some pre-2010 Deer Hunter-games and TheHunter (which is also now avaible via Steam/Valve).

    • Why not make it even more meta and create a MMO version of Recettear, where all you do is manage a shop?

      (Okay, Recettear had dungeon crawling, but that was done with other characters, and you technically don’t even need the loot to make a profit.)

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