Lineage II (Episode 14)

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  1. For those of you that still miss and love old-school Lineage 2 there is a classic server coming on June 26th using the Hellbound chronicle. The project has been in development for 18 months and is the only 1 to have full retail Hellbound files as they were back in the day.

    So for a nostalgia trip:

  2. PK, as far as I’m aware, began with Ultima Online (unless you could PK in MUDs). With it’s 100% free-form gameplay, a good number of folks got bored and would just go around killing other players, with the punishments being that they would be instantly killed by town guards for a short time (which could be made permanent if they kept PKing), and they would eventually have a price on their head which all other players could collect on if they could kill them and take their head.

  3. I do like this game actually. I’ve played it back in the day a year after it came out in the west. And after 7 years I’ve came back to it just for chill. And i found out that the game is half as difficult as it used to be back in the day which is a bit of a shame. And i don’t like new starting location. And yeah those weird bugs are bit anoying. But i like pvp and pk and the atmosphere.

  4. I played lineage 2 for years, give it up when it became “free to play”. Trolls took it over, and also i didnt like the last expansion.
    Some corrections, you dont have to click skills to use them, that is noobish as hell, you use f1,f2,f3,f4 ect. and use “macros” to autotarget you or someone in your party.
    I can see you dont know this game at all, its ok, i cant tell you there is much much more but i will agree the character creator is limited as hell and i never really understood why.
    The beauty of this game starts when you join a guild and you are lvl 85+ , castle sieges, raiding, dungeons, territory war ect you fail at explaning the real strong point of this game.
    Lineage 2 is it not a solo game, you can only solo at the start, try doing it when you are third class.
    Also when you are starting you can ask for a buff that protect you from toons that are more lvl than you.
    I agree the comunity is terrible, now more than ever, but i made a lot of friends in that game, so there is a lot a good ppl playing.
    I get you are not a harcore lineage gamer, this is your impression, its ok, but i can point a lot of mistakes that you made in this review, i will agree the game doenst hold you hand and doesnt teach you a shit when you start, its a shitty start, this game will make you love it or make you hate it, sometimes for the wrong reasons.
    I started playing mmos many years ago with lineage 2 so, point and click, i am really use to, then i played wow and using keyboard to move, it was hard as hell so i guess it depends what are you use to.
    ( sorry for my english )

  5. Well been playing this game off and on for years :) Started when it came out and played until 2005 or so, quit and came back when it got ftp, and I can add some info your review:
    First this is not a solo play mmo, if you want to have fun and more important do the most fun stuff in the game you need a clan or alot of friends, group pvp and castle sieges is what makes the game fun. (great synergy between the different classes, buffers/healers/dps/tanks)
    Second yes the community in L2 is the worst I have came across in my whole mmo life and there are so many ways you can get griefed and scammed in this game. Another reason why you need a clan or friends to have fun, This is not a mmo who hold your hands, and trust me the penalty for “PK” are brutal, it can take hours to get rid of chaotic status (easier in higher lvls as the system to remove the “bad karma” is exp based; higher mobs = more exp)
    Third the game is old think its close to 10 mayor expansions thats the main reason for the world to be so vast and alot of zones that are empty or not used that much, like you mention 1-14 in about an hour, the game doesnt even start for real before lvl85 and the 4th class change (which btw a player that atleast have some knowledge on what he’s doing can reach in a couple of weeks) When i first started it could take days to get to lvl20 :)

    And a last thing alot people that been playing “vanilla L2” thinks the game got to easy and kind now. ^^

    Best wishes
    Daniel from Sweden.

    • Reading about you said about theChaotic status, yes, the penalty is harsh for those who actuall wish to play, but what I was saying is that it’s absolutely meaningless if you create a character specifically to troll others. Since it takes no effort, only a few dozen levels, and no real need for gear to one-shot a newbie on Talking Island… all a trolling player would have to do is level to a decent number, drop off all their gear, and teleport to Talking Island where they could PK troll all day with no real penalty to their behavior. If you don’t care about advancing that character any further, and have no decent items to lose… then they suffer no consequence.

      As for vanilla players of L2… yeah, I figured they would say that. It’s how vanilla players are. Pure MMO hipsterism. People still pine for vanilla WoW, despite the clearly broken systems that were in place since launch.

      TWBfromTDOB and myself go into more detail about Lineage 2 during the next MMO Underground podcast. I hope it’s up soon, as we both had praise and complaints for the game.

  6. Initially I wanted to play this game, but your review made it look even less appealing that MMOHut’s review, & they actually liked the game. So thanks for sparing me.

  7. I love pvp and this game focuses on pvp, the problem is most people who are like me and want to pk and pvp and just have fun don’t like to grind and that is why i won’t bother with this one (although I did get to level 26 before quitting >.>)

  8. Still sour about City of Heroes, huh?

    Lineage II is a wretched, soul-sucking game, or at least was when I tried it circa 2007 or thereaout. Not only does the PK system foster a rotten community, the entire game is designed to suck your soul out through your nose. If you die, you can lose gear and other players can AND WILL take it for their own. If you try to enhance an item and fail, that item will break into crystals and be lost forever. If you die, you lose experience and I believe eventually even entire levels. Everything is expensive, every quest is a grind and everything you do bleeds you money.

