Sidequest: Adventure Time Battle Party

Want to play this for yourself, and not copy that giant url?
Click here:

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  1. Only two lanes and a revamped skill system? So this kids game is the most original entry in this genre o_O ?

    • I for one have mentioned “Monday Night Combat”-games elsewhere; certainly there has been other game(s) doing the same before however.

      • I fear there’s a combination of “They changed it, now it sucks” and “Glorious MOBA Master Race” going on that prevents a succesful diversification of the genre <_<

        • Super Monday Night Combat actually was quite well received in general. But in the why it went to hiatus developement-wise was the success of getting initial funding for Planetary Annihilation (people denying this still seems to forget that UberEnt. is still less than 20-people team).

          Who knows though maybe one day there wil be MNC ver. 3.0; the devs have shown interest retuning develope the franchice once they get a chance to do so again.

        • “Glorious MOBA Master Race”… The idea that anyone in any given MOBA community could consider their own group to be superior to anything, let alone all gamers or all humanity, is downright hilarious XD

          • There seems to be plenty of MOBA fans ranting about how their favorite MOBA is the deepest and purest experience (of course they’re way less eloquent).

  2. Style and “brand name” do not work out to well when the game is just a cash in or bad, as so many of the absolute failure Moba’s have found out/are finding out..

    Or just how god awful the Blizzard one is while almost acknowledging it with “Seriously guys, STOP IT!! It’s alpha!! It’ll be better!!!! We swear it!!” like comments..

  3. Yeah, honestly, a lot of the horribleness of the MOBA community could wiped out by just taking away the chat feature and leaving the people with general emotes, emotes that don’t include things like “you suck”. I think the way Hearthstone does it is a step in the right direction, only allowing you to text-chat with people on your friends list, and limiting you to 6 preset phrases for everyone else. Honestly, in any given MOBA community, even the nicest people barely ever use the chat feature for something positive…

  4. In this Sidequest ChaosD1 admits to beating children.

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