Grand Chase (Episode 57)

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  1. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Back up as “grand Chase Reborn.”

  2. Shut down April of 2015.

  3. Okay I hope some older player can help me or something, I gave this game a try but now that I want to change a job for a class (I am over lvl 20 so second job should be ok) but from what i can see the job missions are only available with paid currency. Is this true or can you get these missions without paying real money too?
    Since ta bit of the appeal of the game to me are the different jobs (being pretty much different classes) it would be a shame if I need to pay for every single one of them.

    • No you have the shop set on its default Kching Setting. Just look up where the shop drop down sorting menu’s are and it should have one that says Kching switch it to either all or GP,and that should make the in game currency items show up(Been a few days since playing so I might update).

      • Ok Ignore my post above because I forgot about season 5 change I will have to check again but that was what used to happen. Seeing as all my characters have all there jobs atm I am going to have to do some research into it.

        • I’d appreciate a look into it because otherwise I have no wish to delve into this game.
          I am actually surprised Jon didn’t mention this since he mentions usually how he is a multi character player too. But alas everyone can overlook things. Especially with the bloated interface that grand chase has.

          • They changed it I the middle of my review, and my character, Edel, only has one job path, which I already got. I also couldn’t make more under the old system.

            • I have to appologise, I looked into it once more and discovered that besides the two cash shops on top there is a third GP shop on the dungeon select map (still horrible interface). In there you can pick up job missions for the ingame GP currency (as well as other items). The missions is pretty grindy but doable in an evening easily. I hope it helps anyone else confused as me.
              I overlooked that shop so I excuse myself. I do thank you all for your replies! I just finished the mission and I can confirm that the job path works without real cash, so that was my bad, sorry.
              And a big thanks to you Jon for the show, always enjoyable watching it and discovering some neat games!
              And this is totally not 2D Elsword, nu uh.

  4. It’s…really pretty much Elsword, but slightly different. Really, why are people so obstinate about something like that? Oh, wait, you forgot the simple rule: you can’t use logic on rabid fanboys, ever.

    Other than that….oh god, that font size. It makes my eyes sore just trying to squint hard enough to make the words out, even on the HD video. I know the answer to “why can’t you resize the text” thing is “Korean MMO”, but I still ask a pointless “WHY”.

    • A select few gamers seem to be rather good at pretending their current favorite game is a beautiful, unique snowflake. Read my post below for a weird example XD

  5. Well, that doesn’t look to bad. Though seeing how even this game can quickly turn into a clusterf*ck, it’s no wonder some prefer this one over the even more hectic Elsword.

    (And people can be rather baffling when it comes to games with obvious similarities. I had one guy at Youtube being absolutely convinced how one of these “Slender with a different map and glowsticks” games has nothing at all to do with “Slender”, even though the game’s website admits it o_O )

  6. I remember playing this for several days and then the game simply stopped working. no idea why.

  7. The Hero dungeons do get easier once your level increases and in turn, your equipment gets better, but yeah starting out, they are really hard. Also, the coordishop does have permanent versions of those costumes available from time to time. Also, with the season V patch, after the Silver Land area, they added a new “dungeon” which is just waves after waves of enemies and bosses and they give a LOT of EXP. It makes grinding even in the high 70s much more easier.

  8. By the way, Elsword is essentially the sequel to Grand Chase. I’m pretty sure they only reason they have different names is because they were hosted by two different companies for a while. So yeah, they are related and anyone who says otherwise is swimming in a pool of denial.

  9. Daniel Haughton

    I… haven’t heard voice acting that bad since Garzey’s Wing.

  10. It looked kind of interesting, but I will honestly just avoid it completely after the whole not many players stuff outside of high level ones..

    That can be worse then so much other stuff for older mmo’s…

    Half of the review footage looked like John was just watching others, heh..

  11. Looks interesting to me. I find the other beat em ups a little too fast paced for me.

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