    I quite literally lost it when I was told to go to some god-forsaken field, start killing goblins and hope that a Kobold would show up, then kill Kobolds. I needed to kill 10 Kobolds, and one showed up after killing a random number of Goblins somewhere between 25 and 30, and the Kobolds didn’t always drop the item you needed. I had to kill literally hundreds of fucking Goblins over the span of more hours that I care to mention, and upon being done with this “quest,” I was so done with that whole game it still gives me cold chills to think about it.

    The constant City of Heroes quips irritate me, but dear chaos, with Lineage II on your hard drive, you earned any venting you want to do. That game is evil.

  9. Come to think of it.. The last game I remember that had this horrible PK killing thing was… Diablo..

  10. you know, i actually got the Aion joke…

    never play lineage2 but always interested now i know to stay the hell away

  11. Ah, PK, I feel your pain. A game I play, Luvinia, has a very similar system. Difference being, the newb maps are PK free and the community is much nicer; however there’s still the occasional troll that’ll kill repeatedly you for no discernible reason. It can be a right pain in the ass sometimes. //end shameless promotion

    I actually wouldn’t mind playing this game, or at least trying it out, if I wasn’t certain that my pitiful machine would completely die on me during the attempt. I actually really like games with PK systems, but only if players are willing to do real PvP–having a bunch of aggro’d monsters dropped on me doesn’t sound appealing in the slightest.

  12. I’m surprised at the lack of cosmetic options. They are an important source of income for this business model. The extra income would also justify setting up more servers to deal with the overcrowding. I guess NCSoft is more interested in the future than giving adequate support for a game that isn’t aging gracefully.

  13. This game is a major pass for me… Wow.. how did you even manage…? God damn.. Player restrictions are there for a reason… give someone the chance to pull his dick out and wave it in your face and it’ll happen… a lot.

    Very informative and great review. Looking forward to the next one!

  14. “Thanks to: NO ONE!” Yeesh. Does that mean no one offered to help you explore the game, or that no one in the game ever offered to help you? Either way, that’s not a good sign and I suppose I can’t blame you for your actions in the stinger. Good riddeth.

    • I try to go solo, but no one offered to help. Since you, ironically, can’t talk on “Talking Island” there’s no way to ask for help. Once out of there, the only kind of chatter you will see in group chat, besides spam, is people asking for Kamaloka groups. People are only looking out for themselves.

  15. truth be told full pk should be an optional server thing,it just doesnt work well its mostly and asshole tool,feeling bored?go kill a lvl 10 guy,dont want to risk your items?just get a bunch of monsters an run him over,these kinds of things kill the community people start, see this kind of stuff and leave,and really if you play an MMO the community is at least half the interest in the game,because really its not very fun to play a game alone.Anyway i really liked the review i experienced the same problems with the community but really didnt like most of the enviroments,huge open areas that just mostly felt lifeless

  16. Well, at least it’s out of the way now? You can’t review it twice right?

  17. High Priest Dre

    Train-ing? Everyone I know calls it kite-ing.

    I tried this game on one of those private servers. It was pretty meh, but at least the trollish player killing was pretty low.

    • Kiting is a legit strategy used in raids and instances. The first time I heard about this particular behavior was a rules guide about etiquette in Everquest. The idea is the same, but the intention is different.

  18. Good review, I used to play this back on a private server probably 7 years ago, it was a much better game then.

  19. Its probably going to be Star Trek Online, since that is the most recent p2p turned f2p game I can name.
    Here’s hoping you eventually review Champions online and what some might consider the heavyweights of f2p games:Allods Online, TF2, Forsaken World, and DDO

  20. Hahah, oh man. Lineage 2, the game for people that don’t hate themselves enough in their daily life. It’s a bad sign when I’m “that guy” in my circle of friends for trying nearly every MMO, and Lineage 2 remains the one that I rail against the most.

  21. Yeesh, and I thought Mabinogi’s community was awful. I’ve always hated trolls. Anyone who makes it their life to make a video game miserable for people who didn’t do anything wrong, I hope their necks get snapped and their family dies from AIDS. Oh well, I guess I can give it a try. Not every day you find a female dwarf.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I didn’t see any female dwarves. They’re usually short, fat, with long beautiful hair. They’re really tough but have a nice set of curves that make them look like women….

    Wait, the little 10 year old with pigtails with no curves or breasts bouncing around like a spoiled brat was the dwarf?

    That’s what female dwarves look like?

    Fuck this game. -.-

  22. Worth the entire 25 minutes. I particularly love the manic chuckle at the very end.
    PK has merits, but should be restricted IMO. Like a bounty system for example, which I’m pretty sure at least one MMO has had in the past. Also, I believe players should be able to opt-out of any PK system at character creation. Sure, kill another character while opted-out and get permanently marked as a PK’er and hence get a bounty on your head, but if you just like PvE, then being PK’d by a bored mouthbreather shouldn’t be a constant concern.
    Any community that takes pride in its ability to make others MMO lives miserable isn’t one that deserves to play games IMO.

    Anyway, loved the review as always, and look forward to the next one.

  23. You know, back in 2003, I had a friend who kept trying to get me to play L2, in a hacked, private server. I never did. I am so glad I did not.

    This is also why I despise PVP. PK was never a good idea.

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